This is how to change name on Nigeria international passport. The question is becoming increasingly reoccurring for young Nigerians and few professionals wanting to effect a change of name on their Nigerian international passport. As much as we tried to parry the subject or change the conversation most of the time, it kept coming, hence the need to carry out research on how to change the name on Nigeria international passport.


After painstaking research on this topic, we can state categorically some reasons why an individual may want to change the name on their Nigerian International passport

  1. Due to errors from origin: This may arise as an error of pronunciation, or too long a name given to a child by an overzealous parent. Some parents do not consider future embarrassment or implications when naming their child at birth. Name play an important role in our lives,  it is not a thing to take with levity.  A prominent Afro musician in the 70s changed his name from Ransome Kuti to Anikulapo Kuti, because he felt it was too foreign.  Today none of his children bears Anikulapo.
  2. Due to the acquisition of a new religion: A born again person may want to discard the name given at birth. Or some dropped their religion-oriented name for pure local or native name.
  3. Due to professional reasons: Few professional bodies do add a certain name or attachments to the original names. Likewise, due to popular demand or a name in vogue.  Nowadays,  it is common to hear so many Mercies, Ronaldos Usain Bolts etc.
  4. Due to change of nationality: An individual that acquired dual nationality may want a reflection of his or her new country e.g. Arab countries. Many athletes are fond of this. Some even erase the past completely,  for reasons known only to them. Nobody can blame them The choice is definitely their own.
  5. For convenience or pride reasons: An individual may want to shorten a too-long name or expand the present incomplete name or see it as “old school ” It was common in the 50s and  60s to see young Nigerian students shorten the names given them at birth.  Names such as Wole, Olu, Bola, Lai, Muri, Ade, Kola, etc, are purely incomplete names that were shortened from the original name given at birth.
  6. Due to marriage: A female changes to their marital names or male married to a famous family may want to identify with the famous family. Recently a Nigerian from the southern part of Nigeria married a Muslim lady in an Eastern Asian country and changed his Nigerian name.
  7. A name no longer in vogue: Some names are connected to idols worship or sound strange to the bearer.
  8. As long as an individual can back up reasons for wanting a change of name, it is his right to change his name,  provide it wasn’t fraudulent.


  1. The first step is to approach any Immigration Service passport office spread across the country, and abroad.
  2. Apply in writing to the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service for a change of name.
  3. Attach to your application, a written concrete reasons why you want to change the name on your Nigerian international passport
  4. Attach a high court affidavit of change of name.
  5. Back your claim with an identity card, such as a driver’s licence or an association membership card currently in use. (if any).
  6. Make a payment online of non-refundable administrative changes of #33,000 (thirty-three thousand nairas) for the processing of your application

The next step is to wait for a few days, for the approval of the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service of your application

After receiving approval, you must submit your present passport and

  1. Apply for reissue of a new international passport.
  2. Attach two recently acquired passport-sized photograph
  3. Make an online payment of standard Nigeria Passport of #24,500 (Twenty four thousand five hundred nairas.
  4. Go for image acquisition, thumbprint and do the electronic signature formality.
  5. Finally, wait for the issuance of your passport

PLEASE NOTE: Issuance of passport depends on the availability of booklets and other printing materials, do not wait until you urgently need a passport before applying. Better to ask your local passport office about the availability of materials before you place in an application to avoid disappointment and name callings.

Application for change of names can be processed at any passport office across the country, and overseas, However,  if a passport office wants to be overzealous you have the freedom to apply directly to the Immigration Service headquarters in Abuja and your request will be treated without biased.

Thanks, kindly get across to us for more information.


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