In the piece “How to avoid refused entry into USA” We at decided to illustrate important factors responsible for being denied entry into the United States of America

Frequently people asked questions why is it that some travellers especially Nigerian entering the USA have been refused entry into the United States of America even though they have multiple entry visas and are immediately repatriated to Nigeria. A traveller should know how to avoid refused entry into the U.S.A. taken into consideration the labour and financial investment involved. Not forget the duration of time spent preparing for your American trip.


Factors Responsible For Refused Entry Into the United States of America { USA }


Now, Let’s take all the factors one after the order and elaborate:

  • 1.  HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT: It is very important for a Nigerian entering the US to have it in mind that he or she may not be welcome. Be prepared to face a biased security official whose attitude will be very hostile and unfriendly and be prepared that despite having all the necessary documents a biased security official may deny you entry into the United States of America.
  • 2. GET YOUR  FACTS RIGHT: Do not provide information you cannot defend. Be sure all your supporting documents are genuine, sufficient, and are up to date, to avoid refused entry into the United States
  • 3.  MOBILE PHONES, TABLET AND LAPTOPS: Be careful of the information in your gadgets. Negative and incriminating materials may work against you. Do not make unessential text messaging and calls. If possible do not make and received calls when you are at the entry zone. Many passengers allow gadgets to rule their lives, reckless messages and stupid calls, whereby you talk anyhow not knowing you’re exposing yourself and divulging sensitive information that can be used against you in an advanced country where information can be processed within seconds and transformed you into a criminal or a prohibited immigrant. These are some of the reasons why people are refused entry into the United States.
  • 4. LETTER OF INVITATION: Be sure of the person you’re visiting. Is the person a legal resident? If you are invited by relation or an organisation inform them in advance of your departure, if possible let the person receives you at the point of entry to avoid refused entry into the United States ( recently a married couple arrived at Atlanta airport, on interrogation their host was called on the phone, surprisingly he told the immigration authority that truly, he invited them but he is planning to travel to Nigeria the next day. The couples were refused entry and repatriated to Nigeria the same day.
  • 5  INSUFFICIENT FUNDS: Having enough funds is essential. It’s illogical to see a person travelling to a far distance like the USA to have less than a thousand dollars. Unless you’re on transit or you’re going for further studies, or on scholarship whereby your daily needs are directly paid to the school. You must have sufficient funds to cater for your needs. Lack of basic travelling allowance is one of the few reasons why people are refused entry into the United States.
  • 6.  AVOID UNNECESSARY STOPOVER: It is advisable to travel directly to your destination. An unnecessary stopover may send a wrong signal that you have multiple missions. If your host resides in New York City do not land in Houston. It is common recently to hear that passengers transiting are refused entry and repatriated before reaching their original or an intended destination ( A prominent Nigerian lawyer was refused entry and repatriated for stopping over in Germany for a few days. It is illogical and we cannot give any reason for the official misbehaviour)
  • 7. CONFLICT OF INFORMATION: Conflicting information on the purpose of visit, having a different address on the arrival form different from the one you filled in the visa form. A recent visitor was asked to name the street he was going to and he was fumbling, strangely he didn’t know it, thereby he was refused entry into the United States
  • 8.  ARRIVING LATE: It is common to see visitors arriving at a date, a few days before the expiration of their visa, or they show up for a conference that has already been held. This is an indication of a lack of seriousness and it could lead to refused entry into the United States
  • 9. ARRIVING FOR OTHER PURPOSES: If on interrogation it is discovered that the passenger is coming with an intention of looking for work with a visiting visa, the immigration authority will refuse him or her entry into the United States
  • 10. TRAVEL LITE: Do not pack all your belongings on a visit. It looks strange to see a passenger on a visit to arrived with large luggage. Do not accept luggage to be delivered to anyone residing in your destination. You may not be able to prove it, and this could lead to refused entry into the United States
  • 11. PREGNANT  WOMEN: If  you’re pregnant it’s advisable to delay your journey to the US, it is very common nowadays to see pregnant women refused entry into the United States
  • 12.  BE YOURSELF: FINALLY Be confident, if you have all documents right you can make it. Remember no policy or legislation from the United States administration prohibits Nigeria from entering the United States of America.

On February 7th 2017, at a news conference in Abuja, Nigeria Foreign Minister stated that there is no policy statements from the  United States government banning  Nigerians from entering the United States of America.

If you have a further enquiry you can contact this site.  

News Alert!!! United States Travel authorities ban carrying electronic devices larger than a cellphone on board flights from Cairo, Casablanca, Abu Dhabi,  Kuwait City, Amman, Doha,  Dubai,  Jeddah and Riyadh. 



it is heartwarming that the current President of the United States of America Mr Joe Biden has lifted the ban on majority Muslim countries wickedly imposed by the Trump administration. A breakthrough for ordinary people to have their rights restored.  Congratulations.

That’s all for now on how to avoid refused entry into the USA.


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