How To Live And Work In Canada (For Nigerians)

This is how to live and work in Canada (for Nigerians) Canada is one of the most popular place for immigrants all over the world. Many people travel to Canada yearly for different things, to live and also work there. Located in the North Eastern part of the world map and their weather is really cold.

Nigerians actually love travelling to Canada because they have one of the most organized systems in the world. Nigerians based there, for studying, business/working, tourism and many other things.


Because of the organized system Canada has, it is not easy like some scam artist say, they make it look easy to the applicants. Geographical location is near the USA, they have abundant natural resources, access to three oceans and the place is well developed plus more. Their work force is very flexible an expansive, the labour market has enough area for job seekers and when it comes to employment, they have some of the best firms as one of the most open and welcoming. The standard of living is high, but affordable.


Like we said earlier in the article write up, getting a job in Canada from Nigeria would require you to keep applying for job openings that are being offered to both international applicants and residents. There area list of sites where you can apply jobs from Nigeria, they are;

  • Canadian

Before checking out these sites or before even getting your dream job, you must have a skill or experience that would be able to get you the job, this skill should be able to entice employers and the application for a job also requires you to spend time online extensively. Actually, there is something that will be revealed to you here. There is a route where you can get your Canadian desired job and also a Canadian working visa. The name of the platform is called “EXPRESS ENTRY”.

This platform has helped lots of people into gaining entry into Canada, although not everyone benefits from the platform, as it does not work for everyone. There might be some major reasons which includes the applicant qualification, employers selection and so many others which mean only highest ranking applicants will be approved and issued the ITA. The essence of all this is that foreigners who wish to move into the country will be able to apply through a single centre under one procedure. A centralized database will be used and access will be given to various employees from all different province which are in Canada. Before an applicant get an immigrant visa, he/she will need to provide the immigration service, with a full package of documents, then a final assessment test will be done before the immigrant visa can be fully granted.

Still on How To Live And Work in Canada For Nigerians …

The express entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under some federal economic programs which are the;

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trained program
  • Canadian experience class

To start applying for jobs at Canada, you are to log on to

  • Click on register, provide accurate information about your skills, work experience, education, nationality and so on.
  • Check your inbox, wait for the mail from express entry.

If you meet the criteria, you will be accepted into a pool of candidates. You can be a member of express entry platform to apply for some work for 12 months, after the end of the period, you ma re-apply.

Using the express entry platform, you can get some certain jobs under certain programs. Applicants should note that entry into the express entry platform or pool does not guarantee a candidate will be issued to apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Even those who are invited still need to meet some requirements under the Canada immigration law. There is something called the Comprehensive Ranking System, this system is used in selecting candidates which means detailed information on profiles of candidates must be well detailed because you will be ranked against others in the pool using the comprehensive ranking system which is also called the point based system. Candidates with the highest scores will be issued an invitation to apply. If the express entry invites you to apply, you will only be given 60 days to submit an online application for permanent residence.

Below are the lists of jobs you can get in different programs.

  1. Federal skilled worker program

Applicants are evaluated with six factors which are education (maximum 25 points), Language skills (English/French 28 points), Experience (9-15 points), Age (12 points are given to younger applicants from age range 18-35 years while those who are older, their points will be low), Adaptability (10 points), Arranged employment in Canada (10 points). To get into Canada, applicants must have a total of 67 points out of 100 points.

  1. Federal Skilled program
  2. Candidates experience class

There are different categories of people who will want to apply for a job in Canada. We have the

  • Live career,
  • foreign worker,
  • student,
  • And business man.

Each applicant need certain requirements before he/she can be accepted. They must have the appropriate education, recommendation from previous employer with a proof of good command of English, knowledge of English/French.

If after doing all this, then the application is approved he/she receives a visa to Canada, on arrival, he/she is being issued a document which approves work permit. This clearly states your reason for being in Canada, the document which you are given contains the information about the location of your employer, the permitted work, period which the employee which is you have to stay and many other things.

Applicants should note that there are some category of people which are mostly to be hired than others they are the young people who have graduated form a higher institution, those who are ready to switch careers.

Canada take in professionals like farmers, builders, Engineers, cleaners, baby sitters, plant workers, truck drivers, fast food restaurant/meat processing and many others.

There are also risks which are involved in all of these, you might not be able to get a working visa even if all your documents are prepared correctly.

That’s all on How to live and work in Canada for Nigerians,  if you have any question, I would be expecting them in the comment box.



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