How To Avoid Refused Departure From Nigeria

Many intending passengers usually felt embarrassed if Immigration authorities at the point of departure disallowed or refused their departure, even though the passenger is in possession of a passport and visa. Here we are illustrating below some important points you should possess on how to avoid refused departure from Nigeria, or anywhere in the world.


  • insufficient funds
  • no hotel reservation
  • no letter of invitation
  • the validity of passport or visa
  • no return ticket
  • Overstay
  • Fake passport /visa or identity fraud
  • A wanted person
  • Unaccompanied minor.
  1. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS: Any passenger travelling out of the country is supposed to have a basic travel allowance sufficient for the duration of his or her stay in his host country. If you do not have proof of funds for the journey, immigration authorities may refuse your departure.
  2. HOTEL RESERVATION: It is expected that you have a confirmed hotel reservation.
    If you’re staying with a friend or relation you should provide proof. This is to avoid been stranded in a strange environment. Non-provision of hotel reservations may lead to refused departure.
  3. NO LETTER OF INVITATION: If you’re visiting a relation or friend or an organization, you must obtain a letter of invitation from the person or group. A lady joining her spouse should demand from him (apart from the letter of invitation) a copy of his valid residence card and the data page of his passport and tender the same to the immigration authority on demand to avoid refused departure. The same thing
  4. VALIDITY OF THE TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: If your passport or visa is about to expire it is better to reissue it otherwise it may lead to refused departure.
  5. NO RETURN TICKET: The international travel practice demands a passenger going on visiting or tourism should possess a backward ticket for ready-made use at the end of his visit unless you’re an experienced traveller, failure to produce a return ticket may lead to refused departure.
  6. OVERSTAY A foreigner on a visit to Nigeria who overstays his/her visa or a foreigner who is no longer in employment in Nigeria may be subjected to overstay tax to avoid refused departure. Some countries in the Middle East such as Kuwait and UAE often time sent an overstayed immigrant to short term jail.
  7. FAKE PASSPORT/VISA OR IDENTITY FRAUD: Sometimes a passenger may unknowingly or deliberately be in possession of fake travel documents, or tamper with his/her travel document if Immigration authorities discover the anomaly the passport may be confiscated and the passenger refused departure.
  8. A WANTED PERSON: If the name of the passenger is in the wanted list or what is known as a suspect index or there is a report or order from a lawyer or any competent authority against the passenger at the point of departure Immigration official may disallow the passenger from departing the country until further directive from the higher authority.
  9. UNACCOMPANIED MINOR: An underage person should be accompanied by an adult or present convincing evidence of travelling alone, such  as a letter of consent, otherwise Immigration officials may refuse departure,
  10. NO CLEAR DESTINATION: If a passenger even though he met all requirements but could not explain his or her reasons clearly for travelling and his mission is in doubt by the authorities he may be stopped and refused departure.
  11. HEALTH REASONS: If a passenger is not physically sound or not in possession of a health certificate or the so-called yellow paper is not properly endorsed or mutilated. Currently, if you’re having coronavirus health issues or you cannot produce a  coronavirus certificate of clearance, an Immigration official may refuse departure.
  12. TRAVELLING WITH PROHIBITED GOODS OR OBJECT: If a passenger is in possession of an object believed by the airport authorities to be dangerous, and the person refused to drop it, it could lead to refused departure.
  13. AN UNRULY BEHAVIOUR: Finally, if a passenger exhibits a robustious or disorderly manner or is drunk which the authority believed he or she could be violent inside the Aeroplane immigration may refuse departure.
  14. COVID-19: Nowadays,  you must complete all the necessary COVID-19 protocols, that is, take all the pre-boarding vaccinations and be coronavirus negative before attempting to depart from Nigeria

These are some things you should take note of before you reach the immigration departure point to avoid refused departure.

If you need any further information on how to avoid refused departure from Nigeria feel free to contact us.


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