Top 50 Jobs You Can Get In Europe Currently

Here are the top 50 jobs you can get in Europe currently. It’s always amazing to see young people packing their bags heading for Europe with the sole aim of securing jobs without adequate preparations, besides having the right qualifications it’s important to know exactly the type of job that currently marched the European employment needs. Here are the top 50 jobs you can get in Europe currently.

Knowing the type of job in vogue currently will enable you to know the exact preparations needed to secure a good job, and to know if you need to study in advance before travelling to Europe.  This will surely allow you to make the best decision.


1. English Teachers: If you’re a professional English teacher with a good bachelor degree you will have no problem landing a good job in Europe especially in a non-English speaking country.


2. Web designers: If you have sound knowledge of Web designing it’s possible to get a good job before departing your country. All you need to do is to conduct extensive searching on the net or engage a job recruiter to assist you.

3. Software developer: This is one of the professions that are in vogue currently. If you’re a qualified software developer a job with good pay is waiting for you.

4. Software engineers: As above.

5. Online English teachers

6. Computer programmers

7. Android developers

8. Product Analysts

9. Data Engineers

10. Webmaster and Data Managers.

11. Digital Awareness Innovators

12. Information Security Analysts

13. Information Technology (IT) Consultants

14. Software Programmers

15. Digital Marketers


16. Physician Assistants

17. Pharmacy Technicians

18. General Nurse

19. Nurse Midwife

20. Nurse Anaesthetics

21. Psychiatric Nurse.

22. Healthcare Workers

23. Gerontology: Gerontology is an aspect of the nursing profession that may sound strange to some. It’s the speciality of nursing pertaining to older adults.

24. Laboratory Technicians

25. Medical Laboratory Professionals.

26. Physiotherapists

27. Medical Doctors


28. Mechanics: If you’re a professional tools handler, better pack your bag and head for one of the Schengen zone. If you can do good research or you can employ the service of a professional job recruiter you will definitely land a good job offer.

29. Plumbers: Without any exaggerations, Plumbers are in great demand currently in the whole of Europe, due to the fact that most of the building in Europe has been there over a long period, due to wear and tear, they need fixing or total replacement hence the service of qualified plumbers are seriously needed.

30. Service Technicians: These are tools handlers working on various forms of serviceable machines and allied services.

31. Electricians: Electricians are urgently required currently to carry out critical maintenance, repairs and upgrade to the electrical system within the existing home and public buildings all over the Schengen zone.

32. Rewires: a Few years back the work of a professional Rewire is not intense or required much in motor vehicles, especially in Africa where most motor vehicles are operating on back hassle nowadays as the vehicle is increasingly becoming automatic and Electric Vehicles are available everywhere in Europe the work of professional Rewires are in high demand. If you’re a Rewire stop wasting your time in an underdeveloped country, move straight to Europe jobs with good pay is waiting for you.

33. Truck Drivers: This is the number one profession that doesn’t require a Bachelor degree. Most healthy adults with good knowledge of driving can handle most Trucks. Due to modern technology and the fast coming of driverless vehicles, Trucks are becoming easy to handle. If you need a job that pays higher wages without much education and years of preparations better go for Truck driving in Europe.

34. Mechanical Engineers.

35. Security Personnel: This is the type of job you can easily get as a new arrival in Europe, especially if you intend to stay in a country where you have language difficulty. All you need to do is to stay in a particular location and keep the place safe. However in some countries in order to get better wages as security personnel, you may require a certificate in Security matters.

36. Instrumentation Engineers: These are professionals that specialise in fixing and installations of oil facilities. Countries such as Norway and Iceland are in need of Instrumentation Engineers right now due to the value of oil-producing activities in their countries.

37. Project Managers.

38. Road Designer.

39. Customer Solutions Experts

40. Road Construction Workers

41. Production Assistants

42. Customer Service Agents

43. Human Resource Personnel

44. Graduate Management Trainee

45. Hotel Assistants

46. Hotels Managers

47. KItchen/Restaurants  Assistants

48. Chef de Parties

49. Kitchen Porters

50. Cook Supervisors

Conclusion on the top 50 jobs you can get in Europe currently.

With an ageing population in most European countries and workers tend to retire early couple with the expansion of various industrial activities and most European countries enjoying an increase in economic growth there are current demand for a young and energetic workforce to fill periodic vacancies in many sectors of the economy hence the need to employ personnel from abroad.

That’s all for now on the Top 50 jobs you can get in Europe currently.


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