Searching for an English job in Europe can be a daunting task on the premise that the majority of the EU member states are non-English speakers or have a different official language, despite the fact that English is assuming the status of a universal business language. Here we present to you the 20 easiest EU countries with the most English job offers.


Any first time traveller to a country that speaks a different language from the one he’s conversant with, and to cap it all, if the street signs are written in the local language, the visitor will have a strange feeling and may find it difficult moving around.



Despite the fact that English is not the official language in the Netherlands however reasonable percentages of job vacancies in Amsterdam are English job offers. The Netherlands also called Holland is a country where non-Dutch speakers can easily move around because about 90% of the people living here do understand and speak English fluently.


The United Kingdom undoubtedly rated very high on our pick for obvious reasons. This is the home of English. It will be very strange to see an establishment set up here using a foreign language. No business will be successful without the ability to speak the universal business language. This country is the easiest EU country with the most English job offers.


The Republic of Ireland is another English country with the most English job offers.  Most IT companies have their headquarters in Dublin due to easy communication possibilities. If you’re looking for a European Union country with most English job offers come to the Republic of Ireland. A country where you can easily interact with famous and global Information Technology, Social media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance companies such as Google, HP, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Pfizer, GSK, Genzyme etc. are visible in Ireland.


Germany is fastly developing into a fatherly figure for all other European countries. A leader in Western European affairs. Companies and business establishments in Germany are fastly going global and the global business language is English, therefore it’s not a surprise to see job offers in English. Currently, there is some institution of learning offering courses in English, something that is impossible in the past.


Estonia a country located in the Northeast of Europe is undoubtedly a country fast-developing technologically. Most tasks are carried out utilising the modern-day computer system, the language computed into that system are English.
Estonia is a country with a big idea. A country well known for innovative electronic services and well run mobile-based services which are working well without interruptions and allow information technology professionals to work right from home.
Estonia is well-known as Europe’s number one Entrepreneurial country. Currently, there are a lot of job offers in the ICT sector in Estonia most of them are conducted in English. Estonia is rated high as one of the 20 Easiest EU countries with the most English job offers.


Belgium the country that housed the headquarters of the European Union used to conduct everything language-wise in Flemish, French and Dutch however due to globalisation things are changing quickly, many manufacturers and service industries situated in Belgium are using automation in conducting their daily operations, the language of which is English thereby creating a lot of job opportunities for workers with English skill.
Unlike in the past where an average Belgian have disdain for English, globalisation and advancement in technology with English as a universal business language has rapidly changed the political bias of the citizens. Currently, a lot of jobs are opening in Belgium with English as the main prerequisite.


Poland a westernized East European country is an advanced economy and currently enjoying an upward performance in economic growth. Poland a country adjudged as the best performing Central eastern European economy more industries are springing up in a modernised western system which makes it imperative to recruit international experts to manage or work in these modern industries hence there is a current need for more IT experts, engineers and computer engineers and scientists, therefore, there are shortages in this area. Hence the need to feel the vacancies from abroad especially from English speaking countries.


Luxembourg is a country of less than 600,000 population and with over 170 different nationalities residing in Luxembourg and a country where almost half of her workforce travel daily to Luxembourg from adjacent countries, it’s a country where you have a reasonable amount of English job offers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise in that about 56 per cent of the population are English speakers and the more new industries or business outlets are springing up the more there are needs for international qualified personnel to manage them. In a nutshell, Luxembourg is rated high as one of the 20 easiest EU countries with the most English job offers.


Spain a southwestern European country located on the Iberian peninsula is going global and more jobs are created and often time you have more English job offers. English job offers may not be as plenty as Central European countries however there is some sector of the Spanish economy where you frequently have English job offers. For anyone who desires English jobs offer in Spain, you should endeavour to search the appropriate Internet links. Many websites are very good at English job offers.


The Island country of Cyprus is often overlooked in many analyses, however, we found out that as a commonwealth country Cyprus can boost a reasonable amount of English job offers. Despite her many ups and downs things are moving up gradually, as more modern businesses are establishing on the Islands of Cyprus and the tourists are coming, the service industries always requires the expertise of international professionals hence the need for English job offers.


Sweden is one of the most developed economies in Europe there are many international companies situated all over Sweden. With the Swedish global outlook and about 86 per cent of the entire population are English speakers, you cannot be surprised to find out that there are organizations with most English job offers.


Greece also knew internally as Hellas is purely a tourist-oriented country. Even though only about 51 per cent of the population are English speakers, due to the types of industry and business outlets springing up in most of the Greek Islands, there is always a demand for English speaking personnel to work in Greece mostly on the Islands. Often there are most English job offers.

I travelled to Greece in January 1977 as a student of an American University,  the first Greek I mastered was ‘Dulia’ meaning job. Despite my inability to speak the local language as a new arrival, I was able to secure a factory job after an intensive search. Life was good.

13. ITALY.

Italy the country that housed the Catholic headquarters called the Vatican City is a country that receives pilgrims year-round. Furthermore with those important and must-see historical sites abound in Italy, such as the City of Venice, Florence, the Colosseum in Rome etc. Italy is by far an important country with too much religious faithful.  Because of the international nature of Italy, there arises from time to time the need to employ personnel who can communicate with the numerous visitors in a universal business language. Therefore often time you have some organisations placing an advertisement for English job offers.


When you’re searching for a country outside Great Britain that are fluent in English look no further than Denmark. Visitors and foreign residents of Denmark it is easy to move around without language problems due to the fact that the majority of Danish citizens speak English. Equally with the Danish economy performing excellently well more modern industries are establishing and expanding, therefore time to time you have most English job offers.

Search the Web and find out about English job offers placement in this Scandinavian country,


Despite the popularity of French in France, however, due to modernisation with most countries going digital and English is assuming the status of global business language, France is doing the obvious. Often time you have organizations in France placing an advertisement in English. Therefore making France one of the EU countries with the most English job offers.


Romania the East European country as a member of the EU is not lagging in modernisation. As many industries going digital and expanding in Romania, there arises the need to engage foreign experts which make the placing of constant advertisement for expects. In a nutshell, Romania is one of the EU countries with the most English job offers.


Czech Republic is one of the East European countries members of the EU that are making tremendous progress economically. As the Czech Republic industries are expanding and the business is going digital the country is having needs for foreign experts, therefore, it’s easy to see that Czech Republic is one of the EU countries with the most English job offers.


For a long time, Scandinavian Finland has been an industrial country where international companies are operating without hindrances. Companies such as Nokia and others made Finland their home base. it is not a surprise to see English job offers in a highly industrialised country such as Finland.


Austria the fact that German is the language in Austria, however, due to the fact this small country is a highly industrialised country with large manufacturing companies situated and expanding in Austria. Digitalisation is going on with the expansion which requires the need to have experts from around the world. In Austria you have English job offers constantly.


Hungary is a developed economy with a skilled labour force. Hungary’s economy is performing well and the country is blessed with foreign investment which is attracting more jobs and consequently allows foreign experts to manage or work in Hungary. Time after time there are usually English job offers in Hungary.

That’s all for now on 20 easiest EU countries with the most English job offers.


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