If you are interested in relocating or going to Canada for a while to study or working it is important to let you know some “hot jobs with good pay in Canada”, which you can work on and make serious preparation in choosing a career before setting out to the North American country. Nowadays Canada is welcoming immigrants workers or those planning outright relocation,  if you meet their strict requirements you can easily key into the system.

The choice is yours.



Gerontological nursing can be regarded as the speciality of nursing pertaining to older adults. Gerontological nurses work in collaboration with older adults, their families, and community to support healthy ageing, maximum functioning and quantity of life.
(Source: Wikipedia )

Canada takes the welfare of her senior citizens seriously. With large numbers of people above 65 years and is an advanced country where people live well long enough. There are provisions for taken care of older people, therefore if you’re a professional in the field of Gerontology you will have no problem in getting ready-made jobs because elders are waiting to be taken care of.



Well, this may be a tough one to undertake, however, if you set aside time to learn how to drive a long distance truck it is highly rewarding.
It is one of the few profession where you don’t need a University degree.

Secondly, some professions need longer years of experience before you can be qualified to practice, for example, if you’re a medical doctor, due to regulations, you need years of experience in Canada before you qualify to practice, therefore while waiting you must be doing something. Truck driving is the Hot job with good pay in Canada that is readily available for you.

The good news is, with modern technology most Trucks these days are very easy to handle. It is what any determined male or female adults who is healthy and have the strong determination to succeed can handle within a few weeks of serious training or practising. Get your competency certificate of professional driver’s licence ready and you’re qualified to get a work visa as a truck driver.



These are experts that invents useful technologies that we usually take for granted, various types of applications, and information technology essentials are the hand works of software developers.
According to US News online magazine, software developers are in high demand right now. They are needed in different areas of modern industries, including computers, system design, manufacturing, and finance. Coding is currently evolving as a modern computer technology that a software developer can dynamically explore.




If you can handle tools, there are many manufacturing companies and service outlets that are waiting to employ mechanics with good pay. It is one of the most sought-after jobs right now in Canada. And it comes with possibilities of opening your own workshop, be independent and earn more.

In Canada, hard work pays, the more you work the better the remuneration. The mechanic is a recommended job with good pay in Canada.



This is a type of profession that specializes in fixing and installations of oil facilities. Because of an advanced setup of Canada, instrumentation engineers are in high demand because oil facilities need attention from time to time.  Currently, these professionals are in short supply. If you choose this profession you are in for a hot job with good pay in Canada.



This is one of the easiest types of job you can undertake or get in Canada. Please note that, it comes with good pay if you can set aside time to go for training in Security matters. It is advisable you search for Schools in Canada that offers courses in Security matters and obtain admission before you set out to Canada. If you’re able to obtain a certificate in security matter definitely you will receive better pay.



With constructions and reconstructions booms taking place right now all over Canada and with much-skilled labour reaching their retirement age, there are massive needs for skilled electricians. Besides the fact that almost all new construction projects required electricians. Electricians are required urgently to carry out critical maintenance, repairs and upgrade to electrical systems within the existing home and public buildings.
If you have the basic technical know-how in these fields, it is advisable you commence a serious search for Schools in Canada where you can get the right type of training and license needed to practice in the North America country.



If you have a certificate or degree in general nursing, this is the right time for any male or female to consider Psychiatric nursing as your specialization because it is one aspect of Nursing that is in high demand currently in Canada.

If you specialized in Psychiatric nursing, you have a chance of working in places such as Hospitals, Community health centres, group homes, and schools. You can be employed to help patients who are experiences mental, behavioural and psychiatric issues.

The beauty accept of these professionals is that, if you are interested you may be working and studying at the same time because there are schools in Canada that offers Psychiatric nursing courses online without the need to attend full-time classes. Furthermore it is possible to setup your own outlet.


It is important to let you know that most if not all of the aforementioned professions required certificate or license issued in Canada or USA to practice, therefore, the right step is to foremost search for a school or college that specializes in training professionals of your area of interest.
Process and obtain admission, go there and be trained properly because there is no shortcut to hot jobs with good pay in Canada.

Finally, most of the aforementioned professions does not take more than one to two years of academic works to complete, therefore it is not too much for a young person to invest in his time and let the period serve as assimilation and adjustment time to the strange environment.

Please note, all the jobs mentioned pay $25 per hour or more in Canada.

That’s all for now on hot jobs with good pay in Canada.


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