If you’re planning to travel to Germany from Nigeria you need to obtain a visa at the German embassy in Abuja or the Consulate General in the commercial capital of Lagos, however, you should familiarise yourself on “how to book an appointment in German Embassy in Nigeria”  to have an hinge free visa processing.


1. SHORT TERM VISA: Transit Visa,  Visiting  Visa, Tourist Visa, Conference Visa,  Cultural and Events Visa, Medical visa,  Business visa etc. (These types of visas are popularly called Schengen visas.)

2. LONG TERM VISA: Student visa,  Employment visa,  Family reunion,  Retirement or Relocation visas.

Please note that you can only book an appointment and the processing of your Short term Visa at the Consulate General of the German embassy  in Lagos

Direct all your consular enquiries to the Consulate General in Lagos.


To book an appointment these are the steps to follow:

  • Read the instructions
  • Pay attention to details
  • Select the exact visa category
  • Check the Calendar View
  • Choose the time frame


  1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: Booking appointment does not take a long time before you start the booking process you have to read the instructions or information provided carefully.
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS: If you did not pay attention to details or provide the necessary documents required by the embassy, your appointment may be cancelled.
  3. SELECT THE EXACT VISA CATEGORY: Foremost, you have to select the type of visa category. Importantly you cannot use one appointment for other visa categories. In order not to forfeit your appointment you must concentrate on one visa category.  {You can select between short-term visa, Schengen visa, not more than 90 days. And Long term visas such as Student visa family reunion or employment visa etc}.
  4. CHECK THE CALENDAR VIEW:  You have to check the Calendar View and select the vacant appointment date to book your desired appointment. Note that you have the freedom of choosing the earliest date or a date that is convenient for you upwards.
  5. CHOOSE A TIME FRAME: Note that you are not only choosing a date but you must choose a time frame. For example – 09.00 am – 10.00.am


Please take note of these important points :

  1. SEPARATE BOOKING: Each applicant must have a separate booking. Dependants or under-age children travelling with their parents should be provided with separate bookings.
  2. ONE APPOINTMENT: An applicant is allowed only one appointment at a particular time. If you want another booking, that allocation can be done only after one month.
  3. VALID EMAIL: Be sure the email you provided in the entry is valid because it will be used to inform you of your reservation confirmation
  4. REQUIRED INFORMATION:  Enter all the required information for the booking process according to your passport
  5. NO APPOINTMENT BY TELEPHONE: Please note that you cannot book an appointment by telephone or email
  6. BE PUNCTUAL: Keep to your time frame, arrive at least 30 minutes before your time frame, late coming usually entails a refusal of admission and appointment can be cancelled
  7. FAILURE TO APPEAR: If you failed to appear on the interview date you may be barred from further booking for the next six months.
  8. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Be sure all the required documents are completed and genuine to avoid refuses of the interview at the embassy.
  9. SUMMER RUSH: Because the summer period is always very busy making sure you do your booking well ahead of time, to avoid disappointment. Booking your appointment three months before the commencement of your trip is highly desirable.
  10. VISA APPLICATION SUBMISSION: Note that after you submitted your visa application the processing usually takes about 14 days for a short-term visa while a Transit visa is about 2 – 3 working days. Leave about 8 months for a student visa.

Finally, booking can be handled personally in a very convenient way, it takes only a few minutes, and it’s free of charge.

Also, it can be done by the person inviting you or your business associate in Germany.



Germany has assumed the position of a preferred destination to many Nigerian travellers because Germany is highly accommodative, it’s a well-known fact that these days most immigrants are struggling to relocate to Germany because unlike in some other countries Germany is a place where sanity prevails. German take safety and security seriously. The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the cleanest countries in the world. It’s a place where genuine immigrants can migrate to and settle down permanently because they believe that it’s possible to find a reasonable job and to educate their children.


It’s interesting to know that when you’re in Germany and you are interested in learning the German language, to interact and assimilate with the people, you are free to enrol in the language school at no extra cost, the government will be given you allowances to enable you to complete the language studies. This is one of the benefits that await you if you choose Germany as your preferred destination.


Currently, if you’re planning a visit to Germany,  you must take into consideration the issue of coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, therefore, ensure you do the necessary tests and do not travel without a coronavirus clearance certificate,  you will need it at the point of entry.

That’s all for now on How To Book Appointment In German Embassy In Nigeria



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