It’s quite sad to hear about horrible treatments African travellers or sojourners are passing through in many countries around the world, hence the reason for this piece 10 countries dangerous to work for Africans.

It beats imaginations to see people picking their bags and heading to North Africa by road despite the news of daily killings, forced prostitution, rape, robberies, kidnapping and enslavement of migrants along the way. Why should a sane mind embark on a dangerous journey to hell you are not oblivious of the fact that it may probably end in disaster? We’re yet to find an answer, because “the answer is blowing in the wind”.


Since the death of Libyan long-term ruler Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has fallen into anarchic, without a central authority. Sadly there is no end in sight.
Libya used to be a reference point to the rest of African countries,  a beautiful place to stay and a preferred destination for young professionals, it was not known as a transit camp or a popular destination for sojourners, mostly on desperation or suicide mission. It is a well-known fact that Libya was deliberately destroyed by some evil and powerful western interest for reasons best known to them.
Libya is currently being controlled by various ethnic militias, smugglers and religious extremists with evil agendas and with no solutions in sight, therefore it unimaginable to see a sane immigrant departing his or her country for whatever reason, travelling to a country fighting an unending war fueled by foreign selfish interests without a central authority and where anything can happen.
A country without good news, only kidnapping, enslavement, rape, smuggling, extortion, killings and diseases. Seriously, if anyone from the mainland Africa was given a million dollars to go to the present day Libya it is best to reject it, if the person want to stay alive. No matter what is the situation in your country it is better to endure it than going to Libya where the chance of becoming a slave or being robbed or killed outrightly is extremely high, without making it to your destination. In a nutshell, Libya currently is being controlled fully by wicked people without human feelings. Immigrants are just tools to be use by the evil people. Please stop travelling there, it is a journey of no return. You have been warned.

Despite concerted efforts made by the current Libyan government recognized by the United nations to bring peace to Libya, some countries such as Egypt, Russia and France are bend on creating and causing confusion among the discontented citizens, due to their selfishness. Currently civil war is seriously on going with no end in sight.

This is another North African country neighbouring Libya, although with a Central authority, but it is a place sane African migrants should avoid at all cost. The news coming from Algeria is horrible for these set of immigrants, it’s common in Algeria that when they intend to deport, repatriate, or refused entry, they sent migrants straight to the dangerous desert, which is a journey of no return.
Therefore, if you want to see your fatherland again, it is in your interest to avoid the desert of Algeria. As an African, it is not only foolish and risky but insane to use your money to travel to a dangerous place such as Algeria for whatever reason. Journey to Algeria is a dangerous mission.  Avoid the place in your own interest. For goodness sake why using your own resources to journey that is obviously dangerous.

When South Sudan gained independence from their Arab brothers, most Africans rejoiced, thinking that a paradise is born, how wrong they were. This country with huge potentials has not known peace since its creation. It makes one wonders whether Africans can truly govern themselves. The leadership in South Sudan failed in many ways and they are a shame to all those who like to fight for self-determination. I do not have respect for those South Sudanese rulers.
If you’re not interested in becoming a soldier fighting a war you don’t know its origin and reasons, better avoid South Sudan. A beautiful country with the right resources, made horrible by senseless and wicked leaders. They should cover their faces in shame. Please avoid South Sudan in your own interest. The possibility of making it out from South Sudan is sero.

After the fall of the Apartheid regime in South Africa and gained independent, South Africa became a preferred destination for most Africans especially Nigerians and Ghanaians, however, things have fallen apart, currently, some South African citizens are very hostile to African immigrants and it is very common to read negative news about killings, robberies and destruction of African immigrants properties and well set up businesses by never do well indigenous people. These are a shameless and lazy individual, they are a liability to the human race.
Although some of this violence is self-inflicted by migrants who do not know how to conduct themselves in a foreign land or those that engage in vices such as drug peddling and other illegal activities, the killing of foreigners is madness.
I believed it is time to set your mind somewhere else by avoiding the present-day South Africa if you want to live long. The political class in South Africa are a dishonest set of Africans without a clear developmental plan for the country. They are clueless and selfish. The present day South Africa is one of the 10 countries we strongly believed is dangerous to work for Africans therefore avoid the place.

In the 80s and 90s Italy used to be a place Africans chooses for further studies, importing textile wears, living and working with peace of mind and without molestation, but things have changed, due to mass migration from the Middle East, economic migrants and Refugees from war-torn African countries, economic meltdown and recently the taking over of the Italian Government by the far-right nationalists or extremists, life in most Italian cities are becoming a nightmare, jobs are no longer easy to find and daily live is increasingly difficult and dangerous, presently Italy is not a place to choose for relocation unless you are ready to suffer for nothing.


Although host to the holiest Muslim place of worship, Mecca, it is very doubtful if some Saudi Arabia citizens are God-fearing, taken into consideration the way they treat immigrants mostly domestic workers.
They pay poor wages, used workers purely as slaves and denied them everything including common food and a basic right.
The role of wicked agents must be stated here. They engage in illegal recruitment to Saudi Arabia without telling the migrants workers the true position and what awaits them in Saudi Arabia.
And to you the migrants, rushing to Saudi Arabia because of your greed and make it quick syndrome, some of you do engage in stealing and petty theft, remember their law is very strict, you may not only end up in jail but get killed by law.

The current Saudi Arabia administration does not have respect for human rights, it’s in your interest to avoid the present-day Saudi Arabia. Focus on another country if you want to have a better future.


Israel is another country playing host to important Christians, Jewish and Islam holy sites, but that is the end of the story. It’s evident that the current administration in Israel has no respect for those landmarks religious sites and activities, hence, It is not a place for African to live and work safely.
Foremost, Israel is moving fast to become an Apartheid State where only Jews can comfortably stay. Right now if you get there,  the best they do for you is to put you in a camp for months, at the end if you were not deported to your country you will be sent to a country horrible than where you’re coming from.

Isreal is a country you can live for many years without getting or qualified for legal residency. You will, remain an immigrant perpetually, never dream to become a citizen because the apartheid system will not enables you to achieve permanent residency.

Importantly, there is an endless war between Israel and the Palestinians which make the place unsafe and dangerous, and with the current leader in America, there seem to be no end in sight to a war that only America can end, therefore it is a country to be avoided, realistically Africans cannot stay and make it in Israel because they’re not welcome. Their long-term Prime minister is a well-known racist. Benjamin Nathanyau. He exhibited abnormal behaviour often time with no respect for Africans, Arab and Asian. Any African immigrant desire of better future should stay clear of Israel unless you’re ready to waste away.


With the recent World Cup hosted by Russia, it is evidence that Russia is not a place for Africans. There is evidence of high crime rates, drug trafficking, extortion, racism and black racketeering. Some of the things you may want to run away for in your home country, exist in Russia.
Importantly, due to the colour of your skin, you may be unemployable. Furthermore, if you decide to stay it will take you a long time to master their language, hence if you cannot interacts with the locals, it may be impossible to live and work in Russia.
To cap it all, the weather is against you, you have to battle the weather and struggle most of the time to cope with their way of life, with no visible means to finance the hash climatic conditions, therefore it is better to move on and search western Europe on how to live and work instead of wasting time in a dangerous place such as Russia.

This small country in the Arabian desert used to be an Eldorado or a preferred destination for all categories of workers from Africa, however, recent news from Kuwait is no longer favourable to African migrants workers, the place had been taken over by exploiters parading as sponsors and wicked agents mostly Nigerians living in Kuwait are exploiting innocent and inexperienced young people.
The so-called middlemen arranged different types of cable visas written in Arabic with different interpretations shaded from the migrant’s understanding and tricks the migrant to Kuwait after paying a huge amount for visa these wicked agents knew is not an employment visa. In case they secured temporary employment, they collect money directly from the employers and pay little to the migrant. Sometimes when the visa expires it is not renewable, therefore you have to get out or become illegal to be exploited further.
The employer used and misused the migrants, inflicted injuries on them without any authority to report.

It seems many Arabs love slavery and often time innocent or greedy Africans used their hard earned resources to walk straight into the dangerous. What an irony. Strangely, African migrants workers living in Kuwait and many Arab countries are not qualified to vote and be voted for, realistically, they are Stateless person without ant right whatsoever.
If you’re a young graduate, domestic worker or labourer, Kuwait is one of the places to be avoided because of exploitation prevailing in the Arab country perpetrated by some of the Kuwait citizens  and engineered by wicked Nigerians living there. Please avoid Kuwait.

Mexico used to be a place for the sojourners hence it is used by immigrants as a transit point and not a final destination, however crossing from Mexico is no longer fashionable.
Living and working in Mexico is increasingly difficult for African immigrants. For example, a place where the citizens are struggling and doing everything possible to get out, it may be unwise for you the foreigner to contemplates living in such a place for long, where violent crime is high and drug traffickers are the landlords. It a fact, illegal activities are the in things in Mexico and it is going to take a long time before Mexican citizens free themselves.

Due to their mad rush to the United States, everyone wanted to get out, therefore, the leadership lack critical thinking or long term plan to make Mexico habitable. If you don’t want to get caught in a drug war you know nothing about, better avoid Mexico.


Before making decisions to live and work in a country, do your research very well, calling a country dangerous is not enough not to go there, it is precautionary. Countries such as Syria and Afghanistan currently experiencing war are still receiving visitors daily. If you have good knowledge of a place, regardless of the current situation prevailing you can go and make your way. However, always remember you’ve been warned.

That’s all on 10 countries dangerous to work for Africans.


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