Interested in knowing Malaysia visa fees in Nigeria? you have to come to the right place. For every country of the world, they have regulations and rules guiding the entrance and exit of people out of the country. Some country loves having the accurate numbers of people present in a particular nation and state per time for the sake of decision making and many others. 

Malaysia Visa fees In Nigeria & Visa Requirements

Visa is a document that gives authority and free movement in and out of a country has been approved by the immigration and embassy of such a nation. Visa also helps an applicant have free movement and authorized the right to stay in a particular country for a particular period or a fixed period of time. 

Malaysia visa is a document given to a particular application to have free access to the country, be free to participate in the country activities for an approved period of time. This via is never too difficult to process some years back from Nigeria but it is getting more and more intense on a daily basis. 

Malaysia Visa Fees In Nigeria

Regardless of the type of visa, you’re applying for the visa fees are payable to the VFS Malaysia Visa Application Centre in Abuja when you are applying for your visa. Visit the office and specify your visa categories then you will be directed on how to pay which covers all the administrative charges. Always note that this fee is not refundable after payment.

Malaysia Visa Fees In Nigeria:

Type of visa                       Visa Fee                              VFS Service Charges

Social Visa                        #2,000                                  #9,900

Business visa                   #2,000                                   #9,900

Student visa                     #2,000                                    #9900


Malaysia Visa Requirements

For you to be eligible for Malaysia visa, the first thing you must have in place and it is undisputed is a valid Nigeria passport. If you are yet to get one, all you need do is visit the nearest immigration office in your area and book an appointment to apply for one. And for those that already have their international passport, all you need to be sure of is that it is valid for the entire days of your proposed stay in the country. And if the validation period is not up to that, just go to the immigration office in your area and book for reissue of your passport.

Requirement For Visa Without Reference

The following are documents you will be needing for a visa processing for a visa that is without a reference

  • Your valid international passport
  • Two photocopies of your international passport
  • Your filled application form with two photocopies
  • Your recent passport photographs
  • If there is any, invitation letter from a friend or family
  • Your bank account statement
  • Visa payment receipt
  • Your return flight ticket

This type of visa is meant for a social purpose and the maximum days always given is 14 days in which is not extendable.

Requirement For Reference Visa

The following are the requirements for a visa that is a reference

  • Approval letter form immigration office in Malaysia
  • Your valid international passport
  • Two photocopies of your international passport
  • Your filled application form with two photocopies
  • Your recent passport photographs
  • If there is any, invitation letter from a friend or family
  • Your bank account statement
  • Visa payment receipt
  • Your return flight ticket

It is important you know this type of visa is for a special purpose and reasons. It is meant for business purposes alone. And if such an individual applying for it must have a backup of sponsoring company in Malaysia, the visa fee for this type of application is RM 2000 per application which will be payable to the immigration office in Malaysia. The maximum stay always given in this case is 30 days which is not extendable.

Categories Of Malaysia Visa

There are majorly two types of visa given in this country and they include 

  • Visa without reference (VWTR)
  • Visa with reference (VWR)

The first on the list which is visa without reference, this type is issued to an applicant who planned to visit Malaysia on vacation ground or probably visits a friend or family in the country. Also, it is applicable to those that wish to study in the country. While visa with reference is the type of visa issues to business applications that are applying for this type of visa on the business ground. Either for partnership or to invest. 

Out of the two categories, the most applicable for is the visa without reference in which many make use of to study in the country, visit a friend, either in transit to another country or on tourism.


This country visa is available for applicants in the high commission in Abuja. The process of this application is easy compared to other countries’ application, it is not as stressful as far as all required documents are available. The mode of application is a submission by the applicant no one can submit on your behalf.

This visa always takes about 4 to 6 working days to be processed after submission and the office in Abuja is open for application submission from Monday to Friday except for public holidays, and the time of visitation is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

To collect your visa after this been process, you can collect it in the same office you submit your application to in the working days between the hour of 4:00 pm to 5:00 om excluding public holidays.


No. 4A, Plot 2232 B, Rio Negro Close off Yedseram Street, Maitama, Abuja

Telephone: +234-9-780 9379

Email: [email protected]

Conclusion On Malaysia Visa fees In Nigeria & Visa Requirements

We have written all you need to know about the fee of the Malaysia visa fees from Nigeria. 

Outside other economic activities, some countries undergo to generate income for the nation, there are other activities a nation involves in which are not always visible to many citizens of the country yet it is part of the income source of such country. Activities like tourism Centres in a country, the health sector of a country, the nation embassy, and many other sectors that are not always popular and attention is driven such as major income are of such country. Malaysia is one of the countries that attract people as a result of a good look environment, and some natural attractions present in this country. Many people visit this country for various purpose but the common reasons why people visit this country is for tourism and business purposes this are the common ground people visit this country. 


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