Top 10 Largest Aged Care Providers In Australia

There are an estimated 902 enterprises in Australia’s residential aged care market, providing 200,689 residential spaces. Many elderly care services are subsidized by the government to help keep expenses under control and reasonable. The largest elderly care providers in Australia are listed now on the Healthcare Channel.

What is the number of elderly care providers in Australia?

More than 3,000 aged care providers will offer care via approximately 9,000 services (outlets) in Australia by 2020. The sector includes both for-profit and non-profit organizations, State, territorial, and municipal government agencies, as well as faith-based and philanthropic organizations.

10 Largest Aged Care Providers In Australia

#1 Allity Aged Care

Number one on the list of largest aged care providers in Australia is the Allity aged care. Alllityis a network of 44 facilities spread in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and South Australia with a cumulative experience of their management that makes us one of the most renowned and established providers within the Australian aged care market.

#2. Arcare Aged Care Facility

With a tradition in assisted seniors’ living that stretches back to 1969, Arcare is currently one of the most creative aged care providers in Australia.

Since their first facility opened in 1997, they’ve expanded to 36 across three states: Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. In addition to 24-hour nursing, ageing in place, permanent care, sensitive care (dementia), and respite care, each facility is completely approved by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

A proudly family-owned company, they also offer care services in the home.

#3 BlueCross

As one of Victoria’s major private aged care providers, BlueCross first opened its doors in the Melbourne metropolitan area in 1993.

In-home assistance, respite care, and residential care are just a few of the services they provide to make sure seniors have the greatest possible quality of life. They presently manage 34 aged care houses in Victoria, serving more than 2600 residents and over 1000 clients living in their own homes. BlueCross is proudly supported by nearly 4000 devoted workers and hundreds of volunteers.

#4. Bupa Health

Bupa is a health and care organization devoted to helping our clients live longer, healthier, happier lives. We provide a comprehensive variety of services, including aged care and retirement, dentistry, optical, health insurance, and community wellness projects, to enhance the health of all Australians.

Bupa Australia and New Zealand is part of the Bupa Group. We’re a global health care provider. We reinvest earnings into delivering more and better healthcare for the benefit of present and future clients across the globe.

More than 22,000 elderly people are cared for in our nursing homes and retirement communities by our network of clinics and hospitals, which serves 14.5 million people worldwide.


Japara’s unique approach to elderly care is focused on respect for the person. As a result, they’re motivated to make their facilities smarter and better built, as well as to hire more nurses to provide more individualized care for each resident. By treating each resident like family, and keeping their best interests at the core of all we do, they’ve grown to be one of Australia’s most renowned aged care providers.

#6 McKenzie Aged Care Group

When the McKenzies began working in aged care in 1998, they had visions of what they wanted for the people they cared about. Their mission was to construct warm, entertaining, and inviting communities where residents got the absolute best in care, and individuals were not just cared for but cared about.

But despite the fact that our communities have grown to be one of the most respected in the aged care and retirement sector in Australia, they all remain true to the vision of our family – from their choice of staff to the way they design their facilities, right down to the laughter and joy they share with residents and their loved ones.

#7 Regis Healthcare

Since its establishment in 1994, Regis has grown to become one of the major suppliers of aged care services in Australia, specializing in every facet of the industry. In all states and the NT, almost 6,000 people call Regis home.

With an emphasis on support and care for our seniors, Regis has established new milestones in aged care. As a result, our facilities are always being improved to meet or surpass the high standards expected in today’s geriatric care environment.

#8 Uniting Care

As part of the UnitingCare network, Blue Care, Lifeline, The Wesley Hospital, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Buderim Private Hospital, and St. Stephen’s Hospital all operate in Queensland. ARRCS also provides mental health, disability, and aging services in the Northern Territory.

#9 Angelican Care

They’ve been operating since 1956 and have an exceptional reputation for the level of care offered by our trained and compassionate team.

As the aged care ministry of the Anglican Church of Newcastle, they are a well recognized not-for-profit institution delivering aged care services across the Hunter, Central Coast, and Mid Coast districts. They’re about as local as you can get.

Their emphasis and presence is local, but they have had a significant impact on the quality of aged care services throughout the country with a number of their creative concepts and activities.

#10: Southern Cross

Founded as not a profit making establishment in 1968, Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc has been delivering excellent aged care and retirement living services to people of our community for more than 50 years.

It’s important to Southern Cross Care that their clients’ requirements evolve with them as they get older. To meet the needs of their customers, they provide a broad selection of high-quality services that may be accessed whenever and wherever they need to be.

They are guided by our caring, competent, collaborative, and creative principles, and their shared aim to enable individuals of our community to be better for life.


So the information you need to know about largest aged care providers in Australia has been discussed above, of there is any providers we have not mentioned above, kindly drop them via the comment section.

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