Nigeria Passport Reissue Due To Change Of Name

This write-up Nigeria passport reissue due to change of name, was made on demand because most newly married Nigerian ladies frequently asked questions on how can they change their current passport to their marital names? Equally important are other Nigerians for one reason or another who found it imperative to change their name and must acquire another passport, to the new name acquired. Please follow us on Nigeria passport reissue due to change of name,  definitely, you will not get lost.


The following are the requirements you are to present to qualify for the reissue of your passport in your husband’s name, please follow them meticulously:

1. Affidavit of change of name from a High Court of Justice with official receipt attached
2. Newspaper publication of change of name (cut the exact page and attached it to your application )
3. Your current international passport (original and photocopy of the data page )
4. Data page of your husband’s International passport
5. Marriage certificate
5. A passport-sized photograph of any background.

Present all of the above documents at any passport office in the country and you’re qualified to obtain another passport in your husband name.

Note that it doesn’t matter whether your current international passport is set to expire, provided you have all the required documents you are qualified to apply and acquire another passport.

Furthermore, you have to pay the same money applicable to a new passport.
Note further that your current passport will be cancelled and return to you.


It’s advisable to avoid waiting until the final moments when you’re about to travel to apply for the reissue of your passport. Due to the volume of new and reissue passport applicants, and scarcity of booklets, applying well ahead of time is wiser, to avoid disappointment.

Secondly, if you’re truly married it’s better to change to your husband name to avoid embarrassment in the hand of biased immigration officials overseas. You will be subjected to unnecessary and mostly avoidable questions each time you travel.


Formerly most change of name passport applicants used to face the harrowing experience of travelling to Nigeria Immigration Service headquarters in Abuja to file in their applications, that has changed now by the new administration. All applicants can approach any of the immigration passport offices spread all over the country to reissue their passports. Thereby eliminated hazardous trips and reduced time and total cost.

Please remember that the process of reissuing your passport due to a change of name takes a longer time, different from when processing a passport, therefore when you commence it patience is the key, definitely you will get it at the end, as long as you have all the necessary requirements.

Finally, avoid a third party or a non-immigration officer when applying for an international passport reissue due to change of name.

For further enquiries, you can contact this website.


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