These are top 20 places to visit in Nigeria 2023. Now that travelling abroad is no longer in vogue due to the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging most countries across the globe. This is the right time a lover of tourism should look inwards and start visiting interesting places in Nigeria.

Nigeria is known as the Giant of Africa, this name is not just given to Nigeria for giving sake, Nigeria is worthy of the name she was given, there are lots of fascinating places in Nigeria in which you and your family can’t afford to visit, this said places are mouth gaping places to enjoy and view nature’s free gift. Nigeria is endowed with lots of natural gift and resources that makes Nigeria a better place to be, many people today thinks that Nigeria does not have beautiful places that are awesome for visits during holidays or leisure time to catch fun and so they go out or move out of the country to places like United States, Dubai, Chicago, and so on just to catch fun whereas there are interesting places in Nigeria blessed with natural gifts to visit in Nigeria, which is why we are going to lay out for you the Top 20 places to visit in Nigeria 2022,  just relax and await fascinating places in Nigeria.


Amazing places to visit in Nigeria are much more than what can be discussed at once, which is why we are only going to discuss the Top 20 places to visit in Nigeria, in this section randomly but definitely the Top 20 places that will definitely amaze you. The list is as follows:


  1. Ngwo pine forest:

The Ngwo pine forest is a beautiful forest of pine trees which at the same time contains a carve system which is small and also the Ngwo pine contains a waterfall to complete the true endowment of nature. The Ngwo pine forest is a beautiful and awesome place to behold and to visit for fun at leisure time or free times. This forest is not a scary forest where you can’t enter or go into, this forest is just filled with pine trees and also contains a reasonable space to walk through and play around, and this forest is definitely different from a thick forest. This Ngwo pine forest is located in Enugu state Nigeria.

  1. Idanre hills:

Behold another fascinating and awesome work of nature, the Idanre hills are located in Ondo state, Idanre local government area, the Idanre hill is measured three thousand feet (3000 ft) above sea level. The Idanre hills mainly take over 600 steps to get to the top of the hills, meanwhile, along with the staircase, there are awesome features to behold and on getting to the top there are lots more to behold of which some of them are;

  • The Agbogun footprint: This footprint is known to have been there for ages which were placed there by a strong man; this footprint is believed to be the exact foot size of anyone that steps feet on the footprint being it young or old.
  • Omi Aopara: This is notably called Thunder water in English, this water will be shown to you by your tour guide and will also tell you why and what the water is all about.
  • Arun River: This River is believed to have or possess healing powers or properties.
  1. Ibeno Beach:

The Ibeno Beach is located in Akwa Ibom State, this beach is measured or stretching over 89 (eighty-nine) Kilometers, More also this beach is noted or believed to be the west African’s longest beach, now you see you are missing a lot, this beach is filled with lots of fun that you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Kano city walls:

The kano city walls according to its name are located in Kano state, this walls around the ancient Kano city are noted 14 (fourteen) kilometers baked structure of the earth. The Kano city walls are closely related to or associated with the walls at the Kano Emir’s palace, Kurmi market, and Dala hills. This place is also a nice place to view.

  1. Obudu cattle ranch:

This amazing view of nature and relaxation center is located in Cross River state Nigeria, this place shares a border with Cameroon or lets us say it’s close to Cameroon, in other words, it enables the view of Cameroon from Nigeria. The Obudu cattle ranch also known as the Obudu Mountain Resort is known for its scenic view and semi-temperate climate.

  1. Ogbunike cave:

The Ogbunike cave is located in Anambra state, the eastern part of Nigeria, this cave is a large and big sandstone cave which is now designated as a UNESCO heritage site, this cave is also fun to behold.

  1. Ikogosi warm and cold springs:

Are you amazed or surprised? Well, these fascinating springs that bring forth both cold and warm water respectively are located in Ekiti state, Nigeria. The Ikogosi warm spring is among the eight warm springs in the whole world, these springs are like the river Niger and Benue that later meets to form a confluence.

  1. The Lekki Conservation center:

The Lekki conservation center was established for the protection of flora, mangrove, and fauna from the urbanization. This conservation center is surely a place you don’t want to miss, more also, it is a 78 (seventy-eight) hectare conservation site, which is so large and big enough to entertain any visitor across the globe.

  1. Ancient Nok settlement:

Do you want to behold an ancient settlement? Or you want to know what an Ancient settlement looks like? Well, you got one, the Ancient Nok settlement is a site discovered in Jaba, Kaduna state, Nigeria.

  1. Erin Ijesha waterfalls:

Of course, we all want to visit a waterfall, now here we have one fascinating waterfall located in Osun state, Nigeria, which possess seven (7) different climbable levels for visitors and at the top of the waterfall is a village.

  1. The National Park of Gashaki-Gumpti:

This national park is located in Taraba state and noted as the largest national park in Nigeria which contains various varieties of fauna and flora.

  1. Alokikom (Akwanshi) Monoliths:

The AlokIkom Monoliths is found or located in Cross River state, in this place, there is a discovery of small stone sculptures around Ikom and there have been notable monoliths counting of over three hundred (300) in 35 different locations.

  1. Gurara falls:

The Gurara falls is known s the most beautiful falls in Nigeria which are located between Minna and Suleja in Niger state Nigeria, this location is approximately a one hour drive from Abuja the federal capital territory.

  1. Tarkwa Bay:

This Bay is a very awesome and beautiful place to be which is otherwise called a cool paradise, the Tarkwa Bay is located in Lagos state Nigeria, this bay is endowed with pristine beaches and lots of hangout spots. I bet you would love to visit this place.

  1. Mambilla Tea estate:

This estate is located in Taraba state Nigeria, this amazing place is home base of the highland tea manufactured in different estate regions. However, the Mambilla plateau is abounded by various waterfalls.

  1. Awhum waterfall and cave:

The Awhum waterfall and cave are located in Enugu state Nigeria In a beautiful valley, in local traditions, this waterfall is believed to have healing ability or properties.

  1. Osun-Oshogbo sacred groove:

The Osun sacred groove is of course located in Osun State Nigeria, this groove is bordered on a side by the Osun River and tied directly to worship the goddess of the Osun River.

  1. Yankari National park:

The Yankari national park is located in Bauchi state, Nigeria, this park is filled with different varieties of animals which is capable of making you have a safari experience with the animals residing in the Yankari national park.

  1. Olumo Rock:

Speaking of the Top 20 places to visit erase your mind from thinking that Olumo rock is not awesome, the Olumo rock is definitely an awesome place to be which is located in Abeokuta, Ogun state, well this place is both a shrine and a tourist center which possess two (2) new elevators to get you to the top which is far better than the old stairs made use of, I believe some of you wouldn’t want to go because it possesses a shrine, but the place is a safe place to be as many people often visit the place.

  1. Matsirga waterfalls:

The Matsirga waterfalls are another treasure from Kaduna state, this waterfall is surely a place worth visiting and viewing.

Conclusion on Top 20 places to visit in Nigeria

There you have the Top 20 places to visit in Nigeria which are definitely super amazing places to visit filled with Natural views and resources, this places can be visited at your leisure times or holidays alongside your families, or probably if you are not in Nigeria and you need a cool place to visit for fun and to view the works or beauty of Nature you can as well visit any of the places above for great pleasure. Have a great holiday.


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