1This is how to apply for Tunisia visa from Nigeria. If you’re planning to visit Tunisia a country situated in North Africa by the Mediterranean sea, be prepared to obtain a visa because Nigeria is one of those countries that requires a visa for an unhindered entry into Tunisia.


1. The first step is to download the Tunisia visa application form online
This can be obtained by visiting: http://tunisia.visahq.in/Tunisia-Tourist-visa-application.pdf
2. Carefully complete the visa application form ensure you did not leave a space unfilled.
3. Ensure you append your signature at the end.

Attach the following documents:


  •  1. An International passport with at least 6 months validity and unused visa pages.
  • 2. Two recently taken photograph sized photographs with white background.
  • 3. Letter of introduction from your employer. Be sure the letter includes the following particulars:
    • The letter must be on company’s official letter headed paper.
    • Your full names, your designation, and terms of employment.
    • Your date of appointment and leave pass,
    • Your date of commencement of leave and date of leave expiration.
    • Finally, it must state your purpose of visit and contains the boss’s signature.
  • 4. Evidence of travel booking indicating the take-off date and the date of your expected departure from Tunisia.
  • 5. Evidence of accommodation arrangement in Tunisia.
  • 6. Proof of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Tunisia.
  • 7. Police clearance certificate.
  • 1. For applicants travelling for a business purpose, you need a letter of invitation from your business partner or organisation in Tunisia.
  • 2. The company is expected to include the photocopy of their business registration and tax clearance certificate.
  • 3. Your tax clearance certificate must be presented.
  • 4. Your bank account statement for the last 6 months duly stamped and signed by the Bank.
  • 5. The company’s letter must indicate the purpose and duration of your visit.
  • 6. Evidence of accommodation and financial arrangement (if any)
    • (To obtain a separate business visa form you can send a request letter to the Ambassador, Embassy of Tunisia. Remember to include a self-addressed envelope.)
  • 7. For an under-age person travelling unaccompanied or with a guardian should include the following:
    • – The child’s original birth certificate.
    • – Letter of consent from both parents.
    • – Photocopy of the parent’s identity card or international passport data page
    • – The guardian must be ready to sign the child’s visa application form.
    • – Letter of admission or acceptance of an offer from a University or College in Tunisia.
    • – Your original birth certificate.
    • – Your academic credentials
    • – All documents used in processing the admission
    • – Proof of payment of school fees (part or full payment)
    • – Evidence of sufficient funds to finance your accommodation and other living expenses.
    • – If you are under sponsorship, letter of sponsor from your sponsor.
    • – Bank account statement for the last 6 months from the sponsor.
    • – Any other documents as may be required by the embassy.
    • – Evidence of payment of visa application fee.

Still On How To Apply For Tunisia Visa From Nigeria

After the compilation of all the required documents, you’re to submit them personally at the Tunisia embassy.
Please note the following points before submission:

  • 1. All the documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photo copies.
  • 2. Pay the required visa application processing fee at the embassy
  • 3. Enquire if you need biometric fingerprint scans.

Tunisian Embassy In Nigeria


  • No. 11, Kanji Street,
    Off Lake Chard Crescent,
    Maitama,  Abuja.
  • Telephone numbers +234 9 413 2966-7,
  • Fax: 234 9 413 2668

After submission allows at least between 2-15 working days for the tourist or visit visas. It is advisable you apply well ahead of your travel to avoid rushing and disappointment.

For further inquiries, you can contact the Tunisia Ministry of Foreign Affairs or visit: http://www.diplomatie.gov.tn/


Before you set out to Tunisia bear in mind that it is an Arab country,  be ready to adapt to the Islamic ways,  respect their culture and make sure you have a reasonable knowledge of Arabic to get along. Due to their colonial past, a large number of people do communicate in French, therefore knowledge of French is a big advantage. It is always very difficult to meet people speaking English. Do not be suprised if the Tunisian citizens doesn’t behaved the African way.

Tunisia is a beautiful country, located in the north of Africa, shared a border with Algeria to the west, Libya to the east, and the amazing mediterranean sea to the east and north. The lifestyle is more of European and Arab than Africa her location.  Notwithstanding,  It is a very good place to visit.


Please, before you set out to Tunisia remember the current world order of coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world and most Arab countries are badly affected therefore it is important to enquire the current happenings in Tunisia concerning the pandemic. Likewise,  you have to do all the necessary tests and equip yourself with a coronavirus clearance certificate in order not to be refused entry in Tunis.

Remember you are been told.

That’s all for now on How to apply for Tunisia visa from Nigeria.


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