Travel To Malawi From Nigeria Step By Step Guide is designed to explain to an intending traveller to Malawi comprehensively the essential ingredients to make your trip a successful one. With the current world order where the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging countries in Europe and America continents, touring African countries such as Malawi is definitely a wise decision.

Where is Malawi?
Malawi is located in southeastern Africa. A landlocked country formerly called Nyasaland. Malawi is well known for Lake Malawi and its fantastic freshwater. Malawi shared a border mainly with Mozambique east and south-west, Zambia to the west and Tanzania to the North. Malawi is a small country both in size and population, as of 2019 Malawian population is around 19.5 million

How to get to Malawi from Nigeria

The only viable option to get to Malawi from Nigeria is by flight. There are various Airlines operating flights from Nigeria to Malawi, however, there are three popular ones you can rely on. Namely Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways and Kenya Airways.
You can fly from Lagos or Kano to Malawi, however, there is no direct flight between Nigeria and Malawi, therefore be ready to make a stopover along the way.
Their flight prices range from USD260 – USD1100 round trip.

Unfortunately no. All non-official travellers from Nigeria be it business, touring, holidaying, researching, working, visiting or studies are expected to secure an entry visa before embarking on Malawi travel.

Furthermore, presently there is no Malawian embassy situated in Nigeria, therefore all intending visitors to Malawi from Nigeria must apply for an entry visa through the Malawian embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

This is how to obtain a Malawi visa from Nigeria

As of November 2019, the government of Malawi through the Malawi Department of Immigration and Citizenship commence the issuance of electronic visas for foreign visitors of over 200 countries.

The advantage of the visa electronic visa system is that an applicant can apply for the visa and do the payment online.
When the approval is given the applicant will receive the evisa through his/her email.
Please note that you cannot travel before the approval is granted.
Furthermore, note that the electronic visa is valid for 90 days and the maximum length of days you can stay is 30 days.

General requirements for a Malawi visa
An international passport
1. A carefully filled Malawi visa application form. An applicant must sign at the end.
2. Your International passport with at least 6 months validity and unused visa pages.
3. Two recently acquired passport sized photographs with white background.
4. Evidence of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Malawi.
5. Proof of accommodation arrangement or booking.
6. Evidence of flight booking indicating the airline, date of departure and arrival in Malawi
7. Written evidence of your reasons for travelling to Malawi
8. For an employee an original letter from your employer stating your designation and duration of the leave.
9. A self-employed person should provide a tax return.
10. Original medical insurance or yellow card.
11. Police clearance certificate.
Additional requirements for an underage applicant:
An original birth certificate.
Copy of both parent’s identity cards, or data page of their passport or residence cards.
Additional requirements for anyone on an invitation
Original copy of the invitation letter duly signed by the person inviting you.
Copy of the person’s residence cards or the data page of the passport or the national identity if the person is a citizen of Malawi

Additional requirements for a business traveller
An official letter of invitation to a company’s letter headed paper.
Copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation
Evidence of financial means to host you for the duration of your stay.
Your tax clearance certificate

Submission of the completed documents
Please note that if you’re not apply online you have to locate the Malawian embassy nearest to your country of residence.

In case you are based in Nigeria, you can contact the Malawian embassy in Nairobi, Kenya for your visa.
Address of the Malawian embassy in Kenya
Off Waiyaki Way,
Nairobi ‘
Email address: [email protected]
Telephone number +254 20 444 3805-7

Finally, be ready to pay USD75 for a tourist visa or business visa.


When you obtained an entry visa to Malawi please note the following points before departure:

1. Ensure you utilize the visa before 90 days to avoid refused entry.
2. On your day of departure ensure you arrive at the airport early before the commencement of your choice Airline check-in activities.
3. If there is a queue quickly join in, do not engage in any frivolous sidetalk or photograph with friends.
4. As soon as you checked in your luggage and obtained the boarding pass, move quickly to the immigration departure counters. 5. Please note that lateness in getting to the Immigration departure counters may result in the missing flight.
6. Remember that most major Airlines usually scheduled their flight towards the late evening time which often time create congestion at the immigration departure counters and the Airport Authority security clearance zone, if arrive early you will not be affected negatively.
7. However, note if you missed your flight by chance, be ready to pay additional by the airline and the Airport Authority, any day you rescheduled your flight.

When you disembark at Lilongwe Kamuzu International Airport, please take note of the following before approaching the Immigration Arrival clearance counters.
1. If you’re a first-time traveller, ensure you travel with light luggage, having many suitcases may send a negative signer that you intend to stay for a long time in Malawi, which could lead to refused entry.
2. Make sure that your passport, return ticket, health certificate and the basic travelling allowance are in your hand luggage to allow for a fast clearance.
3. Avoid assisting fellow travellers to carry any luggage, no matter their condition, it could be very dangerous.
4. Do not make friends with strangers until you conclude the arrival clearance.
5. Be steadfast in answering the officer’s questions. Remember having an entry visa qualifies you to enter.

When you step out of the Airport the viable option to get to the city is by airport taxi. However, if you have a pre-arranged hotel reservation there is an Airport shuttle bus that goes to your destination.

For anyone, without a pre-arranged accommodation you’re assured of cheap and neat accommodation in Malawi. There are various hotels and apartments with affordable prices scattered throughout the country.
Young people have the freedom of choosing youth hostels because they are very excited and affordable. It’s the easiest place to mingle and make a friend.

Getting a job in Malawi as a foreigner

Malawi is a small country getting a job is not easy. The majority of people here work in the agricultural sector of the economy. Any foreigner who desires to work here must possess a temporary employment permit. If you’re qualified medical personnel such as a nurse or medical doctor it may be possible to land a good job without much effort. Equally, anyone who is an IT professional will have no problem getting a job. In all, it’s advisable to apply from your country of residence before coming to Malawi.
There are various websites that you can use to search for a job. You’re free to search the nett for the appropriate job site.

Food in Malawi
The most popular food you can buy which you will love to eat especially for breakfast is maize porridge called Nsima. Nisma with chambo fish is there for you anytime and it’s affordable.

Best time to visit Malawi – Weather in Malawi
Malawi has a sub-tropical climate, which is realistically dry, Malawi seasons are divided into rainy seasons span from mid-November to April and the dry season from mid-May to August. For any visitor who those not like going out in the rain the best time to visit Malawi should be between May and October. That’s the period you’re sure of the cool and dry season.

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