Countries That Allow Conditional Citizenship By Marriage

You’ve heard about countries that grant citizenship by marriage or those that grant citizenship by investment, here we shall let you know those countries that allow conditional citizenship by marriage.

1. The U.S.A.

For any spouse marrying or interested in marrying a US citizen please note from the onset that having a US citizen as a lover does not make you a US citizen immediately.  There are conditions you have to fulfil before you can be a citizen by marriage.

The most important aspect is that you must be a conditional resident for two years and residing or living with your lover. Three months (3) before your conditional two years elapses, you and your lover submit a joint petition on Form I – 751, requesting that the condition on your residence be lifted, thereby allowing you permanent residence.

After checking your request the authorities will approve your application.


The Irish government permit citizenship by marriage with conditions. Simply put,  you have to be in a legal love relationship with your spouse for three years. Furthermore, conditionally the system wants you to stay in the country for a minimum of two years to qualify before you can place in your application. You’re on a smooth way to achieving your dream of citizenship by marriage.


As a foreigner having an Australian spouse give you an edge and assurance when you intend to put in a citizenship application. However, it does not waive all the requirements such as good character and years of residency. You have to follow the due process and apply like any other applicant who desires to become an Australian citizen.


The Polish system recognized and encouraged citizenship by marriage with the stringent condition to fulfil.

Poland permits a spouse desire to become a Polish citizen by marriage to a Polish citizen after three years of unbroken marriage and follow by two years of continuous residing anywhere within the country.

The importance of the condition attached is that Polish authorities want you to stay or live in Poland and adapt to their cultural life. By so doing you will be familiar with the language and way of life,  living legally will enable you to pay taxes and be part of their general living.

5. The UK

The United Kingdom allows Citizenship by Marriage with not too difficult conditions to be met before achieving your goals.

These are the requirements:

1. You’ve to stay legally in the UK for at least three years, you should not spend the majority of those three years outside the UK.

2. You must be an adult of over 18 years at the period you’re placing in your application.

3. You must be a law-abiding person, that is you should be able to prove that you’re of good character.

4. You must prove your understanding of English by passing an accredited language test.

5. Pass the life in the UK exam to show your commitment to British customs.

6. Must have been allowed settled status under indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Finally, as part of the conditions, you must tender evidence of your permanent residence status.


Any spouse who is in love with an Italian citizen and is interested in becoming a citizen is free to apply for citizenship because Italian law recognises citizenship by marriage. However, there is a big huddle anyone from outside the country must scale to achieve the aim of citizenship by marriage.

Any lover man or woman must demonstrate their proficiency in the Italian language, that is the first condition the lover must provide.

Additional condition to be fulfilled is that the lovers must have been married legally for 3 years and registered in a Municipality of the Italian spouse, however, if they have young children they can place in their application within one and a half years of relationship to qualify for citizenship by marriage.


Above are the countries we can tell you for now that allow CONDITIONAL citizenship by marriage. Please note that all of them except for the US follow similar patterns,  that is understanding your partner’s language is key to your success in your request for citizenship by marriage.  Likewise,  be ready to live with your lover for a minimum of two years on average.


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