How To Make an Easy Entry Into The UK

This write-up is on how to make an easy entry into the UK. We strongly advise anyone who secured a visa or is about to start the process of obtaining a visa into the UK recently to endeavour to go through this piece before attempting to board a plane.

The unexpected arrival of COVID-19 pandemic has affected the normal way of conducting business and behavioural attitudes towards everyone has changed tremendously, precautions, prevention, rule and regulations everywhere are making preparations for travelling very expensive and boring nowadays.

The system of doing business of travelling to the United Kingdom have changed so quickly that it is not enough to obtain a visa and jump on an airline heading to the UK, there are things you need to know which is compulsory for a traveller to put in place or be adequately prepared to have easy entry into the UK. Without adequate COVID-19 preparations, it is impossible to make a trip currently.

Things you need to know and do as soon as you obtain a visa and before your departure check-in activities:
There are two types of compulsory tests you must prepare for, namely:
1. PRE BOARDING COVID-19 TEST: The foremost thing to know about the pre-boarding test. The tests must be done 72 hours before travelling. The result will be sent to your email account.

Please note that before you arrive at the Airport you need to fill the locator form online and obtain or include the code.
Importantly, the address of your place of quarantine must be filled in the locator form.
Note that all your required COVID-19 tests must be done at a designated or approved clinic and not the clinic of your choice, government or private.
If you’re in doubt you may contact this site:

2. POST BOARDING COVID-19 TEST: Very important, you must show the proof of receipt for payment of Post Arrival Test ( two tests) the total cost is 210 Pound sterling. Remember, the payment cannot be done through your domiciliary account but through an appropriate online payment. If you have problems paying it, get a creditable connection in the UK to do the payment for you.
Please note that you must show proof of payment before boarding, equally the two tests must be completed between the 2nd and 8th days of your arrival in the UK.

Furthermore, note that without the proof of completion of the pre-boarding test and the payment of 210 Pound sterling post boarding COVID-19 tests, the Airline will not allow you to do the check-in. You have a choice of showing the proof of payment in your phone or any other gadget you have or evidence of a printed hard copy you’re good to commence your trip.

Remember, if you have visited the so call Red Listed Countries within 10 days of your intended departure you are liable to payment of 1750 Pound sterling, before your departure.

1. Be sure you arrive at the Airport before the commencement of the Airline check-in activities.
2. Whenever you arrive at the airport it is imperative to be COVID-19 negative.
3. As soon as the Airline opened or commenced their check-in activities move straight to the social distance point created for Airlines check-in activities. Never engage in any other frivolous activities such as photographs with friends or side talk.
4. Immediately you printed your boarding pass, ensure you move to the Immigration departure counters for clearance.

5. Please note that most Airlines usually schedule their flights towards evening hours, thereby creating long queues at the Immigration departure points, if you arrive at the place late, you’re sure of long queues which sometimes results in delays or missed flights. Remember if you missed your flight it will entail additional charges from the airline and the airport authorities.


When you disembark from the Aeroplane before you reach the Immigration control area please note the following:
1. If you’re a first-time traveller make sure you do not carry heavy or much luggage, Having many suitcases may send a wrong signal to those security officials, seen or unseen that you intend to come to the UK to settle down, which can lead to refused entry into the UK.
2. Ensure you have all the documents needed for your clearance in your hand luggage. Do not leave any of them in the big luggage.
3. Documents such as passport, return ticket, health certificate, your basic travelling allowance, and the address of your place of quarantine accommodation must be readily available and on-demand.
4. Nowadays, you must have your telephone or any other gadget containing your email or your other up-to-date information that must be unconditionally active.
5. Ensure your phone is fully charged. (Avoid using your phone frivolously while inside the aircraft it could be very costly)
6. Never put off your phone or gadget. Do not say I didn’t tell you.
7. If you want to make an easy entry into the UK, never have any incriminating material on your phone.
8. Avoid receiving or make calls while you’re at the security zone, it may be used against you.
9. Before you join the queue, politely ask for the toilet, and go and ease yourself, the waiting in the queue may be long and it is not only stupid leaving your line but it could be count against you.

10. Ensure you do not make friends with anyone while in the queue, it could be dangerous.
11. Never assist anyone in carrying anything be it baby or material. That’s not your business.


When you reach the Immigration arrival desk:
1. Present your documents in an orderly manner.
2. Answer his/her questions with confidence, never panic, remember, you’re here voluntarily, nobody force you to travel.
3. The era of the presentation of multiple travel documents is gone, therefore, be simple and come only with up-to-date of your recent or valid travel documents. Those outdated materials can put the owner into unnecessary questions and trouble. Remember, it is the document you presented the official will work on.
4. If you’re on a student visa, be sure you have your offer of admission and the contact address of the College or University with you, and if you’re on an invitation,  have the letter of invitation with you, the officer may want to see it.
5. While answering questions, be sure all you’re saying is true,  never attempt to impress or tell lies, equally, never hold back, it could lead to refused entry in the UK.

These are some of the likes questions you may be asked by the Immigration officer

1. What’s the purpose of your visit?

2. Where are you staying?

3. Where did you do your test?

4. How would you reach your destination?


When you scaled the interview, and you’re on your way out, never start singing like a bird until you’re outside the Airport. Reckless statements or talk within the vicinity of the Airport can lead to your recall and consequently lead you to refused entry into the UK. Never feel free until you enter the type of vehicle you can afford.

Welcome to the UK,  you have many options when it comes to the choice of transportation from the Airport.

1. You can get a commercial vehicle by using an application called price compare.

2. You can enter a bus shuttle

3. You can use airport taxis to your destination.

That’s all for now on how to make an easy entry into the UK,  for more information you may contact this website


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