Central Bank Of Nigeria Salary Structure

Here we analyse to you the Central Bank of Nigeria Salary structure. Besides the great interest many young people have in working with the Central bank of Nigeria, curiosity wise vast majority of the population are equally interested in knowing the Salary and general remunerations accrued for anyone working with the Apex bank.

By the Act established the Central Bank of Nigeria, it has the responsibility of being the Bankers Bank. The regulations and controls instruments of financial houses in the country are with the Central Bank of Nigeria. No financial houses or anyone operating Bank in Nigeria be it commercial, merchant, microfinance, mortgage, foreign exchange outlets, etcetera can function legally without the blessings of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The compilation of the Central Bank of Nigeria Salary structure was made specifically for anyone interested in becoming a staff of the Apex Bank and the general public as a whole.

Please note that under normal circumstances getting a job with the CBN may not be difficult as many people believe, if corruption is not playing a big role in the way things are operating in the country.

If you’re professionally qualified such as a professional accountant or someone as Software engineer/developer, An Engineer or information Technology professional all you need is to keep enquire periodically for the time there may be vacancies, go ahead and apply, never let anyone discourage you. remember things cannot remain the same. Godfatherism and maladministration will not last forever. Change is a matter of time.

Here are the Staff roles and the Salary structure of the key member of staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria:


CBN Graduate Trainees

CBN Entry Level Staff

CBN Loan Officers

CBN Credit Analysts

CBN Chief Security Officer

CBN Assistant Manager

CBN Chartered Accountant

CBN Branch Manager

CBN Branch Controller

CBN Deputy Governor.




1. Central Bank of Nigeria Graduate Trainees monthly Salary N43,000 until the end of the training

2. Central Bank of Nigeria Entry Staff monthly Salary N122,000 this amount to N1,464,000 per annual.

3. Central Bank of Nigeria, Assistant Manager Managers N341,000 this amount to N4,092,000

4. Central Bank of Nigeria, Loan Officers monthly Salary N573,000 this amount to N6,876,000 per annual.

5. Central Bank of Nigeria,  Chief Security Officers, monthly Salary N578,000 this amount to N6,936,000 per annual.

6. Central Bank of Nigeria, Credit Analysts monthly Salary N647,000 this amount to N7,764,000 per annual.

7. Central Bank of Nigeria, Branch Managers monthly Salary N732,000 this amount  to N8,784,000 per annual

8. Central Bank of Nigeria, Branch Controllers,  monthly Salary N1,001,000 this amount to N12,012,000 per annual.

These are the facts available to us currently, as soon as we obtain new CBN Salary structures we shall update you immediately.


For anyone who is professionally qualified and interested in joining the Apex Bank, the best way is to start enquiries from the branch of the Central Bank in your location. Please note that while the Headquarters of the Central Bank of Nigeria is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital,  there are breaches of the Central Bank in all the 36 States of the Federation. As a public institution, you’re free to visit and make enquiries any day during the official hours.

The Staff are well trained and you will be surprised how polite and accommodating they are, therefore feel free to visit them check out Zintego.


If you’re interested in working the CBN please note that the greatest advantage of working with the Apex Bank is that it cannot close down. Within a decade in Nigeria, more than twenty different Banks merchant or commercial banks have closed down either voluntarily or forced to closed by the CBN, for one reason or another, thereby rendered hundreds of able body men and women jobless in which some lost their lives. However, such misfortune can not befall the CBN, therefore, you’re guaranteed stability of a pensionable employment with good pay.


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