The era of studying general nursing and derived satisfaction in being a midwife is long gone for good. The scope of the dimension Nursing, as a profession is taking and expanding widely, shows that the world is paying greater attention to people’s wellbeing and anyone who is ready to be a modern-day nurse should buckle up and be part of the changes and move with the trend of the current challenges. The good news is that the profession is becoming highly rewarding. Here we single out 8 highest paying low stress Nursing jobs.

The current world order of coronavirus pandemic and vastly expanding world population with various health challenges, new health discoveries and digitalisation are the impetus for people to take the study of various branches of Nursing more seriously because the need to engage more Nurses are becoming inevitable and in high demand which makes many people to take a second look at the study of different specialities of Nursing.


1. Nursing Administrator

2. Nursing Informatics

3. Nurse Researcher

4. Nurse Educator

5. Case management Nurse

6. Home Health Nurse

7. Public health Nurse

8. Occupation Health Nurse

Let us take them one by one:

1. NURSING ADMINISTRATOR: Average Salary USD117,663

Who is a Nursing Administrator? A Nursing Administrator is a branch of the Nursing profession that supervises different aspects of Nurses and other health care team members.  A Nursing Administrator is in charge of health care in an organization or hospital hiring, recruiting and developmental training. In some climes, they are known as Chief Nursing Officers but they do not interact directly with patients attention.

Because they are all-rounders,  they must have an extensive medical background and training and having the managerial ability to interact not only with Nurses but with outsiders and other health care providers such as medical Practitioners.

Become a Nursing Administrator involves both academic qualifications and post-qualification experience. In general or in most situations a Nursing Administrator should possess a bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Furthermore, it is imperative to have a master’s of science in Nursing and top it up with a doctorate. Years of experience is equally needed to become a Nursing Administrator.

In some organizations, a Nursing Administrator usually starts as a General Nurse or Nursing instructor before going for further studies or attending continuous in-service training to attain the level or position of a Nursing Administrator.

2. NURSING INFORMATICS Average Salary USD101,000

Who is a Nursing Informatics? A Nursing Informatics According to the American Nurses Association “Nursing Informatics can be defined as the speciality that integrates nursing science with multiple information and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage and communicate data, information,  knowledge and wisdom in practice”

To make it clear for anyone interested in becoming Nurse informatics, the first step is to enrol and obtain a bachelor’s of science degree in Nursing. Be prepared to go for a postgraduate degree especially a master’s of science degree in Nursing and top it up with various licenses and certifications.

Furthermore, getting some years of work experience must go along with your certificates which should come from reputable organisations. Strong technical skills along with the ability to adapt to innovative technologies. Strong leadership ability and technical know-how to lead a team of Nursing professionals and medical personnel.


3. NURSE RESEARCHER, average Salary: USD87,595

A Nurse Researcher is highly educated in Nursing that specialises in scientific research into different aspects of health care, diseases and illness. Part of a Nurse Researcher area of duties is to find various health challenges, facilities and how to achieve increased efficiency in health care facilities and sound outcomes.

To become a Nurse Researcher the foremost thing to do is to get a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing and go further to acquire a Master’s degree in the same subject. It is important to have higher education to have sound knowledge in researching various aspects of health problems, sound in statistical analysis, clinical trials and analytical ability.

Having a doctorate or PhD in Nursing will enable a Nurse Researcher to be eminently qualified to work as a Researcher. Equally acquiring experience in various areas of Nursing and health care is a must for anyone interested in becoming a Nurse Researcher.

4. NURSE EDUCATOR: Average Salary USD83,549

A Nurse Educator is primarily a teacher that specialises in educating Nurses professionals whether in schools or in-Service training.

By design, a Nurse Educator must be a Registered Nurse with advanced degrees in Nursing or a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing with many years of experience which enables the person to perform by combining his or her clinical experience and academic qualifications to train Nurses professionals and students in advanced skills.

Having a Masters or PhD degrees respectively are advantages in becoming Nurse Educator.

5. CASE MANAGEMENT NURSE: Average Salary USD81,880

A Case Management Nurse is a professional licenced Nurse that specialises in working with patients in the long term. While many branches of Nursing allow short term relationships or interactions with patients for only a period of illness,  a Case Management Nurse established long-term care plans. It is the duty of the Case Nurse to coordinate with various medical  Practitioners, execute and oversee care plans throughout the duration of a patient’s illness. This professional manage a patient history of an injury or sickness from the very beginning to the end.

In some cases it may be continuous case management, offering care plans and sound professional advice and established the type of medical needs or care the patient required.

Professionally, a Case management Nurse usually specializes in one or two areas of disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, physical disabilities etc.

A Case management Nurse usually must be a Registered Nurse (RN). A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing will be an added advantage. Although experience may not be a prerequisite but the more you have it the better to function adequately.


6. HOME HEALTH NURSE: Average Salary USD80,000

As the name indicated, a Home Health Nurse is a professional that cares for patients at home.

I can still remember in 1989 when I was injured by a commercial motorbike rider. I suffered a fractured on my leg. I was rushed to a general hospital in Katsina State, Nigeria. After placing Plastic of Paris (POP) on my leg. Because of the long period that the POP is going to stay on me, I was given the option to be taking home and a Home Health Nurse was assigned to me.

She usually comes in the morning did the cleaning of other brushes, measures my blood pressure and ensure I eat and use the drugs giving me. Her daily care really lifted the pain away psychologically. She usually report back to the hospital often time until the POP was removed from my leg.

The Home Health Nurses are Registered Nurses (RN) however those that have further training such as Psychiatric and Orthopaedic Nurses are better placed to be Home Health Nurse.

7. PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE: Average Salary USD75,330

Public health Nurses are the healthcare professionals that are operating in the prevention and education of public health. Usually, they operate at community health centres or facilities. They play vital roles in the prevention and spreading of diseases. While some Nurses may specialise in one area, a public health Nurse is a general practitioner in that they take care of all health challenges and needs of the whole community where they operate.

In some Public health centres there may be no medical Doctors available,  it is the work of a public health Nurse to take charge of the health care situations as they may occur, without waiting for anyone else.

Most Public health Nurses are Registered Nurses, in that they should be able to handle the general health challenges of the community where they operate.

8. OCCUPATION HEALTH NURSE: Average Salary  USD71,883

The last on our list is the Occupation health Nurse: The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses describes an occupational health Nurse as someone who ” provides for and delivers health and safety programs and services to workers,  worker populations and community groups. The practise focuses on the promotion and restoration of health,  prevention of illness and injury,  and protection from work-related and environmental hazards. Occupation and environmental health Nurses have a combined knowledge of health and business that they blend with health care expertise to balance the requirement for  a safe and healthful work environment with a ‘healthy’ bottom line”

Occupation health Nurses are general practitioners in a work environment,  they work with employees and interact with employers in other to provide the healthcare needs of the organization where they operate.

Occupation health Nurses are Registered Nurses (RN) In some cases they are University graduates with a degree in Nursing. Their Salary increases with years of experience and intention to grow with the organization.

That’s all for now on 8 Highest paying low stress Nursing jobs


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