Nigeria Immigration Service Salary Structure 2022

Here we at are to analyse to you the current Nigeria Immigration Service Salary structure 2022. This is becoming pertinent in that making it public is a way of letting everyone aware of the remunerations due to the young men and women doing the risky work of securing the nation’s border posts, to disallow foreign elements, such as terrorists and illegal immigrants from gaining entry into Nigeria.

This an updated version in that we have not heard of new salary for Immigration personnel working to make the nation a safe place to live, it is about time the authority concerned take a serious look at better remunerations for the immigration personnel instead of giving the usual instructions on bribery and other illegal activities which the authorities known fully well that it cannot stand the test of time because of poor wages.

Nigeria Immigration Service Salary Structure


1. Immigration Assistant (IA) starting from #374,259  to #374,259 (level 3 – 5)

2. Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)starting from #357,385 to #411,454 (level 6)

3. Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII) starting from #483,014 to 567,065 (level 7)

4. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI II) starting from #858,956 to #986,991 (level 8)

5. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI I) starting from #939,310 to #1,056,416 (level 9)

6. Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI) starting from #1,012,562 to #1,143,539 (level 10)

7. Superintendent of Immigration (SI) starting from #1,094,027 to #1,252,038 (level 11)

8. Chief Superintendent of Immigration (CSI) starting from #1,158,172 to #1,325,234 (level 12 )

9. Assistant Comptroller of Immigration (ACI) starting from #1,225,584 to #1,405,449 (level 13)

10. Deputy Comptroller of Immigration (DCI) starting from #1,619,447 to #1,825,589 (level 14)

11. Comptroller of Immigration (CI) starting from #1,759,921 to #1,966,281 (level 15)

12. Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration (ACGI) starting from #2,272,288 to #2,464,560

13. Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration (DCGI) Consolidated

14. Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI) Consolidated


Please note that the Salary presented here are devoid of allowances, such as shift duties, guard duties, transport allowance, overtime, uniform,hazards, etc

Furthermore, it is important to understand that the Salary of the Immigration service cannot be set in isolation, therefore it is the function of the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS)

The rank structure of the Service is divided into two, hence we have an inspectorate Cadre starting from Level 3 – 7. And Officer’s Cadre commending from level 8 and above.

For anyone who enters the Immigration Service with a certificate lower than a University degree or equivalent, person is automatically placed on an inspectorate Cadre.

Please note that there are some works or functions that are strictly performed by professionally qualified trade men or women that don’t require a university degree such as drivers, technicians and cleaners. These are the inspectorate Cadre. The Service cannot do without them and realistically you don’t need a university degree to operate.

Likewise, anyone that joins the Service with a University degree or equivalent on-demand is placed on Officer’s Cadre. That’s level 8 and above.


Finally, there are some highly qualified professionals whose service are needed by the Nigeria Immigration Service to carry out specialised functions. Such as pilots, medical doctors and nurses. If you engage them and place them on minimum wages, they will not be interested, therefore, such professional’s remuneration is strictly set by an organisation in the Ministry of Interior called CDCFIB. These professionals wear the same uniform and go through the same Officer’s training in various areas, however, their starting Salary is above the normal person entering as a University graduate.

In Immigration Service, there is nothing like men and women, all-gender are the same, therefore if you enter as a woman be to go through the same training and wear the same uniform, such as trousers.

If you don’t like working in an isolated post, and in different parts of the country, from Seme, Ilara, Babana, Illela, Jibia, Koglam, Babamutum, Geidam, Yusufari, Ufum, Eket etc you have no business venturing into Immigration Service because a day will come in your service years when you will find yourself in one of the those isolated borders. There is nothing you can do about it, no matter how influential or clever you’re.

THE BOTTOM LINE ON NIGERIA IMMIGRATION SERVICE SALARY STRUCTURE strongly recommended that the current Salary of the men and Officers of the Nigerian Immigration service should be increased The current Salary been paid to them is grossly inadequate. Consider the nature of risky duties been performed by Immigration personnel all over the Federation. Working in a dangerous border area where prohibited illegal immigrants, smugglers, arm robbers, bandits and other bad foreign elements used to perpetrate their illegal activities. The best way to motivate them is to increase their salaries. Paying good salaries is the surest way of getting the best out of security officials. This way the country will be safe and secure.

That’s our submission for now.


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