Canadian Embassy In Nigeria Addresses, Visa Information

In this write-up we shall explain to you in details the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria, addresses, location and all you need to know.

Are you planning to visit the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria for the purpose of obtaining information on the visa for studies, tourism, visiting or business activities, we’re here to provide information on how to locate and transact business with the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria.

The Canadian mission in Nigeria is known as high commission, due to its colonial attachment to the United Kingdom.

Canadian High Commission is located in Abuja, a Deputy High Commission in Lagos.


  • 13010G, Palm Close,
    Diplomatic Drive,
    Central Business District,
    Post office number: P.O. Box5144
    Phone number +234 -9 461- 2900
    Fax: + 234 9 4612901
    Email: [email protected]

Opening hours in Abuja: Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p. m.



  • Deputy High Commission of Canada Lagos
    No 4 Anifowoshe Street
    Victoria Island
    P. O. Box54506
    Phone number: +234 1 271 5650
    Fax: +234 1 271 5651
    Email: [email protected]
    Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
    Friday 7:30 a.m. to 1: 00 p.m.


The High Commission of Canada in Abuja provides various Diplomatic services and take care of the interest of Canadian citizens residing in Nigeria, also maintain and promote the bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Canada. It also serves as the official representative of Canada in two other smaller countries of Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principle.


The Consular section both in Abuja and Lagos provides various services on immigration and visa matters, such as Different types of visas available, Eligibility and Exemption.

HOW to apply for visiting and student visas, How to immigrate to Canada. If an applicant is qualified to apply and if he’s not inadmissible. The High Commission of Canada also provides information on how to prepare for life in Canada, when to use an agent and how the applicant can safeguard himself against fraud. Provide information on how to apply for a permanent resident in Canada.


Canada is a preferred destination for many travellers in recent years, millions of people visited Canada each year for a variety of reasons, such Tourism, visiting family and friends, vacation, relocation, studies or for business or investment opportunities.


Regardless of your motive or reasons for choosing Canada you need a visa to achieve your goals. In making decisions to travel to Canada, the best thing to do first is to embark on comprehensive research and information about the place, their system, their weather, the financial implications and why you intend to visit Canada.


Secondly, it is better to bear in mind that the Canadian visa process is comprehensive and long in processing, therefore, you must commence your preparations far ahead of your travel to allows for faultless documents and information presentation.


Furthermore, if you’re going for studies, let your sponsor aware of the fact that the statement of account you’re attaching with your application to the embassy must have a reasonable account balance, (not just a turnover) realistically about seven millions naira after the payment of your school fees may be acceptable. Importantly, the least balance of 7m must be constant in the account until you arrived in Canada.


Having a reasonable and stable source of finance carry a huge impact in scoring you and deciding your visa fate.

Please sound the note of warning to your sponsor not to withdraw the fund indicated in the statement of account submitted beyond the minimum balance below at least seven million nairas after the presentation of your application to the embassy.


Yourself or your parents are the best sponsors, however, a guardian or any other person familiar to you should be acceptable.


Payment of the visa application fee and other charges at the Visa Application Centre are compulsory, ask questions and be sure the appropriate changes are paid.


Your family tie to your country and ability and provision of reasons for returning to your country carry a lot of points, therefore, take it seriously. Do not under no circumstances you present information or documents that are not verifiable.


Due to the comprehensive nature of the Canadian visa application processing, the use of an agent may be inevitable, however, make sure you and your agents are in constant touch and all documents and information required must be to your knowledge and inputs.

You must be there to do the biometric and the application submission personally, it is a grave error to leave the whole processing to Mr know it all.


Also do not use an unseen agent, such as those on Internets or based abroad. Most of them are fake. Some of them collected money without the authorisation of the school, their networks are perfect that it may be difficult to detect fraudulent practices until when it is too late.

When making your decision bear in mind that you’re applying for a visa of a country that is the most sought after in the world, therefore the competition must definitely be very high, be frank, be genuine, submit your papers but don’t be hundred per cent sure of visa issuance.



Do not start the process without checking your eligibility. These are basic conditions to be met before labouring yourself further:

1. Do you have criminal records?
2. You must have an international passport with reasonable months of validity, taking into consideration the long process ahead.
3. You must be of sound health. If possible do a medical checkup, it is not out-of-place.
4. Evidence of financial capabilities to take care of you throughout your stay in Canada, in other not to be a public charge.
5. Present a strong proof about your ties to your country such letter of introduction from your employer or parents, landed property or other valuable assets that will encourage you to return to your country after your stay in Canada. Presentation of documents to support your claim is the best proof.
6. Be able to submit all the requirements at the Canadian Visa Application Centre.

After securing your visa, please let your home country be the best place of your heart, never discarded it, have it in mind you’re coming back. Do not make mistakes of selling your landed or priced properties just to travel to a strangely country. Some people have done the and now leaving to regret it.




Manor Hall,
Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way,
Opposite Treasure Garden Estate,
Third Roundabout,
Lekki Phase 1.


Canadian Visa Application Centre,
Plot 1161, Memorial Drive,
2nd Floor,
Central Business District,

WHY CANADA!  Many  Nigerians students and highly qualified professionals are relocating to Canada nowadays due to the friendly atmosphere and various opportunities existing in Canada, such as high-quality institutions of advanced learning and research, ability to stay after studies and importantly no language barrier. A visit to the Embassy of Canada in Nigeria will educate you more  about general  life in a beautiful country called Canada


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