Nigeria Passport New Application Process Step By Step Guide


The main purpose of this piece is piece is to analyse in details the Nigeria passport: new application process step by step guide.

As enumerated by the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service, as from the 8th of June, 2021 to obtain a Nigeria passport applicants must be ready to go through a new process in the submission of applications and the payment portal for issuance of a new passport.

1. Immigration Service websites If you want to obtain passport applications and making payments an applicant must go through the Nigeria Immigration Service websites, with no option.

2. The next step after visiting the portal is to apply and upload all the supporting documents for processing and vetting. To guide applicants there is a chat room facility active to assist anyone in need of the service.

3. Immediately an applicant successfully submitted an application,  the next step is for the person is to make an online booking for an interview, choosing a day and time, and your preferred location which is convenient for you.

4. The timeline for production and issuance: After Immigration officials have successfully captured your image or enrolled you at your selected Passport office, the timeline for issuance of a fresh passport is six weeks.  And three weeks for reissue or as commonly called renewal passport.

5. Do not enter: The Immigration Service strongly advised a prospective applicant who has not to complete the online application and payment not to enter any of the passport processing centres.

6. When the passport is ready the Immigration service will inform you through the email address and the telephone number you provided.

7. Finally if the passport did not come out at the stipulated time, you are free to visit the issuing centre where you did the enrolment.



Recently it is observed that some single parents especially mothers who intend to obtain a Nigerian passport but due to some reasons have no husband, or the man disappeared without a trace to give a letter of consent. The woman is at the liberty to approach a High court and request a Letter of Statement of Fact. She will make an affidavit to obtain the Letter of Statement of fact. In the affidavit, she will state her cogent reasons, how she is a single mother provide and take care of the child and providing everyday needs, including receipts of school fees, hospital and sundry needs. Furthermore, she will state efforts made in tracing the person that impregnated her.

2. Why is it that the passport with 10 years valid is not available in most of the passport offices?

Statement of fact is that until the Immigration service can match words with action, and make the passport of10 years validity available, crowds, rowdiness, disorganisation and corruption will continue to pervade the system.

Furthermore, until the government is serious enough to produce the e-passport locally,  the issue of scarcity of booklets will continue all over without an end.

Finally on the part of the Nigerian applicants, waiting until you have an urgent need to use a passport and proceed to apply is unfair to the system. Most Nigerian applicants take pleasure in cutting corners. Instead of following the laydown rules and allows the system to work, they use corrupt ways. Using money to process a passport, is not only corrupting the system but bastardising the whole organisation.

Please note that if you are in the United States and you need to reissue a Nigeria passport or get a new passport for your children, you will need an average of six months to acquire a passport. No more no less. Because they don’t cut corners over there.

Why are we always in a hurry here to beat imagination?

That all for now on Nigeria passport: New application process step by step guide.


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