How You Can Track UK Visa Application In Nigeria

Most times, we leave our country and travel to other places for leisure, vacation or even health issues. One popular place of interest Nigerians travel to is the UK. The UK is one of the most popular place for tourists, business travellers  including students. There are lots of things to see and do over there. Some countries have arrangements with other countries in their region for free passage, (or visa free) in order to improve trade and relations between both countries, while some countries will require the use of visa to enter.

Getting a visa in a country depends on their process, it has been shown that getting a visa in developed countries is much easier as all of their processes are done online. Most times, it is easier to process a visa in some countries than others. The country which you intend to visit also plays a role in how easy or difficult it would be to get a visa.
It should be known that getting a visa from developing countries to developed countries is more difficult.

The problem of getting a visa in developing countries is because many people who live in developing countries want to go to kthe developed countries to get a better life or in search for greener pastures. Most times, people from the developing countries apply for a short term visa, some even apply for a 3 days visa when they know that they wouldn’t be back very soon.


Many of these people from developing countries who apply for a 3 days visa and they know that they are not coming home, find it difficult to settle down and even get a job on time. Travelling to the UK without the appropriate documents is a big risk as you can be arrested and repatriated back to your country where you came from.
People who come from developing countries and refuse to go back home even after expiration of their visa, these sets of people become illegal immigrants in the country. Due to the illegal immigration state, most of these people turn to crime as their only way of getting themselves money, a place to survive, eat and sleep because they cannot get a job due to their illegal immigration status.

Applying for a visa becomes more difficult day by day because of high crime rate we are facing today. Nigeria is one of those countries where crime has become the root of everything. Most times, when they want to travel out of the country, they are being questioned very well and even after going through a long process, the visa might not be approved.

The diversion into crime has a negative implication on others who are seeking for visas, the embassy now believes that most people who travel there are not going there to have a better life in the right way, rather their main motive is to live a life that is full of crime, this has also costs others a lot because many who want to go there for better reasons might also be looked at in the same way, that they are also criminals like the others.

You can simply that the facts which were given above has made it difficult for many to apply for a visa.
Technology has been improving daily and we can see that things are now easier for us day by day. I know many do not know about this, it is called the Tracking System.

We can easily track our UK visa application, when you apply for your visa for the UK, it is possible for the applicants to track their visa application status.

This was actually made to curb lots of crime for us, which has been taking place today in the country.
Tracking your visa application status has been made easy for us all, below are the steps and guidelines on how to go about that.

Now you want to track your visa application status, the UK processing company keeps you heads up about your visa. All of these can be done through text messages or even your email address. For the email and SMS alerts, applicants can have the option to receive the SMS alerts but most people find out that the SMS facility is not granular enough to suit their needs especially when they await important news. Apart from the SMS alerts applicants can also be notified of their visa application status by email.

There is a website called the VFS Global. At this website, you can track your visa application. Things will be made easier over there on the website. You can check the website at

Once the website opens you are required to enter your date of birth and application reference number which is on the receipt you were given from the vis application centre when you applied for your visa.

After typing the details in the box provided you are to click submit and then the status of your UK visa application will be displayed.

If you have followed every step here above, then tracking of your visa application status would be stress free for you. Many people might say, what are even the benefits of tracking your visa application status. There are certain benefits which are attached to this, as tracking has become helpful for some people today, tracking helps you as an applicants know the status of your visa application, of it is expired, when will it be ready and it also helps you to know the time you will be ready for a renewal and so many others. It has also made things easier for us that instead of becoming an illegal immigrant in a foreign land, you will be able to know the status of your visa in the UK.

Further research has shown that tracking of applicants visa application status has help in curbing lots of crimes in the UK. We can see that benefits which are listed above has been helpful to us all and all thanks to the tracking system.

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