31 Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For International Students (2022)

Are you an international student looking to apply for undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral scholarships in Canada? It’s been discovered. Twenty-one of Canada’s top 500 universities is located in the country. Canada has 578,621 holders of study permits in 2019. If you’re considering studying abroad, Canada should be your first choice.

Paid in full Scholarships in Canada are highly coveted by overseas students. However, these scholarships are small in number in comparison to those offered in the United States and the United Kingdom. The existence of many cultures and lifestyles is what distinguishes Canada. Additionally, Canada is one of the safest countries in which to pursue an education. So, let us delve to know more about the Fully funded scholarships In Canada for international students.

31 Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For International Students

To be considered for an international student scholarship in Canada, you must apply by March for the September intake, however you should apply earlier if you are looking for a popular programme. In January or February of each year, there is often a second intake.

British Columbia’s university system Undergraduate Scholarships for African Students administered by the MasterCard Foundation

First on our list of fully funded scholarships In Canada for international students. is the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada is happy to join with The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to offer comprehensive scholarships to students from Sub-Saharan Africa. The Program enables academically gifted but economically challenged young people to pursue higher education. Thanks to a $25 million contribution from The MasterCard Foundation, over 77 African students will receive comprehensive undergraduate scholarships to live and learn at the University of British Columbia.

The Program Is Valuable Selected students will get a scholarship equal to the whole cost of obtaining a degree, which includes travel, tuition, textbooks, accommodation, food, and living expenses. Additionally, you will get financial, academic, social, and post-graduate assistance that will help you to develop key academic experiences and capabilities.

British Columbia’s university system Scholarships for Future International Leaders (ILOT)

The University of British Columbia-UBC-Canada International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) Honored foreign students who exhibit superior learning performance, leadership abilities, involvement in student affairs and community service, and recognized achievement in fields of Human endeavour such as the performing arts, sports, debating, or creative writing, or who excel in external academic competitions and examinations.

The Program’s Value is calculated as the sum of tuition, fees, and living expenses, less the annual financial commitment made by the student and their family to cover these expenses.

The International Leader of Tomorrow Award is renewable for up to three additional years of undergraduate study or until the student earns a degree, whichever comes first, provided the student maintains a satisfactory academic standing in their faculty, continues to prove financial need, and upholds their Canadian study permit (visa).

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Program for International Students at the University of Toronto

Follow on the list of Fully funded scholarships In Canada for international students is the Lester B. Pearson International Fellowship at the University of Toronto is designed to honor international students who excel academically and creatively and are regarded as leaders in their schools. The student’s effect on the lives of their school and community, as well as their future potential to positively contribute to the global community, are highlighted. These scholarships, which are awarded yearly, honor exceptional students from all across the world.

The Lester B. Pearson Scholars program will recognize around 37 students each year.

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships are valued at $50,000 and will covered fees, books, incidental fees, and full residential assistance.

Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

Algonquin accepts students with exceptional qualifications from all around the world. This grant is intended to recognize overseas students entering their first year of post-secondary education who have above-average grades and English language ability.  The Program is worth $3,000 in total.

Humber College Scholarships for International Students

All new overseas students enrolled in an academic program may apply for the following scholarships:

Humber University provides three tuition-free scholarships that are renewable. These scholarships are offered to NEW foreign students who will commence school in September or January of each year.

International students will also be eligible for twenty (20) one-time admission scholarships. Each year, ten (10) scholarships are offered during the September semester, eight (8) during the January semester, and two (2) during the May semester.

Quest University Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Scholarships from Quest University reward students’ accomplishments and contributions to their school and local community, contributions we anticipate they will continue to make while enrolled at Quest. Scholarships and/or financial help are available to all students regardless of their country of origin.

York University Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships for International Students

York University is providing full-tuition scholarships to exceptional overseas students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at the university.

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

The University of Calgary’s International Entrance Scholarship is a renowned prize that honours an international student’s great performance as an undergraduate student. Academic proficiency is not the sole criterion for the Scholarship; extracurricular activities are also considered.

CREATE Program in Data Analytics and Visualization (CREATEDAV) Undergraduate Summer School for International Students

At York University in Toronto, the multi-institution, multidisciplinary CREATE Program in Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) offers an all-expenses-paid undergraduate summer school in big data research. The program will feature lectures from CREATE DAV professors and industry experts on cutting-edge research in big data science, as well as hands-on experience in York and OCAD U laboratories.

The program pays all transportation costs and offers housing and food on-campus.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships for African Students at McGill University in Canada

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill University honours students who are residents or citizens of Sub-Saharan African nations (including French-speaking students), come from economically disadvantaged families, and have exceptional academic and leadership talents. Over the next decade, McGill will host 91 African scholars.

The Program’s Value: The MasterCard Foundation Scholars at McGill will receive a comprehensive package of financial, social, and academic assistance throughout their studies and transfer to the workforce.

Carleton University’s Richard J. Van Loon Scholarship for African Students

Each year, the Richard J. Van Loon Scholarship is given to an exceptional overseas student from an African country. In 2005, friends, relatives, and colleagues endowed the prize in memory of Richard J. Van Loon, Carleton’s tenth president.

The award is worth $5,000.

University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for International Students

Scholarships for World Leaders are available to overseas students joining any of the University’s divisions for the first time – undergraduate, graduate, collegiate, professional, applied and continuing education (PACE), or English language program (ELP). Applicants must engage in activities that indicate their ability to lead.

ACI Foundation International Fellowship

The ACI Foundation offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate fellowships and scholarships to students and E-Members. Annually, the ACI Foundation awards fellowships and scholarships to assist individuals with an interest in concrete in achieving their educational and career goals. During the award year, the student must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student, as determined by the institution or university. While applications from all around the globe will be accepted, research must take place in the United States or Canada during the grant year.

What is your educational status (undergrad, graduate, or PhD) while submitting the application?

What will your standing be when the award year begins next autumn (undergrad, graduate, or PhD)?

Can you attend an interview at the Spring ACI Convention following the application season? The ACI Foundation will arrange for and pay for travel and overnight accommodations.

Can you commit to a ten- to twelve-week internship prior to the award year?

You must be a full-time student throughout the award year.

Humber College Entrance Scholarships for International Students

Also on the information about Fully funded scholarships In Canada for international students, this admission grant is open to students enrolling in Humber’s Graduate Certificate, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma programs in January 2021.

University of Laval Scholarship for African and European Students

The goal of this program is to encourage academic achievement by awarding scholarships to international students who are nationals of an African or European country (other than France*) and have been admitted to Université Laval’s master’s programs.  The Program’s Value: 7,000 dollars per year

Open Society Disability Rights Scholarship (LL.M) Program for Africans

The Open Society Disability Rights Scholarship Program supports people with disabilities rights advocates, lawyers, and educators in their pursuit of new legislation, jurisprudence, policy, research, and scholarship to capitalize on the innovations and opportunities provided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

The Program’s Value: The fellowship includes the following benefits:

tuition and other university-related costs;

stipend for lodging, board, and other living expenses on a monthly basis;

travel associated with the program;

insurance against accidents and illness for the duration of the program;

monetary resources for instructional materials and professional development;

all expenses incurred in connection with the pre-academic summer program and yearly conference;

assistance to students with disabilities in obtaining the reasonable accommodations required to participate in their program of study.

MasterCard/University of Waterloo MBET Scholarships for East African Students

The Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET) is a graduate entrepreneurship program that integrates interdisciplinary coursework with hands-on experience in venture formation and commercialization. The MBET program is for ambitious, creative, and curious team members who can display the passion and drive necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. Students enrolled in the MBET program come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including engineering, business, computer science, mathematics, science, and the arts. The curriculum provides an ideal environment for experiencing venture creation in all of its manifestations.

The University of Waterloo, Canada through the MasterCard Foundation offers Kenyan and other students from East African countries the MBET programme at the University.

Award amount: up to $45,000

CPIJ Scholarship for Developing Countries

Three $2,000 scholarships are available to graduate students from poor countries to attend the International Justice and Victims’ Rights Summer School at the Montreal Centre for International Studies, University of Montreal (CÉRIUM). The award is valued at $2,000.00. This grant will be used to defray the costs of tuition, travel, and housing for students.

Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Scholarship Program for International Students at University of Guelph

HQP scholarships are provided through the OMAFRA-University of Guelph partnership to assist future generations of agri-food researchers, policymakers, and innovators. Masters and PhD students conduct research that addresses OMAFRA’s research goals and get practical experience in how forward-thinking research may be leveraged to benefit society.

The initiative offers $2.5 million over five years for graduate scholarships in OMAFRA-U of G research themes and priority areas, and has already benefited over 125 graduates with specialized agribusiness and workplace experience.

Students get specialized classroom instruction in business, agriculture, and commercialization, as well as relevant job experiences during the work semesters that are incorporated in their graduate studies.

Quebec Government Research Internship for International Students

The international internship program of the FRQNT (Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies) seeks to promote international mobility for students whose research activities are part of the scientific program of a FRQNT-funded strategic cluster. The internship is an additional instrument offered to a strategic cluster in order to bolster its worldwide profile through current or developing research programs and relationships.

The program’s worth is limited at $15,000. However, the FRQNT allows for a maximum of $2,500/month in living expenses and allows for the strategic cluster to cover internship expenditures (e.g., travel, room rental agreement, etc.).

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) for International Students – York University

Through the awarding of Ontario Graduate Scholarships, the province of Ontario, in collaboration with Ontario’s publicly-supported universities, has promoted graduate-level achievement since 1975. (OGS). Awarded on the basis of academic achievement, OGS scholarships are open to students from any academic field, regardless of major. The OGS program is supported by the province of Ontario and many of the province’s academic institutions. Two-thirds of the value of the award is provided by the Province of Ontario, while the university contributes one-third.

University of Manitoba International Graduate Student Scholarship

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Graduate Studies awards scholarships to international students who are pursuing Master’s or Ph.D. degrees.

Visiting Scholarships for Students in Commonwealth Countries in Africa

Intercultural contacts, foreign education, exploration and inquiry, and professional experiences are all part of the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships’ mission to build a vibrant community of young global leaders across the Commonwealth. Excellent postgraduate students from India and Commonwealth nations in Africa are invited to apply for funding to be a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Forestry for a period of up to four months. In addition to participating in seminars, visiting scholars are given the opportunity to brush up on research skills during this period.

The Program’s Worth: Travel and living costs are covered up to a maximum of $2,100 during the course of four months.

Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant for Doctoral Students

Microsoft is a firm believer in the advantages of a diverse workforce. Dissertation Grant from Microsoft intends to boost the number of diverse individuals pursuing advanced degrees in computer-related subjects by providing support for PhD candidates from underrepresented groups in computing.

The award’s worth:

As part of their PhD thesis, they can get up to 25,000 USD in funding.

For a two-day Microsoft Research workshop, Microsoft will organize and pay for award winners’ travel and lodging in Redmond, Washington.

University of British Columbia Graduate Global Leadership Fellowship for Developing Countries

As a means for promoting humanitarian and development activity by overseas students, the fellowships have been established. As a result, Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships provide the door to a world-class graduate education for rising academics from countries with developing educational systems.

The annual stipend is $18,200, plus the cost of tuition, for a total of four years.

a Microsoft Fellowship for Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics Doctoral Studies

For the two-year PhD fellowship program, Microsoft Research is looking for excellent candidates in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, and interdisciplinary subjects. Since its inception in 2008, the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Program has funded 122 fellows, many of whom have gone on to work for Microsoft Research. There are others who went on to do pioneering research elsewhere in the technology business, or accepted professor positions at prominent institutions.

Fellowship’s worth:

For two academic years, the full cost of tuition and fees for the fellowship winner will be covered.

An annual stipend of US$28,000 is granted to aid with living expenses while attending school.

Attendance at professional conferences or seminars is supported by a yearly conference and travel grant of $4,000 for selected applicants.

Additionally, a paid internship with a renowned Microsoft researcher working on cutting-edge projects relevant to the recipient’s field of study is included as part of the prize!

There is no possibility of extending fellowships beyond two consecutive academic years.

Québec Government Doctoral Research Scholarships for Foreign Students

Funding for excellent international Ph.D. candidates in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering subjects is provided by the Fonds de recherche du Québec–Nature et les technologies (FRQNT) through the Doctoral Research Scholarships Program for Foreign Students.

The Program’s Worth: The PhD research fellowship for overseas students has a yearly maximum value of $21 000. A scholarship recipient is eligible to receive up to $84,000 in twelve equal payments during the course of the award period.

Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarships

As a way to promote Canada as a global leader in research and higher education, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) was established. To be accepted into VCS, students must exhibit both leadership abilities and a high level of academic accomplishment in their graduate programs.

Scholarship Amount and Duration: $50,000 each year for three years.

University of Toronto Art and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Art and Science Postdoctoral Fellowships are meant to give exceptional recent PhD students with further training in their fields of study. It is possible to hold these scholarships in any department or research unit in the Faculty Of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto. The professoriate of the Faculty of Arts & Science must support a candidate through the sponsorship of a supervisor or supervisors.

How to Apply for a Canadian University Scholarship

Understanding the Requirements is the first step.

To apply successfully to a Canadian educational institution, it is necessary to understand the various requirements for schools and the courses they provide. You must do an in-depth examination of the laws and regulations governing the application procedure for a study permit.

Ideally, you should begin arranging for your study visa in Canada at least a year in advance. All colleges and institutes demand a current passport, competency in either English or French, proof of completing mandated language exams with minimum grades/bands, and proof of financial ability to cover the cost of your studies and living expenses in the nation.

Step 2: Select a Course and a College or University

The initial step in selecting an institution is to determine its designation as a Designated Learning Institution. Foreign students are only admitted to DLIs. When applying to study in Canada, you will be needed to complete a mandatory major course. Although the academic system in Canada is receptive to course changes, it is prudent to assess your possibilities in advance and select a major that you are genuinely passionate about.

Step 3: Take the Proficiency Test in a Foreign Language

International students must demonstrate competence in either English or French in order to enter Canada effectively. While IELTS is the favored test for English competence, certain universities may accept the Cambridge English: Advanced or TOEFL exam scores. You can choose from the DALF, DELF, or TCF exams for French, however the TEF is the most popular. Select the examination, pay the price, and schedule your appointment well in advance.

Step 4: Make University Admissions Applications

Now is the time to contact the colleges on your shortlist, get application packets, and submit them well in advance. While having the option of applying to a dozen institutions may seem advantageous, you must consider the application price, which ranges between $100 and $250. After you confirm your interest, the institution will send you an acceptance letter, which is critical in the subsequent procedures.

Step 5: Submit an Application for a Permit to Study

Once you have been accepted by an institution, it is time to apply for a Canada Study Permit. You can submit your application online or in person at a visa application center in your area. Your application must be supported by the acceptance letter from the preceding phase, your passport, and verifiable confirmation that you have the financial resources to study in Canada. To assist you in applying for financing possibilities, we have compiled a thorough list of foreign student scholarships in Canada.

If you apply to a Quebec institution, you will additionally receive a “Certificat d’acceptation du Québec” in addition to the acceptance letter (CAQ). Ensure that this document is included in your application for a study permit.

Travel Time in Step 6

The immigration officer will decide on your study permit application once it has been processed and an interview, if necessary, has been performed. If your application is accepted, the next step is to organize your trip to Canada. Your permit will have a commencement date, which indicates when the permit will become effective. Bear in mind that you will be denied entry into Canada prior to this day. Travel in a prudent manner.


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