Best European Countries you can relocate currently


When considering the best European countries you can relocate currently the following countries we selected after careful studies and analysis of the current events in Europe, not forgotten the issue of coronavirus pandemic ravaging most of the European countries currently.


By far the United Kingdom remain the best European country you can relocate to currently.  For anyone relocating from Africa especially an English speaking African country no any other country, you can quickly relocate and settle down easily and feel at home.

Currently,  the United Kingdom is passing through a new stage in the country’s development, the UK exit from the European Union is a big deal, and many measures are currently being introduced and rules and regulations or system of administration of the former Union is gradually being faced out. Importantly,  there is no privilege or special treatment for the so-called EU citizens anymore. Most countries are receiving equal attention and treatment. The UK is free to set its standard and it seems citizens from English speaking countries are favourites in the scheme of things because of language advantage.

There are changes in visa rules as at Ist of October 2020. Arguably the United Kingdom remain the best country to be born, therefore if you are thinking of a European country to relocate to and have children currently,  your best choice by far is the United Kingdom.

Currently, the biggest advantage in relocating to the UK temporarily or permanently is that you can secure better-paid employment with minimum search. Instead of waiting and wasting away here in Africa without peace of mind, the right thing to do currently is for you to take up the challenge and check out to the UK,  arguably one of the best European countries you can relocate to.


The Republic of Ireland should be equally high on anyone’s list of the best European countries to relocate to. Most factors that you may consider as an advantage when choosing relocation are there for you in Ireland,  Thinking of the ability to communicate or understand the people of the country, superb transportation system, easy way of getting accommodation, safety and security throughout the country, moving around with peace of mind, educational institution of international standards. The ability of your entry visa to take you to many important European countries and beyond

If you’re a well qualified professional or you are a specialist in a certain area of education such as Information Technology and healthcare you’re guaranteed well-paid employment.

The biggest drawback to your decision in relocating to Ireland is that things are done the European Union ways. Please note that as a non-Eu citizen you can not get employed unless there are no European Union citizens available for such post.

Concluding on Ireland is that it’s marvellous to know that if you’re lucky to secure employment,  you’re guaranteed a good salary in that the exploitation of immigrants does not common here and the country’s human rights record is very good.


Despite the coronavirus pandemic ravaging almost all the Western European countries and Spain is badly affected, do not be surprised that very many people all over the world are trooping to Spain. Because Spain presents them with very many unparalleled good things in life which are difficult to obtain elsewhere. The location of Spain is specially designed and inviting,  easily accessed by all and sundry.

Daily life here is excellent regardless of the much-publicised coronavirus pandemic in which part of Spain was badly affected, life in some areas is going on steadily. Those who understand the importance of being in the Spanish country especially people from Latin America keep make Spain their number one destination.

Getting work here may not be easy but if you can search the right way by connecting those who have the know-how, and you possess the right qualifications it is possible to get a job in due course.

If you’re determined and have a reliable relation or friend relocation to Spain become easy,  follow their guideline and keep updating yourself with the current happenings in the country.  Getting a work visa or residence permit may prove difficult without a person who understands the terrain.

The biggest positive point about relocation here is that the process of processing Spanish citizenship is not difficult,  above all the Spanish people are very friendly and accommodating. Right from the time you arrived here, and you complete the self-isolation formalities,  you will experience both local and officials who are ready to assist in your decision to settle down here.

The biggest challenge any new arrival especially from Africa must expect is the issue of language and the keen competition from immigrants from the Southern American countries,  Spain is their second home. I hope you understand what I’m talking about. It is a reality and you have to get used to it.


Portugal a country located on the Iberian Peninsula is a paradise in South West Europe. When you’re searching for a European country you can relocate to, it will do you a lot of good if you can create time to study Portugal. A country situated at the corner of southwestern Europe, less popular than her bigger neighbour, Spain.  But there are lots of benefits you stand to gain in the long run if you choose Portugal for relocation.

Importantly, some obstacles that may make relocation very difficult in some European countries are less significant in Portugal. Realistically, in the case of Portugal, there is a system in place that make relocation for foreigners not two difficult and stress-free. Hence it’s a place where you can start gradually and realize your dreams in a short period. Those that have the resources stand a better chance in Portugal compare with some other European countries.

One unparalleled advantage of living in Portugal is the Mediterranean weather. Living and working in Portugal is enjoyable,  it is a place where people relocating from the Tropical surfers no weather difficulty in that year-round the weather is favourable.



Relocating to Germany may be very difficult but arguably Germany stands tall when it comes to the best European countries you can relocate to currently.  The best thing to do is to find the possible ways of moving to the country,  which is not too difficult as many people concluded.

It is important to let you know that if you entered Germany legally, you stand better chances of getting employment in a short possible period than most European countries. Germany is one of the most industrialised countries in the world. Things are working and the system will surely take care of almost every new arrival.

All the enticements and variables that may make a foreigner wanting to relocate to another country are easily accessible and obtainable in Germany. For a foreigner interested in relocating to Germany, it is important to let you know that German is a prerequisite for whatever you intend to do. It is the foremost thing you must acquire, the beauty aspect is that there is a system in place for a foreigner to learn the language with ease, which is heavily subsidised by the government.

Realistically, the German population is getting old therefore if you a hard-working person relocating from abroad, young and educated you are guaranteed job with good remuneration.

This is the best time for you to make that move which is favourable for relocation.  Things are in a depressing stage due to the expected consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Germany is badly affected, but the Government is doing everything to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

The downside of relocation to Germany is that you have to do away with your present passport whenever you’re granted German citizenship because it does not favour dual citizenship.


For anyone who does not mind heading East,  Bulgaria a country located on the Balkan peninsula is highly recommended for divergent reasons. Her central location is one of the biggest advantages,  in that it is very easy to move on when the need arises.

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union with a passport that has the value of travelling to all member states and beyond visa-free. You easily access adjacent countries such as Turkey,  Greece,  New Macedonia, Ukraine etc without much stress.

Your day-to-day traversing within the zone or region becomes easy because you are safe.  Life is safe in Bulgaria, Issues such as arm robbery, terrorism and violent crimes are not common,  you go about your daily business transactions with peace of mind

One of the biggest advantages of relocation to Bulgaria is that cost of living is generally cheap. Accommodation, transportation, street restaurants and general goods are easily accessible and cheaper, compared with many nearby countries.

The downside of relocation in  Bulgaria is the issue of unemployment, currently, unemployment is a bit high,  unless you are from an English speaking country and possessed the right qualifications to teach English,  you should get ready to establish your own small scale business


If you’re searching for a country that is civilised, accommodating, friendly with the very low negative issue of racism in Europe, The Netherlands ranked very high in all aspects.  For a very long time, The Netherlands has been a sought after country in Europe.

When you relocate here,  you will never like to leave. All the practical indicators that can be used in measuring how a person can be enticed to stay permanently in a country are positive for the Netherlands. Right from the time you land at the Amsterdam Airport,  the feeling is so great and inviting that you know you’ve made the right decision to come to one of the best European countries you can relocate to.

The Netherlands like many advanced countries in Europe is currently experiencing shortages in their workforce due to aged populations,  the country is highly industrialised but a large number of the population is getting old therefore hard-working and energetic young educated foreigners who can meet the country’s entry requirements and relocate will get a job with reasonable pay.


There are some factors you need to take into consideration. If your situation as a person relocating from a less developed country the highest thing on your list should be your ability to:

1. Obtain the entry visa especially how to meet their draconian requirements.

2. Possibility or ability to secure employment on arrival.

3. Safety issues,  how safe is the country you intend to relocate


There are some ways you can achieve your relocation dream in a short possible time:

1. Apply for relocation directly: If you have the means or resources you can apply for relocation directly.

2. Apply for employment: If you’re a professional in certain fields of studies that meet the employment needs of the country you’re focusing on, you can apply for a visa, and on arrival process a work permit.

3. Use the famous study to stay approach: If you cannot meet the requirements of the above two possibilities,  you can start your relocation dream by using the study to stay approach. Using this system you’re killing two birds with a stone. 1. You use the period of your studies to understand the working of the country. 2. You have time to move around and know the terrain and use it for your future possibility.

That’s all for now on the best European countries you can relocate to currently, for more information you can contact this website.


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