For anyone interested in travelling to Angola for visiting, touring, vacationing, business or researching who is not a government official should be prepared to obtain an entry visa to enter. Here we at are delighted in analysing travel to Angola from Nigeria step by step guide to shed some light on how to make your departure and arrival in Angola a hitch-free trip.

Where is Angola?

Angola is a coastal country situated in south-central Africa. A Portuguese speaking country. Angola shared a border with Zambia to the east, Congo DR to the north, Namibia to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Angola is African’s seventh-largest country with its capital at Luanda.
Angola is an oil-producing country and the production has attracted several experts from around the globe.


There are two ways you can travel to Angola from Nigeria:
1. Go by flight
2. Travel by road

1. Go by flight
The cheapest and fastest way to reach Angola from Nigeria is to go by flight.
There are various Airlines operating flights from different cities in Nigeria to Angola, however, the two popular routes are Lagos to Luanda and Abuja to Luanda.
A direct flight from Lagos to Luanda takes about 3 hours. And the price for a round-trip, Economy is currently on the average amount of NGN300,000.

Travellers can choose from the following airlines that operate the Nigeria Angola route:
Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Air Namibia, TAAG Angola Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, SonAir.

Go by road
For anyone who loves adventure, it’s possible to reach Angola by road from Nigeria. All you need to do is to take a luxurious bus from Lagos to Oron, Akwa Ibom or Calabar, Cross River States respectively. Continue your journey to Douala or Yaounde in Cameroon, cross to Gabon. Enquire about possible transport to Kinshasa in Congo DR. From Kinshasa you can easily move to Luanda.

Angola although an African country is not a visa-free country for Nigerians, therefore, you need a visa when travelling to Angola.

These are the types of visas you can obtain

1. Transit Visa: This is a type of visa issued to anyone making a stopover in Angola territory for few hours or few days. In most cases, the holder of a transit visa is usually restricted to the airport or seaport pending the departure of the scheduled flight or ship.

2. Tourist visa: A tourist visa is issued to anyone who desires to explore Angola for a short period. Its validity is for 30 days but could be extended if the holder desires to stay longer than the stipulated 30 days. In all cases when the visa is issued to you, it must be utilised within 60 days otherwise it will be invalid.

3. Visiting Visa: It’s the type of visa issued to anyone on an invitation. It’s similar to a tourist visa however, there must be a letter of invitation from your friend or relative legally residing in Angola or from an Angolan citizen before the issuance. The person inviting you must provide evidence of the invitation and attach his/her residence card or national identity card to convince the embassy about the genuineness of the invitation.

4. Business Visa: This type of visa is issued to business travellers who are going on an invitation from his business partner or an organisation with business dealings

1. Student visa: A type of visa issued to anyone go to Angola for full-time studies purpose.
2. Employment visa: This is a type of visa issued to anyone who secured employment in Angola. The issuance depends solely on acquiring a job offer from Angola.
3. Relocation visa. A type of visa issued to anyone who intends to move to Angola on a permanent basis. Some senior citizens may decide to relocate to Angola for divergent reasons.


1. Download and printout the Angola visa application form
2 Complete the form and append your signature
3. Attach the following documents:
– Your International passport with at least 6 months validity and unused visa pages
– Photocopy of the data page of your passport
– Two recently acquired passport sized coloured photographs with white background.
– A written request from you, address to the Embassy stating your reason for travelling to Angola.
– A dully endorsed certificate of vaccination, popularly called Yellow card.
– Evidence of flight booking indicating the airline, date of departure and arrival in Angola.
– Evidence of pre-arranged accommodation
– Proof of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Angola.
– Original copy of police clearance certificate
Additional requirements for an under-age applicant travelling alone or with a guardian
– Original letter of consent from both parents duly signed.
– Original copy of the Child’s birth certificate
– Copy of the parent’s identity cards, data page of their passport or residence cards.

Additional requirements for a business traveller
– Letter of invitation from your business partner or the company inviting the applicant
– Copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation
– Proof of financial capabilities to take care of the applicant
– Your tax clearance certificate.
– A letter from your company indicating your designation and duration of your leave.
Additional requirements for anyone travelling for employment purposes
– Original letter of a job offer from your potential employer in Angola.

Additional requirements for anyone applying for a Student visa
– Original letter of admission or acceptance of an offer from a College or University in Angola
– Copy of all the documents used in processing the admission
– Letter of a sponsor (if any)
– Evidence of advanced payment of School fees
– Evidence of financial capabilities to pay for school fees, accommodation and general expenses.
– Proof of medical certificate of sound health duly signed by a Medical practitioner.

After the compilation of all the required documents and the duly filled form, you are to submit them at the Angola Embassy.

321, Diplomatic Drive,
Central Business District,

No 5, Kasumu Ekemode Street,
Victoria Island,

Please note the following at the point of submission
1. Pay the stipulated visa application processing fee and the biometric charges.
2. Enquire about the biometric fingerprint scans and how to complete the process.
3. Ensure you obtain an official receipt, you will need it for your passport collection.


1. Transit Visa #18,000 or USD50

2. Tourist visa #50,760 or USD141

3. Long-term Visa such as work visa #252,000 or USD700


Please note the following points before departure:
– If you secure an Angola Visa ensure to travel before the expiration period, otherwise you may be disallowed entry.
– If you intend to work in Angola make sure you process a work visa and ensure it’s valid all the time, in order not to allow maltreatment, fine or arrest from unfriendly Angolan security personnel.
– If you’re a business traveller please note that any amount in excess of USD10,000 must be declared on arrival.
– If you failed to declare your money, it may be confiscated.

On your day of departure please note the following
– Arrive at the airport early before the commencement of your choice Airline check-in activities.
– If there is a queue ensures you join without engaging in any frivolous sidewalk.
– Immediately you checked in your luggage and obtained your boarding pass move quickly to the immigration departure counters.
– Please note that most of the big Airlines often time usually schedule their flight towards the late evening time, which usually create congestion at the immigration departure counters, therefore if you arrive there late be expecting long queues.
– Note that lateness in getting clearance at the immigration departure counters and the Airport Authority security checking area sometimes can easily cause missing flights.
– Remember, if you missed your flight, be expecting additional charges from the Airline and the Airport Authority whenever you rescheduled your departure.


When you disembark at the Luanda Airport please note the following points before moving to the immigration arrival counters:

1. Ensure you fill the arrival card and include it in your passport
2. Ensure your passport, return ticket, certificate of vaccination and basic travelling allowance are in your hand luggage to allow for a fast clearance.
3. If you’re a first time traveller on a short visit ensure you travel with light luggage. Travelling with large suitcases may send a wrong signer that you have the intention of coming to stay in Angola and refused you entry.
4. Do not assist anyone in carrying anything no matter their condition it could be risky.
5. Avoid making friends with a stranger until you conclude the immigration clearance or reach the other side of the arrival hall.
6. Be prepared to confront once a while hostile gratuities demanding security officers at the entry point.


After the conclusion of the entry clearance, you have to enquire on how to get affordable transport to the city.
Please note that things are relatively expensive in Angola, therefore, be careful about how you spend your allowance. Right from the Airport be very prudent on your spending and avoid chartered caps.

Always relies on public transport and when you’re in the city eat where the local Angolan citizens eat to enjoy your stay. Do not say I didn’t tell you.

That’s all for now on Travel to Angola from Nigeria step by step guide.


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