Travel to Madagascar from Nigeria step by step guide is designed to assist anyone interested in travelling to the island country of Madagascar to have a hitch-free trip.

Madagascar the world fourth largest island is located in the continent of Africa right in the Indian Ocean. It is about 250 miles off the eastern coast of Mozambique, with a population of about Twenty-two million. The capital and the largest city is Antananarivo. Historically, Madagascar is related to the people of faraway Indonesia.

The first question to ask is whether Madagascar is visa-free for Nigerian citizens? Currently yes, a Nigerian citizen only needs a visa on arrival easily obtainable at the Madagascar Airport.

This is an alternative way of preparing for the evisa on arrival.

To make your trip easy entry, you should commence the processing of visa on arrival online as thus:
1. Have an International passport with at least 6 months validity
2. Download a Madagascar short term visa application form
3. Complete online the application form as accurate as possible
4. Pay the processing fees (if any) with a credit card or any other recognised payment system.
5. Be sure you enter your active Email address.
6. Submit the completed visa application online.

Shortly, you will receive a document through your email address confirming your electronic visa on arrival.

The document you received is called Landing Authorisation in PDF format. This is what you have to present to the immigration authority at the Madagascar Airport when you arrive at the immigration control counters. You will exchange it for the visa that will be issued in your travel document.

Please note that you have to pay visa on arrival fees and a tourist tax.
The following are the compulsory fees payable on arrival.
1. For a stay not exceeding 30 days USD37
2. For a stay above 30 to 60 days USD45
3. For a stay above 60 to 90 days USD55

It’s important to note that the maximum stay you can get for a short term visa based on visa on arrival provision is 90 days, which may not be extended.

This is the website for the online processing of the Madagascar visa on arrival

The only viable option available in getting to Madagascar from Nigeria is by flight.
The following Airlines operate scheduled flights from Lagos to Antananarivo, Madagascar:
Kenya Airways Monday to Sunday. Daily flights operation
South Africa Airways Monday to Sunday. Daily flights operation.
Ethiopian Airlines have flights on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
Air France is available on Tuesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Air Madagascar is available most of the days.


When you are set to depart for Madagascar please note the following points:
1. Make sure all your necessary travel documents are in order.
2. Regardless of the freedom of visa-free entry, ensure you have enough basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Madagascar.
3. Ensure you have the Port health certificate called yellow card.
4. Go with a return ticket, they will demand it on arrival.

1. Make sure you arrive at the airport early before the commencement of Airline check-in activities.
2. As soon as you arrived at the Airline counters, if there is a queue join, avoid staying by the wayside.
3. As soon as you complete checking in your luggage and obtained the boarding pass move straight to the immigration departure counters.
4. Please note that lateness in getting to the Immigration departure counters may lead to missing your flight. Importantly there is an Airport Authority security checking after the immigration clearance which usually evolves very slowly.
5. If your flight is scheduled for evening-time be expecting long queues because most major Airlines are fond of departing late in the evening. A late evening rush is common at Nigeria International Airports.
6. Finally, if you miss your flight for whatever reasons, be expecting Airline and Airport Authority additional charges whenever you reschedule your flight.

When you disembark at the Antananarivo Airport, please note the following points before reaching the Immigration Arrival clearance counters:
1. If you’re on a short visit or a first-time traveller ensure you travel with light luggage. Having many suitcases may send a wrong signer to the security agents that you have other plans than a short visit, it may lead to refuse entry.
2. Make sure your passport, return ticket, health certificate and basic travelling allowance are in your hand luggage to avoid embarrassment and delay in waiting for your other luggage from the Aeroplane.
3. Avoid making friends with strangers before leaving the immigration control area. It’s advisable to mind your own business.

4. Do not assist fellow passengers to carry anything, it could be dangerous.
5. Ensure you have the address of the hotel you intend to stay in or know the name of your host if you’re on an invitation.
6. Finally, approach all situations with confidence, after all, you’re here voluntarily.

When you conclude the arrival clearance and you intend to take transport out of the Antananarivo Airport at Ivato (TNR), you have options of Airport Shuttle Van, Taxi, Buses etc.
It’s advisable to avoid taxi booking counters inside the arrival hall because they’re expensive. You can easily move to the general parking area where you can get a more affordable taxi. Equally, there is a shuttle van you can share with other passengers to your destination, this is the cheapest option.


Do you have pre-arranged accommodation? If the answer is no, the best way to secure the type of accommodation that may suit your budget is to contact the professionals in the accommodation arrangement. Organisations such as,,, are there for you to engage.

Based on most safety experts analysis Madagascar is generally safe for foreigners visiting the country. The totality of the crime rate in the country currently is lower than many other mainland African countries.

Malagasy citizens are very kind and friendly. They’re willing to help most of the time.
Women should endeavour to dress modestly to avoid exposing themselves to bad elements.
Generally, always avoid late-night outings. Importantly avoid travelling alone in remote areas. Taxis brousses are a better option to travel in convoy at night.

Madagascar has a tropical climate. There are two seasons in Madagascar. Rainy season and Dry season.
The rainy season spans November to April while the dry season commences around May to October.
Unlike the Middle East or Northern Europe where you have to choose when to visit a country, because of unfavourable weather, you can visit Madagascar year-round because extreme weather conditions are not common. However, because the rainy season may come with cyclones once in a while, the best period to visit Madagascar remains from April to December.

Official Madagascar’s currency is known as Ariary
One Malagasy Ariary has equalled 0.099 Nigerian Naira currently.
One United States Dollar equals 3,660.57 Malagasy Ariary.
It’s advisable to go to Madagascar with the Euro due to the fact that it’s the most popular currency. However, if you’re travelling with US Dollar ensure you carry bills dated 2006 and upwards, because earlier bills may be difficult to exchange.

Malagasy and French are the two official languages spoken in Madagascar. Malagasy is the most frequently spoken by the people however, due to globalisation English is gaining popularity. Moving around in the Capital city of Antananarivo you may find it easy to see people that understand English.

If you’re looking for a white-collar job in Madagascar you have to search elsewhere, due to the fact that the type of jobs that are often time available are in the agricultural sector, therefore, be ready to travel down not the field to secure agricultural jobs. Secondly, Madagascar is not an English-speaking country, therefore, in order to live and work here, you must understand French.
However, if you want to search for employment you can use the service of some professional job recruiters. There are many of them scattered on the Internet. Search for them.

That’s for now on Travel to from Nigeria step by step guide.


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