There are so many rules and regulations when it comes to dressing for an interview in the United States embassy. There are rules and a guiding factor that talk about how a person seeking to get a visa in the United States embassy should dress, behave and how he or she should conduct himself or herself and how they should relate with their interviewer during the interviewing session, hence the purpose of this piece Dress code for the US visa interview – male/female.


These laws and regulations or these rules and conducts, guiding the intending visa holders in an interviewing setting, for instance, are not brought into place, to subject the intending visa holders under a kind of rule of law or coerce them to do the biding of the setting, rather it is a laid down rule or regulation that helps them to perform better in an interviewing session in the future.

There is a popular saying that goes like this, “when there is no law, there is no crime”. Some interviewing companies bring about penalties when these and regulations are trampled upon or are not adhered to subsequently.

These penalties are not put in a place to trample on by the intending visa holders that are preparing for interviews, rather it is a way of instilling discipline and orderliness in the lives of these people preparing to go for an interview so as to become successful visa holders in the future.


Every interviewing company or the interviewing body is jeered towards making the lives of its participants, or its intending interviewers to perform better in every area a question might come during the course of interviews.

It does not matter if the interviewing company or interviewing bodies is strict in their policies, or their objectives, the main point remains that it is helping the prospective visa holder who is preparing for an interview to become a better person to themselves and their society at large.

Many people who have gone through the interviewing session, have had to subject themselves to the rules and regulations governing such a system and one of the systems that will be talked about in this article is The Dress Code for the US visa interview – male/female. 

There are rules and guidelines to follow when an individual finds him or herself in an interviewing session, and one of the rules and guidelines about dressing.

The interviewing session in a consular room is where an intending visa holder in the United States is questioned, reformed and moulded for the betterment of his or her place they want to occupy and this interviewing session has rules and regulations for its participants to follow suit.


An intending visa holder in every sphere must be disciplined and have a sense of orderliness to function well.

An intending holder of a visa in the United States embassy during the interviewing session is usually given the mandate to try to improve themselves so as they can to be a law guiding a person when granting a visa.

The period of seeking a visa in the United States embassy is one of the highly depressed periods for people in the world today especially a young person who just graduated from school, these people want to become busy no matter what it might take them but those who eventually make it to the final stage after the interviewing session are granted.

These people who intend to get their visa must have an instilled sense of diligence in his or her attitudes to effectively perform better during the course of interviews. 


When one is preparing to go for an interview, this is the list of the essential things to put on for someone preparing to go for an interview to get a visa:


  1.    Do not think of putting on a piece of flashy jewellery that contains massive necklaces or earrings.
  2.    Paint your nails with a light shade of pink or red colour if you desire to paint your nails.
  3.    When putting on high heels footwear, steer clear from any high-heeled footwear that is one inch higher. You should not make your presence announced from the noise of your footwear. Remember you’re not here on dancing contests. Therefore, you should go with footwear that goes with your dress or just go for black colour footwear since the black colour is neutral.
  4.    Very importantly, try to close up any physical tattoos in your body and ensure that there are no nose piercings anywhere.
  5.    A nicely looking brown leather folder is recommended for your documents and try to avoid yellow and pink coloured folders with cartoon draw all over them.
  6.    Make sure that the outfit that you planned to put on is nicely and neatly ironed.
  7.    When going for a visa interview,  please go with a well conservative suit, the skirt should be within three inches of the knees, a formal blouse which might be white or solid colour and then formal pants that will not display on the outfit.
  8.    Please when going for these types of interviews in the US Embassy, go with a professional-looking folder.
  9.    Try to go with a light lipstick shade. Do not think of going with a glossy lipstick shade.
  10.    Do not go with your sari when stepping out for a visa interview in the United States embassy, please remember to drop it at home before going.
  11.    You should be cautious when applying or spraying your perfume on your outfit because too much of everything is very bad. You do not want your consular officer to notice your presence immediately you enter the interviewing office because of the quantity or amount of perfume you spray or apply on your body.
  12.    Always try not to go with your massive pulse.
  13.    Avoid wearing a fluorescent colours outfit when going for a visa interview in the United States.



  1.    Avoid wearing huge accessories.
  2.    Please move out with a professional-looking file, do not think of going with colourful folders.
  3.    Remember to shave, this is a very important guideline.
  4.    Ensure that your nails are well-trimmed.
  5.    Please go out in a light blue or with white long sleeves, a nice tie with a formal pant that does not display on the outfit.
  6.    When going out for a visa interview in the United States embassy please go with a formal watch with a good leather type strap and not a sports watches type.
  7.    Please go in a dark grey suit.
  8.    Remember to cut your hair down and trimmed it neatly around five days before the time of an interview.
  9.    Please remember to apply or spray perfume on your body before going for an interview in order to get your visa at the United States embassy. 
  10.      A black belt or a dark brown with a normal loop will be preferable for this type of interview.
  11.    The type of footwear that is commendable for men to put on when going for a visa interview in the United States embassy is a leather type of shoes with dark-coloured socks



These etiquettes are necessary for both the male and female that is going or preparing for an interview in the United States embassy. 

  1.    Please make sure to arrive early enough in order not to miss the already scheduled interview.
  2.    Be very confident and courageous when going for the visa interview in the United States embassy, never display any signs of nervousness such as trembling of fingers and the flickering of eyes. Try to put a little smile on your face when your eyes meet your interviewing officer for the first time.
  3.    Remember not to ask unrelated and unwanted questions, and when attending to the questions you are being asked, please be polite enough, do not unnecessarily describe your answers to avoid denial of the visa.
  4.    Please be brave enough to ask the interviewing officer or a consular officer what he asked you if you do not hear him clearly maybe because of his American accent which you are not comfortable with in order not to misinterpret the questions he asked you.
  5.    Both the male and the female should not give a quick response to any scrutinizing questions such as what will you do if someone agrees to give you a high paying job in the United States, whether you have ever won any jackpot before in your life or what will you do if one gorgeous lady or one handsome gentleman proposes to you and other scrutinizing questions, please think very well and analyze your answers critically before responding to those questions before the consular officer will start thinking that your intention of you getting a visa is for you to reside permanently in the United States.
  6.    Try as much as possible to be straightforward, be truthful when you are being interviewed by the interviewing officer and during the period when you are preparing your documents.
  7.    Always try to give a response to any questions been asked during the interviewing session with a perfectly valid answer.
  8.    For an easier understanding between you and the consular officer, please pick the English Language as your most preferred language.
  9.    There is nothing good than respecting people, so please try as much as possible to observe that when going or preparing for your interview in the United States.
  10.    With a little smile on your face, please make sure you greet the consular officer-in-charge “Good Morning” immediately you step your feet inside the consular room.
  11.    As I have stipulated before, please be very formal in your dressing when going for an interview in the United States embassy since the consular officer will always be an English man.
  12.    There is no need for you to start fidgeting, be very courageous and confident enough in your sitting posture and try as much as possible to maintain a straight eyes interaction with the consular officer in the interviewing room.


These rules and regulations, as well as the etiquettes, only show that for one to be able to get a visa in the United States embassy that person needs to be well prepared for it.

That’s all for now on the dress code for the US visa interview – male/female.


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