10 Insanely Awesome Side Hustles To Make Extra Money on The Side In Australia

You would agree with me when I say that Necessity is the mother of all Inventions. I know you want to go for that Fancy Vacation in the Bahamas and just lounge on the beach, enjoying nature. You would also love to own that exotic Range Rover Jeep, but reality hits you with the bills screaming for attention when you get your paycheck. Then you begin to wonder if and when those desires and dreams will come to life without incurring huge debts.

The Good news is that those dreams and desires can come to life, and what’s more, you don’t have to incur huge debts to make them happen. A side hustle is an answer to making extra money on the side in Australia. Whether you live in Sydney or Melbourne, there are so many side jobs you can take up to make extra money on the side to either pay your huge bills, debt, that fancy car you love, or that vacation you have always wanted. 

I have compiled 10 Insanely Awesome Online and Offline side hustles that you can make extra money on the side from:

10 Ways To Make Extra Money On the Side In Australia

1. Blogging

Blogging is the online side hustle for you if you are good at crafting words and relish writing. Although it takes time before you can start earning from blogging, it’s definitely worth the wait when the dough starts rolling in, in the long run. 

Bloggers are tasked with creating captivating and interesting blog posts and online content for their teeming online consumers. You might need to take some online courses to hone your writing skills, and I suggest that you take them. All you need to begin is a functioning computer and a good internet connection, and you are good to go!

2. Social Media Management

Social Media Managers are tasked with managing the social media accounts of their customers remotely. Australian businesses are on the lookout for badass social media managers. So if you can work well with social media accounts and infuse life and color into a dull-looking social media account, then you should be a Social Media Manager. 

You will be tasked with scheduling social media posts, creating interesting interactions with your target social media audience, and overall handling the social media accounts of your customers.  So if you relish being on social media, you should consider taking up the job of a Social Media Manager.

3. Virtual Focus Group Member

Australian businesses want to discern the sales outcomes they will get when they release certain new products into the Australian consumer market.  So before any product is released, they try to check with their consumer via the focus groups they have set up. 

These businesses pay you to share your thoughts and opinion about the new product with them via online focus groups. There are tons of online focus groups available where you get paid for simply airing your thoughts and opinions from the comfort of your home in Australia. So what are you waiting for? Air your thoughts today and get paid for it.

4. Online Photography Sales 

So you have tons and tons of awesome pictures on your phone, or you are not camera-shy, but do you know that you can make extra money from those photos? I am here to let you know that you can be paid for taking beautiful shots of yourself.

There are online sites where you can sell your photos to earn extra money on the side. Australia-based sites like Twenty20 will pay you for beautiful pictures. You are at liberty to choose a one-time payment or a commission form of payment for every time your picture is bought.

5. Copywriting

Copywriters write their article copy for blogs or website publications. So if you are good at crafting words together to make up powerful and action-provoking articles, then this is the perfect side hustle for you. 

You are tasked with creating attention-grabbing and informative content for your readers. The demand for Copywriters in Australia is on the high side, and so is their income. Online platforms like Fiverr or Upwork are great platforms where you can market yourself as a copywriter and bag high-paying writing gigs.

6. Airbnb Host or Hostess

Did you know that that empty room in your house is not meant to store junk or used items; you can make extra cash from it by renting out on Airbnb to travelers? Airbnb is a short-term rental virtual platform that lets homeowners rent out an occupied part of their house to individuals or groups on a trip. 

You can pay off your mortgage with the earnings generated from renting out just an unoccupied part of your house. You are at liberty to set your rental charges and the availability of your place for a short stay. You can visit Airbnb’s website to sign up and know more about renting out your space short term.

7. Driving

You can get paid for driving your car in Australia. You can earn while driving to work and driving home from work. Platforms like Uber pay you for driving in Australia. The interesting thing about this side hustle is that you are at liberty to choose when and where you want to drive, and you will still get paid regardless of the time or place you drive.

You can also make good use of your weekend to earn massively from driving people around, and you never can tell who you might come across or opportunities you might encounter while driving people around. 

8. Dog sitting

Are you in love with those pretty furry creatures, or your love for dogs is simply immeasurable? Then you can monetize this love you have for dogs and get as much interaction as you want with them.  As a Dog lover, you can take care and spend time with other people Dogs when they are away at work or traveling away for a while. 

There are several virtual platforms in Australia like Mad Paws that you can sign up on to make extra cash from your affection for dogs. The freedom to choose when and how to sit these amazing furry creatures’ makes this side hustle the perfect one to earn extra money from.

9. Rent your car out.

That car that you make use of once in a while can be a source of extra money when you rent it out for other people to use. Maybe you don’t fancy driving people around; then you can use your car to make extra money on the side by renting it out. 

However, your car needs to be in a good functioning condition before you can rent it out. Virtual car rental platforms like Car Next Door and DriveMyCar are available for car owners willing to rent out their cars in Australia. They vet their drivers and ensure that they have valid Driving licenses before renting out your car to them. So monetize that car sitting in your garage by renting it out.

10. Car Delivery

If you still desire to monetize your car without driving people around or renting it out, you have another option to choose from. You can use your car to deliver food, clothes, grocery, or just items to people in the comfort of their homes or offices and get paid for it. 

The demand for food delivery skyrockets in Australia’s evening time, so you can schedule offering your car delivery services to that time to earn a lot of extra cash. Platforms like Uber Eats and Deliveroo will pay you to deliver food, snacks, or other items to their customers.


That trip to the Bahamas is still achievable, so is that much desired Range Rover Jeep, all you need to do is make extra money on the side in Australia. You can decide on one or two of the side jobs discussed above to start earning that extra Mulla you need to make your dreams and desires come alive.

So step out today and implement the ones that you love or take a liking to. I will be looking forward to hearing from you, so share your thoughts and opinions in the section below, although I won’t be paying you for it like the virtual focus groups. Winks!

Cheers to you earning some massive extra cash!

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