How To Obtain ECOWAS Travel Certificate

Sometime in 2017 many Nigerian travellers along the west coast of Africa were embarrassed by the overzealous official of a small member state of ECOWAS who refused to accept the ECOWAS travel certificate for no reasonable reasons. Here we want to inform travellers within the west coast that the document is still an acceptable travelling document, that’s why we are explaining to you How to obtain ECOWAS travel certificate, provided your trip is limited to West Africa sub-region.

What is the ECOWAS travel certificate?
It is a travel document that enables a citizen of any West African country unhindered free entry into a member country without a visa.

ECOWAS travel certificate is a recognised means of entry and exit into any of the 16 member countries that signed the ECOWAS Treaty.
Because it is easy to obtain and handle, most regional travellers prefer it to the national passport.



Unlike the Nigeria international passport, ECOWAS travel certificate can be obtained at any local government where you have immigration offices across the Federation.
For a Nigeria citizen to obtain the travel document simply walk into an immigration office in a local government with necessary documents you can get it without much difficulty.

Requirements for obtaining ECOWAS travel certificate
1. The foremost thing is to carefully complete the application form.
2. Attach the following documents:

– Photocopy of your birth certificate or declaration of age.
– Your local government letter of identification.
– Your two recently acquired passport sized photographs with clear background.
– Your guarantor ‘s form duly sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths (Please attach the photocopy of the guarantor ‘s national identity card or drivers licence or data page of his passport)
– An under-age person should include the parent’s letter of consent and the photocopy of their identity cards.
– A married woman should produce a marriage certificate.
– Evidence of payment of application fee of #2,600 Naira.

After the presentation of the above mentioned required documents you are to sign the completed form, your ECOWAS travel certificate will be issued accordingly.


Please note the following:
1. The certificate is valid for a period of two years.
2. ECOWAS travel can be renewed after two years on presentation of:
– The original copy of the expiring ECOWAS travel certificate.
– A completed application form.
– Your two recently acquired passport sized photographs.
– Evidence of payment of application fee of #1,300 Naira.

When you present these requirements your ECOWAS travel certificate shall be renewed for another two years


How to treat a lost ECOWAS travel certificate.
Go to the immigration office in your local government, present the following documents:
1. A completed application form.
2. Photocopy of the information page of the lost ECOWAS travel certificate (if available)
3. Police report
4. Court affidavit.
5. Evidence of payment of #2,600 Naira.

When you present the above-mentioned documents your ECOWAS travel certificate shall be issued and valid for two years.

That’s all for now on How to obtain ECOWAS travel certificate, for more information you can contact this website


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