This is the comprehensive ways on how to apply for a Hong Kong student visa.  For most young people and professionals who are interested in travelling to Hong Kong for employment purposes, the best approach is to invest your time and money to study in one of their recognised Universities and become a professional in your chosen area.


The foremost thing to do is to search for an appropriate University or College in Hong Kong that offers your course of choice or course that will enable you to secure employment in the near future.
Check out from the following lists:
1. The City University of Hong Kong – English courses available
2. The Education University of Hong Kong – English courses available
3. The Chinese University of Hong Kong – English courses Available
4. RMIT University in Hong Kong – English courses available
5. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Recommended, the University’s School of design.
6. The University of Hong Kong – English courses available
7. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
8. Lingnan University, Hong Kong – English courses available
9. Hong Kong Baptist University – English courses available
10. International Career Institute, Hong Kong – English courses available.

When you picked a University and apply for admission, if you meet their educational and eligibility requirements you will be issued a letter of admission.


As a foreigner whether you have a relative in Hong Kong or you don’t, before commencing the process of student visa application it is mandatory for you to get a sponsor. It can be done as soon as you received the acceptance of an offer from a University.
The sponsor can be an adult citizen of Hong Kong or a foreigner with a residence permit.
Realistically, the University where you processed school admission and obtained acceptance of the offer is the most viable option to be chosen as a sponsor. If you do not have a local person, the University can stand for you, as long as you meet their requirements, monetary and documents wise.

Furthermore, if the student is under-age the parent or guardian can still authorise the sponsor to serve as the student guardian throughout his stay in Hong Kong


1. Download visa application form – ID 995A online by visiting the below website:
2. Your sponsor can also download the sponsor’s form – ID 995B from the same website or get it from Immigration Department Headquarters in Hong Kong.
3. Carefully complete the downloaded forms and append your signature.
4. Attach the following documents:
1. Your International passport with reasonable validity and unused visa pages.
2. Your birth certificate
3. Original and photocopy of the letter of admission or acceptance of the offer from a University in Hong Kong.
4. Photocopies of your academic credentials, transcripts, awards and certificates and other documents used in processing the admission.
5. Photocopies of the data page of your passport
6. One passport sized photograph (recently acquired)
7. Photocopies of other prerequisite qualifications such as IELTS or TOEFL.
8. Evidence of financial capabilities from you or your parents throughout the duration of your studies. ( Evidence of HK$120,000 approximately is expected, the remaining depends on the length of your studies)
9. Your own or your parent’s bank account statement for the last 6 months duly stamped and signed by the Bank.
10. Evidence of returned flight ticket.
11. Evidence of hostel accommodation in Hong Kong. Your sponsor can provide an undertaking to get your accommodation.
12. Police clearance certificate.
13. Photocopy of your national identity card or other documents that contains your details.



After the collation of all the required documents, you should take them personally to the Chinese Consulate in your area.
Please take note of the following points:
Pay the visa application processing fees at the Chinese Consulate (Note that the fees are non-refundable)
2. Ensure you cross check the form and all your documents before submission to avoid errors of omission and incomplete documentation.
3. Ensure all the documents are genuine and duly signed by you.
4. Ensure you start the submission well ahead of your resumption date, to allow the embassy to forward them to the Immigration Department in Hong Kong.
5. Enquire if you need biometric fingerprint scans.
6. Submit and ask for the Student visa interview date.
7. Finally, it is important to emphasise that all your documents and application shall be forwarded to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for approval. The Chinese Consulate can only issue the student visa according to the response got from the Hong Kong Immigration Department. It is advisable you leave an active Email and telephone number for correspondence.


Hong Kong is an advanced country, their Universities are highly rated. Study in any of  the Hong Kong approved higher institution is surely a way of preparing you well for future employment and be fitted perfectly well into their society. You can’t be wrong if you take this road in searching for a job in any Asian countries.

That’s all for now on How to apply for Hong Kong student visa for more information you may contact this website.


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