10 African Countries You Can Live And Work Safely

Perhaps you are ruminating about an African country you can live and work with peace of mind, look no further, here are 10 African countries you can live and work safely in currently. You’re free to choose any on the list definitely you will not be disappointed, they’re simply the best.

There are many factors you may want to consider when making decisions in living and working in a country. The foremost thing to consider is how safe the country is? How stable is the government? The conducive environment for doing business. Your ability to speak the language, how friendly are the people living in the country? The country’s currency, the road networks, education for your children, the possibilities of getting something worthwhile doing and the general standard of living.


The Island country of Mauritius ranked first when you considered all the aforementioned variables, a safe and clean country comparable only to most European countries.
Mauritius a relatively small island country located in the Indian Ocean is a diverse society. A volcanic island by origin, a country enjoying a tropical climate which makes the Island a place you can visit any time of the year. There are opportunities to secure reasonable employment in various categories, provided the qualification is right. Generally Mauritian and residents are friendly and accommodating. Most people speak Creole but if you can speak French or English you will have no problem moving around.
The downside of living in Mauritius is the traffic jams that usually occurs often time due to the size of the Islands. A small country but full of activities.

The Island country of Seychelles comes next in the best African countries to live and work safely.
Seychelles is an archipelago country in the Indian Ocean. It consists of about 115 islands, the capital and largest city is Victoria.
The climate is tropical oceanic. The country is blessed with summer weather all year round which means a tourist can visit the country anytime.

When considering an African country that is safe, clean and well organised, look no further,  come to Seychelles and you will assume you’re in one of the European island countries.
The main language spoken is Seychelles Creole which is the most popular. It’s spoken by 90% of the population. English and French are used as the official languages.
Seychelles produces agricultural products such as sweet potatoes, coconuts, vanilla and cinnamon. The country export mainly processed fish and non-fillet frozen fish, copra, cinnamon and vanilla.


The Southern African country is regarded as one of the safest countries in Africa. It is a country you can live with peace of mind, most violent crimes bedevilled many other African countries rarely occur in Botswana. Moving around in Botswana is a pleasure, and you feel like coming back. It is a country you can visit any time of the year because you have fewer inconveniences of bad weather.

Botswana is adjudged by experts as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with 9 per cent annual growth rates.

The Southern African country is one of the most stable countries in Africa, operating with pride the longest multi-party democracy in Africa.
A relatively small country with a population of about 2,360,770 according to the United Nations current estimates.
Moving around in Botswana is easy because English is widely spoken, everywhere you travel in Botswana, including the remote and rural communities the inhabitants do speak English, therefore you will have no language problem.

It’s a pleasure to find out that Botswana was nominated by Lonely Planet as a top travel destination. A country where you have less rainfall which makes sightseeing to the numerous wildlife area pleasurable. The Kalahari Desert covers 70% of Botswana.

The currency of Botswana is Pula. One USD equals 11.0781 BWP.

For anyone who desires to live in an African country that is civilized, safe and peaceful Botswana is a place worth considering.

Ghana is a pride of Africa. The success story of Ghana makes me believe that the smaller the size of a country the better the management. Ghana is reaching a level that you can call a well-managed country.
Gone are the days when Ghanaians are scattered all over Africa doing menial jobs due mainly to the military incursion into the country’s political administration. It was a bad time for Ghana. Currently, things had changed positively. The success story of Ghana is based on her ability to conduct peaceful elections. Ghana is enjoying stable democracy and corruption is not as endemic as we have in many other African countries.

For anyone looking for a country that is peaceful and safe to invest in, a country with a dynamic workforce, a country where English is the official language, a place where the establishment of a business is less cumbersome, an environment that is beautiful and accommodating to stay, a climate that makes it easy for you to travel most of the period, rainy season or dry season. Choose Ghana, you don’t need to select a period of the year to visit.

Cape Verde is an island country situated off the coast of West Africa not far from Senegal. A tourist paradise is famous for its warm tropical climate. When it comes to a country in Africa that is safe and peaceful with a low incidence of crime Cape Verde ranked very high. Thanks to the various political administrations of Cape Verde, it’s a well-organized country far above what’s obtainable in many mainland African countries.
Cape Verde today is one of the most developed democratic countries in Africa.

The country continues to exhibit one of the most stable democratic governments in Africa.
Living and working in Cape Verde is enjoyable due to the low level of crime and criminal activities. Corruption is not endemic, unlike in many African countries. It’s a place you can feel and enjoy what is obtainable in any civilized society.
The downside of visiting Cape Verde is that the official language here is Portuguese, however, most of the residents speak the local language called Crioulo. As a visitor, you may need a guide or an interpreter if you don’t speak the local language or Portuguese. Few people understand French or English.

Namibia a fascinating Southern African country ranked high in our analysis of 10 African countries you can live and work by all standards. A peaceful and safe country worth visiting.

Namibia is a shining example of a presidential Republic with a democratic constitution that enables a change of government following democratic principles. A country with a very good record for the respect of human rights and freedom of speech.
The current population of Namibia is about 2,100,000 inhabitants. The country is blessed with a young population. Although there is rural-urban migration, however, more than half of Namibia’s population is rural.

The Namibian currency is called the Namibian Dollar (N$ or NAD). Due to her closeness to South Africa, Namibia Dollar is fixed and equals to the South African Rand. The Rand is a legal tender in Namibia.

Namibia is a beautiful country that you don’t need to choose a time to visit, hence it is a place you can visit any time. However dry season seems to be the best time to visit if you’re a lover of wildlife.

Namibia is the 10th richest country in Africa, however, due to the fact that most of the consumable goods are imported, the Namibia cost of living is high.
Importantly unemployment is relatively high in Namibia, about 27%, it is advisable for foreigners interested in coming for jobs to search before leaving their countries.

If you’re looking for a small African island country that is peaceful, neat and safe choose Sao Tome and Principe. while you’re here your safety is guaranteed. Violent crime is not common.

With a population of about 212,167 as of 2018, Sao Tome and Principe are some of the smallest countries in the world. According to a report the islands of Sao Tome and Principe measure 50km long by 32km wide and 30 km long by 6km wide respectively.

The island country is located in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Equator. Precisely about 300km off the northwest coast of Gabon.

Although a very small country, all the indices needed in ranking a country positively such as stable government, a functional multi-party democracy, respect for human rights, freedom of speech and freedom to form opposition parties, are available in Sao Tome and Principe.
Portuguese is the national language with about 98% speaking it. Speaking Portuguese makes your daily interactions on the islands an easy task.

Cocoa is the main export product of Sao Tome and Principe, account for over 90% of foreign exchange earnings, however, its production is been hamper by drought and mismanagement. Fishing is also an important engagement in coastal areas.

Sao Tomeans are friendly and peaceful people as long as you keep to the rules and do not tamper with their laws and culture.

Regardless of the negative reports on selected security situation prevalence of South Africa the country remains one of the sought after destinations for many tourists, experts and African migrants workers interested in South Africa.
Currently, the wildlife enthusiasts are coming in numbers for safari and the country is also proud of a long coastline that stretches more than 2,500km across Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and an inviting climate that ranges from subtropical and desert. South Africa ranked high as a place worth travelling to any time of the year.

When it comes to a safety issue in South Africa, it’s important to state that most area where tourists can be found are safe, the chances that visitors are attacked are very remote.
South Africa remains the largest economy in Africa and the most visited country in Africa. In conclusion, its adjudged as a preferred investment destination on the continent.

The drawback to living and working in Mandela country is the recurring cases of xenophobic attacks concentrated in certain urban areas in South Africa which if is not neep in the mud quickly can draw away foreign investors currently in the country and those contemplating to come may look elsewhere.

Gabon a country located on the west coast of Central Africa is rated high on the list of African countries you can live and work peacefully.
Gabon is another example of a small size population that is easy to manage. With a population of about 1,800,000 inhabitants, the Central African country enjoys a relatively stable government, most of her revenue comes from oil export, however, according to the world bank analysis, a third of Gabon population live in poverty.

When it comes to safety and security Gabon scored very high. The widespread conflict that bedevilled many of Gabon’s adjacent countries does not exist in the country. Also, the crime rate in Gabon is at a low level. It’s one of the few countries in Africa you can live and work with peace of mind. However, foreigners shouldn’t form the habit of travelling late at night or travelling alone could be very risky.

Tunisia the northernmost country in Africa is the last on our list of 10 African countries you can live and work safely.
Tunisia the exponent of the revolution called Arab Spring, began a journey to political freedom in 2011 after the popular uprising that removed President Ben Ali in 2011.
While fellow Arab countries that shared the 2011 Arab Spring revolution principles such as Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Libya failed woefully in their quest for democratic government and descended into serious wars without an end or military dictatorship, Tunisia surprisingly transited steadfastly and continue to maintain its democracy.
Tunisia is one of the few countries in Africa that are a good example of conducting a free and fair election in recent years.
Tunisia is fastly developing in Africa, according to experts Tunisia’s per capita income is $11,987 and it is the 9th highest in the continent.

If you’re searching for a country that is stable and safe to invest or visit with peace of mind, a homogeneous country, a country with a capital city having a well run metro system, a country that housed the 4th most important Muslim city Kairouan, you need to travel to Tunisia.

That’s all for now on 10 African countries you can live and work safely.


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