In this write-up, we shall analyse in detail how to get Australia citizenship by investment, in order to have an idea of why different people are interested in knowing how to get Australian citizenship by investment.

In the pages of many growth indices, Australia is ranked as the 2nd highest in terms of human development, education, quality of life, civil liberties, political right, and economic freedom by the united nation in the year 2016. In terms of economy, this nation took the 12th largest in the world, and in terms of per capita income, this nation is ranked the 6th in the world.


Economically, the country is doing exceptionally well as it was the only advanced economy that did not slide into the global economic recession of 2008/2009. As the 12th highest military spender it is ranked a regional power and therefore plays a major role in numerous regional and international organizations such as the United Nations, Commonwealth of nations, world trade organization, G20, Pacific island forum, Organization for economic, cooperation Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, and development and many more such organization.


It will be a blown throw or a tantrum display to de-emphasized the importance of citizenship permits to an immigrant who travels to the country either for business purposes or other activities. We will be writing shortly to you about the importance of carrying a citizenship card of this country as an immigrant and the opportunities that abound as a citizen of Australia. And they are as follows:

  Having the citizen card of Australia opens the door to partake in the dividend the government have for the larger masses of such particular area and enjoy the government facilities without a bad will or restriction while using it

  1. the door to more job opportunities are open to the immigrants to take up even jobs that are strictly meant for citizen only can be taken by immigrants with citizen passport.
  2.   your children and preceding generation after you that are given birth to in Australia enjoy the dividend of becoming a citizen without registration or needing to carry out a special activity before they become a citizen.
  3. as a citizen of Australia either by birth or by investment, you are eligible to vote, to be voted for, and take part in any electoral activities going on in the country per time.


In recent years, the laws that governed the movement of an individual to this country became stricter and more attention and visa is given to anyone who is in one or the other skilled in any business or has the potential to invest in the nation. Nationality law in Australia is guided by the Australian Citizenship Act of 2007 and Nationality is conferred by the Department of Home Affairs to people born in the country if one or both parents are citizens or is acquired on the 10th birthday regardless of parent’s status or if adopted by a permanent resident.

Another method of acquiring the citizenship of this nation is via citizenship acquired by naturalization: which means a form of registration you bear through allegiance to new country sovereignty after all the set conditions have been fulfilled for the case of immigrants who is not a citizen.


Before anyone could fully be granted the citizenship card of Australia he or she must have attained the following before his or her document is seen as a valid document to be processed to be a citizen of the country and he or she as follows:

  •  Firstly, you must pass the test for becoming an Australian citizen which is usually based on Australia history, values, national symbols, and traditions,
  •   At least 4 years of being a lawful resident of Australia.

(a lawful resident is a resident who has spent 12 months in permanent residency status, who had not been absent from Australia in less than 12 months of the whole 4 years and 3 months of the 12 months prior application, no criminal record, communicate in English)

  •    Have 1.5 Australian dollars to invest in the economy either in a new business or an existing business in Australia that will confer at least 51% ownership stake to the investor.
  •    Attend the citizenship ceremony.


A non-citizen of Australia who did not satisfy the above-listed conditions can also become a citizen either by applying for the visa as a tourist, student or investor.

We will be writing shortly on the citizenship by investment which seems to be one of the easiest and easy to get method of a citizen of Australia, the condition of this visa is not hidden but are direct and easy to attain for anyone interested in the visa.

The Australia investment visa program is targeted at high net investors with money to plunge into the country’s economy, such investors are given a four years temporary residency that can be the precursor towards accruing the permanent residency. But such an investor needs to fulfil these conditions:


Australia business potentials are the service industry such as media, finance, tourism, hospitality, education, entertainment and construction, and extractive industries

  •    Proven clean bill of character and health.
  •    An age gap of 45 years.
  •    Must be able to communicate fluently in the English language
  •    Must have access to a net wealth worth 2.5 million AUD.
  •    3+ years of proven business management experience

Once these conditions are met, the investor needs to apply for the investment program visa at the visa office in his country with evidence of these conditions met, where he/she will be scrutinized and the commitment of the potential investor to spending the four years in the country will be stressed and when the visa is issued, the holder is a step closer to becoming an Australian citizen with the rights of citizenship conferred which include the Australian passport which grants access to 169 countries in the world, rights to register overseas-born children as nationals, rights to seek employment, to participate in politics, and enjoy fully subsidized social amenities such as education, health care, and welfare services as these services are extremely expensive in Australia. The investor visa confers 4 years of temporary residency status where the investor attitude in this period will determine his admission into permeant residency status which will help fulfil the citizenship criteria.


Australia is characterized by the presence of animals that are dated to time immemorial in their different species Kangaroo is one of these animals found in this country. This country is also known as one of the driest, in fact, the driest country in the whole world. Another interesting thing about this country is that it is ranked the 9th country that boasts of high numbers of immigrants in their country in which about 26% of the country is occupied by immigrants from another country.

In this write-up, we will be chiefly addressing how to get a citizenship permit of this nation in the southern hemisphere through investments and stress-free.


This country is one of the commonwealth continents that is majorly made up of the Norfolk, Coco’s islands, Australia mainland, Australian Antarctic island, Tasmania islands, Ashmore and Cartier Island, coral seas island, Heard Island, MacDonald’s island, and Christmas islands.


This country is ranked in the world as the 6th largest in terms of landmass and also in terms of being a continent, it is ranked the smallest continent. This country is located amid the ocean and has a boundary with different countries such as Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and another island of Asia country which is East Timor and Indonesia. This nation has a population that is over 25 million people and also in this country are some of the top cities in the world like Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, the capital, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.


So far so good, we will have written on how you can become a citizen of Australia and the needed conditions you need to attain before you can be granted the citizenship of this country sit back and read through.


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