How To Apply For Austria Visa From Ghana 2023

Ghana is one of the countries that are required to obtain a visa to travel to the Central European country of Austria, therefore if you’re interested in travelling for business, touring, holidaying, visiting, medical, studies or transiting you definitely need a visa, this is how to apply for Austria visa from Ghana, 2023.

These are some of the popular visa available:
1. Student Visa: This is a type of visa issue mainly for applicant interested in studying for a course of study on a full-time basis in Austria. A Student visa is regarded as a long term visa in that it requires a long term stay.

2. Visiting Visa: issue to an applicant who is on an invitation from an Austrian citizen or a legal resident.

3. Touring Visa: A type of visa issued to an applicant who is touring Austria. This type of visa doesn’t require an invitation letter provided you have the means to prosecute the trip.

4. Business Visa: A type of visa issued to an applicant travelling for business transactions. It requires an invitation from a business organisation inviting the applicant.

5. Medical Visa: Issue strictly to an applicant on an important medical condition.

6. Transit Visa: This is a type of visa issued to anyone travelling to another country but making a compulsory stopover in Austria.


Please be inform that Austria does not have an Embassy in Ghana, all visa related matters should be directed to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Accra.

Secondly, all short term visa application should be directed to the Netherlands Visa Application Centre. The outsources Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) is the place to go and not the Embassy.

The Visa Facilitation Service address is at:
9, Kakramandu Road,
East Cantonments,
Telephone number: +233 302 746 216
Email address:

Any applicant for a long term visas such as student’s visa, Work/employment visa or relocation or family reunion visas is to visit the Embassy of the Netherlands in Accra for visa processing.
For more information, you can contact the Embassy on + 233 302 214 350
Email address:


1. Download the Austrian visa application form online
2. Carefully fill in your details truthfully and printout the form remember to sign at the end.
Attach the following documents:
1. Your International passport with at least six months validity and unused visa pages
2. Two recently acquired passport sized photographs with white background.
3. Photocopy of the data page of your passport
4. If you have previous visas in your passport you should include the photocopies.
5. Evidence of flight booking indicating the date of arrival and departure. (Do not purchase a ticket before the issuance of visa)
6. Evidence of hotel reservation.
7. Proof of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Austria.
8. Statement of reasons for travelling to Austria
9. Police report.
10. Evidence of travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000.
11. An employee travelling should present an original letter of leave or permission to travel duly signed by the employer.
12. Bank account details for the last 3 months duly authorised by your bank.

10. An under-age person travelling unaccompanied or accompanied by parents or legal guardian must submit the following additional documents.
– A separate visa application form signed by both parents
– A letter of consent from the parents
– The Child’s birth certificate
– Photocopy of the parent’s identity cards or residence cards or data page of the parent’s passport.
– The parent’s bank statement of account
– Letter of attendance from the child’s school and duly signed letter of permission to travel.

11. Additional requirements for anyone travelling on business purposes
– A letter of invitation from your business partner in Austria. The letter must bear the company official letter headed paper, incudes all your details, and stating the how long you’ve going to stay in Austria and the purpose of you visit.
– Photocopy of the company’s certificate of incorporation.
– Proof of your recent business dealings with the company
– Proof if the business partner will be responsible for your accommodation and other sundry financial needs.
Please note that the letter of invitation must be by email and to arrive the embassy before the interview date.

Additional requirements for anyone on the invitation
– Letter of invitation from your friend or relative in Austria duly signed by the person.
– The letter must indicate the relationship, duration of visit, and the reasons for the visit.
– Photocopy if the person’s identity card, residence cards, or data page of the person’s passport.

Additional requirements for anyone travelling for Event or conference
– An original letter of invitation from the Conference or Event organisers, indicating the venue, the date and time and your professional connection with the event or conference.

Additional requirements for an applicant travelling for medical purpose
– An original medical appointment from a hospital in Austria.
– An official letter explaining that the Hospital is ready and capable of performing the medical treatment the person is travelling for.
– A written report from your personal doctor in your country stating the reasons for urgent medical treatment in Austria.
– Additional insurance coverage for you and the person accompany you.
– Proof of financial capabilities to undergo medical treatment.

After the compilation of all the required documents ensure you submit them personally at the Visa Facilitation Service.
Please note the following points before submission:

1. Pay the stipulated visa and biometrics processing fees at the centre.

2. Ensure you surrender yourself for the biometric fingerprint scans.

3. Ensure all the documents you’re submitting are authentic and complete to avoid visa rejection. (If you’re in doubt read to avoid visa rejection)

4. Enquire if you require an interview.
5. Allow reasonable days for the visa processing before your scheduled trip because the Visa Facilitation Centre will transmit your completed application to the Austrian Immigration Authority.

6. Finally enquires how you can track your application online, it’s very simple.


Please note that an Austrian visa is a Schengen visa, therefore your visa will enable you to enter all the European Union countries visa-free, however, it’s important to let you know that you must commence your trip from Austria. Any attempt to enter through another member country may entail refused entry.
Not long ago some Senator from a West African country got a Schengen visa from the Italian Embassy to travel to Rome but decided to land in Germany instead  of Italy, they were promptly refused entry and sent back to their country.

Furthermore more, you cannot travel before the due date, likewise, do not allow the visa to expire before the utilization.

That’s all for now on how to apply for Austria visa from Ghana 2023


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