8 Asian Countries You Can Live And Work Safely

Here are 8 Asian Countries you can live and work safely, they’re really not in any particular order, you’re free to consider any country that is appropriate for you.

Nowadays due to divergent of factors, living and working in the western world is proving to be tougher, and acquisitions of visas are becoming a lottery, it’s about time to consider focusing elsewhere, heading East may be a reasonable option in your quest to live and work abroad.



Three years ago my son’s secondary school Mathematics teacher called and stated that he made up his mind and decided to leave Nigeria due to poor remunerations and general condition of service, that he was grossly underemployed here. I asked him, where are you heading to? He said he secured a teaching job on an Island country called Macau. I wish him all the best.
I was somehow apprehensive, therefore I picked my tab because I have never had of a place called Macau. I did extensive research and I asked Google where is Macau? Here is the answer.

An island country located in the South China Sea. It’s a partially independent country. Macau is called Special Administrative Region of Mainland China. The island country is located about 60 kilometres west of Hong Kong.

As the second richest territory in the world, Macau has a lot to offer residents local or non-permanent. Annually the local administration gives a permanent resident of Macau equivalent of USD1,200 and non-permanent residents USD670.

If you’re a qualified teacher of English or a Science Teacher you can get a job in Macau. Likewise for those interested in Hospitality and security jobs you can find them in this Gambling-related island.
All you need is to search and apply online, surely, you will get a position in due course.
If you meet their requirements Macau visa is not difficult to obtain. Importantly,  Macau is rated very high in one of the Asian countries you can live and safely.



Japan an island country located on the eastern coast of the Asian continent in the Pacific Ocean is our next choice.

Japan may be a bit far and the standard of living is considered very high, however, if you choose to live in Japan you’re assured of safety which is an important aspect of your wellbeing. Japan, arguably is one of the safest countries in the world, a place where you can live and work with peace of mind knowing you’re safe.

For anyone who is qualified and has residential status, there are a lot of jobs readily available in Japan for foreigners. Japan is a country where you have older adults (over 65 years) than young people, therefore a young foreigner can easily be fitted in their workforce.

If you’re interested in working in Japan, there are two ways you can go about it:
1. Search for work on the Internet or use an employment agency, if you get an offer to proceed,  apply for a work visa.

2. Process a tourist visa to Japan. The tourist visa will enable you to stay for 90 days in Japan. You can use the time to search for the job of your profession or the type that is available within a short time. If you’re lucky and you get an offer,  you can process the work permit.
Please note that it may take up to two months to process the work permit.

These are some of the jobs available in Japan for foreigners: Teaching English – That’s the surest way to work in Japan. The job keeps coming and expands all the time due to the fact that Japan is rapidly going the Western ways and English is assuming the Universal business language.
Other available jobs such as Information Technology professionals, Software developer/engineering, Engineering, General Service Industry, Gerontology (taking care of the elderly) are there for you to consider.

The drawback for most new arrivals to Japan is the language, if you do not speak or understand Japanese a little, you may find it difficult to find a job. English is a language love by Japanese youngsters but it’s spoken and understood by few people.


The Southeast Asia island City-state of Singapore is a popular destination for foreigners interested in relocating for quite a long time due to the facts that the country is considered to be safe. Crime rates are low.

Singapore a diverse or multicultural society dominated by ethnic Chinese is situated near Malaysia. Singapore is a country well known for her efficient system which enables a business person to start a business legally in less than an hour.
It’s also one of the easiest developed countries to get a job.
According to some analysts, Singapore’s economy has been ranked as the most open in the world, one of the least corrupt in the world, most pro-business with low tax rates.

There are four languages commonly spoken in Singapore, English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil, however, English is the predominant language of instruction in institutions of learning and widely spoken, for a new arrival in Singapore from an English speaking country you will have no problem moving around.

It’s important to let you know that foreigners getting a job in Singapore is increasingly difficult because the government is changing it’s hiring guidelines are in favour of the citizens for top jobs.
For anyone who is interested in living and working Singapore it’s advisable you start searching through the internets. If you secure a job then proceed to apply for a work visa.

Because we recognized the fact that getting a job in Singapore is difficult that’s why facts36.com recommended the study to stay as a wise alternative. To know more about this option you can read our write-up on facts36.com/how to live and work in Singapore.


Thailand a country located at the centre of Southeast Asia is generally a safe country to visit currently. In recent years Thailand had experienced natural disaster and case of terrorism in areas popular with visitors, however, things are becoming very stable and violent crime are at a low level.

Thailand is one of the preferred destination for tourists and elderly or retirees seek for a conducive environment to spend the later part of their years all over the world are choosing Thailand.

Foreigners keep coming here for various reasons:
1. There are lots of exciting places such as temples, wonderful mountains, lovely beaches, massage
2. Many business people from around the world come to Thailand to purchase rice and stockfish. To an average Nigerian rice trader, Thailand’s rice represents the finest.
3. Thailand is also popular with fruit shakes, Pineapple, Mango, Banana coconuts, dragon fruit most of them mixed in a wonderful way and are so good that you will definitely ask for more.
4. Accommodation is not expensive, even the popular names in Hotels accommodations can be affordable.

Products of Thailand
Thailand remains the world biggest rice exporter, despite the facts that you can get other items such as fishery products, medical plants, soybean, cocoa, cashew nuts, rubber, corn etc in Thailand rice is what many businessmen/women coming to engage in.

TYPES OF jobs foreigners can get in Thailand
English Teacher: A well-qualified graduate from an English speaking country will have no problem looking for jobs here, they’re a lot of vacancies for English teachers.
Other areas such as Engineering, Information technology professionals can provide instant employment provided you know the right way to go about it.

The drawback affecting visitors to Thailand is the issue of Touts,  they are everywhere and have clever ways of extortion of visitors, especially new arrivals. You must be smart in manoeuvring ways around and bypassing the touts.



Hong Kong a former British colony inside the Chinese territory was returned to China in 1997. It is currently known as Special Administrative Region.

Regardless of the massive protest currently taking place in Hong Kong. Hong Kong remains Hong Kong, one of the most exciting, well developed and a dream visit by many tourists around the globe.

Hong Kong is an island country situated in Southeast Asia. Hong Kong with a population of about 7,200,000 and has a density of about 8000 per square kilometres can be regarded as highly populated.

Hong Kong is one of the safest countries in the world, over a long-time Hong Kong had been an attractive country for foreigners wishing to study or work due to the fact that the government is stable, the remunerations are an excellent, couple with low tax, affordable living accommodations and inexpensive consumable items.

Hong Kong is well-known as a gateway between the western world and the Asian nations. A well-designed territory is suitable for international business.
Moving around in Hong Kong become easy because English is widely spoken here.

For a foreigner interested in working in Hong Kong please note that things are changing, you must have a job offer and your potential employer must be ready to sponsor your application.
It’s advisable if you can try the system of study to stay approach, or if you’re a professional in the teaching of English there are lots of opening in this field.


In the 1970s Vietnam was famous for war and it’s a place you will like to avoid. Nowadays things are changing quickly,  this eastmost country on the Indochina Peninsula is undergoing rapid positive developments.
Vietnam is adjudged by experts as a relatively safe country to visit.

In recent years Vietnam has been a favourite country or base where big high Tech companies are producing their smart electronic products. Whenever you see made in Vietnam, automatically it’s a mark of genuine products. Leaders in electronic companies such as Samsung, LG, HP, Intel, Canon, etc have their factorys in Vietnam producing finest quality electronics for the whole world.

For any small scale and big business, person Vietnam presents you with a wide range of products you can import. From Electronics, Coffee, Clothing and Textiles, Footwear, Plastics and rubber products, Consumers items, Construction Materials, Seafood and many more.

The best way to live in Vietnam is to be an exporter not to be looking for employment that may be difficult to secure unless you are a professional in English teaching or an IT expert.


South Korea is a developed country in Asia where you can live and work safely, despite sharing border with a long time hostile neighbour, there is no cause for alarm. Life is going on peacefully inside the country. All you need to do when you are inside the country is to be attentive to government instructions or announcement which may direct on what to do in case of an emergency.

South Korea is situated in Eastern Asia with the capital and the largest city is Seoul. The capital city with a population of about 25 million inhabitants is adjudged to be the second-largest city in the world.

Despite the fact that the official language here is Korean, as a foreigner, you have no problem moving around because most people do understand and fluent in English. The inscriptions on the street are written both in Korean and English, therefore you cannot get lost in Seoul.

Getting a job as a foreigner may be difficult,  however if you’re working here, be assured that you’re in a country that pays the highest average wage income in the entire continent of Asia.
For any foreigner looking for a job the few areas you can try your luck is Teaching of English, if you’re a qualified teacher you will have no problem getting a job because as an advanced country focusing West, most people want to have the ability to speak English.

Anyone desires to live and work in this advanced country should think of establishing small scale business instead of looking for jobs that are increasingly difficult to obtain. If you have a skill or you have the means, better team-up with a Korean partner and establish a business enterprise.  With a very large population, you will have no problem getting customers to patronise you. It is your duty to find out the type of trending business and how you can start a business with low capital or investment.


Emerging from her turbulent past,  it is heartwarming that Cambodia made our list of 8 Asian countries we believed that you can live and work safely. In the global ranking, Cambodia is adjudged 59th safest country in the world. Despite the favourable ranking foreigners are advised to avoid late-night outing in a remote area of the capital city, Phnom Penh.

For anyone planning to travel to Cambodia with aims of staying for a while and do business, the best way to start is to find how you can be an English teacher or if you’re an IT expert you can start Web designing, software development or freelance writing online. Teaching English will enable you to settle down easily. If you have a business idea keep it until you’re familiar with the terrain. That way you will not be outsmarted.

Its good to know that starting a business in Cambodia is a lot easier than in most other climes. It’s what you can complete in a short period if you follow the right channel.

That’s all for now on 8 Asian countries you can live and work safely


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