30 Best Places To Visit In Lagos 2023

Today we are going to set out the 30 best places to visit in Lagos. Lagos is a state in Nigeria that is deemed or termed the most lively state in Nigeria and also the rowdiest state in Nigeria, however, Lagos is known as a metropolitan city that has lots of interesting and beautiful spots one should visit at free time to relax and catch fun. Lagos which is popularly known and termed as ‘EKO’ is Nigeria’s commercial capital which is abundantly cultured and possesses historical landmarks to visit. Lagos is a place filled with different spectacular places both natural endowment and manmade awesome views to give you maximum fun and relaxation. The Top Places to visit in Lagos are definitely cool.


Nowadays we discovered that due to the fact that travelling out is restricted and many countries such as South Africa and many Arab countries are no go areas due to the third waves of coronavirus pandemic people of Nigeria are beginning to have an interest in visiting places of interest in Lagos and its environ.

Many people are developing interest in looking inwards by visiting local landmarks and designated areas due to the new world order brought about by coronavirus pandemic that place restrictions on travelling outside the country or your locality,  most places mentioned here are currently witnessing larger visitors nowadays.

However,  it is advisable to observe social distancing and follow the guidelines laid down by the authorities.

30 Best Places To Visit In Lagos

  1. National Theatre:

The National Theatre located in Iganmu, Lagos is one of the best tourist attractions in Lagos, this place is known as a cultural landmark and also an architectural masterpiece which has been established for a long period of time, this place was constructed or established in the year 1976 by the former head of states in the person of General Yakubu Gowon, but was completed as its true picture today during the regime of General Olusegun Obasanjo. The National Theatre is the home of ancient arts and also beacons unto modern works by new artists

The National Theatre

  1. The New Afrika shrine:

Are you afraid of going to or visiting the new Afrika shrine? Well don’t be afraid cause the place is not a shrine for worshipping idols, this place is also termed or known as the Fela shrine. This place was opened in the month of October of the year 2000 as a replicate to the old Afrika shrine that was established by Fela Kuti in the year 1970 which was burnt down in the year 1977. The New Afrika Shrine is an open-air entertainment centre; however, the New Afrika Shrine is currently managed and headed by Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s son named Femi Kuti, and Fela’s daughter Yeni ANikulapo Kuti. This places hosts various shows and musical performances approximately every day.

  1. Nigerian National Museum:

The Nigerian National Museum is located at Awolowo Road, Lagos Island. This museum is a perfect exposition of Nigerian History and Nigerians different cultural heritage, the Nigerian National Museum was established in the year 1957, this museum also narrates or tells the full story of Nigeria’s journey through the years of the colonization period and the independence period, this place also showcases the historical Monuments and arts which includes; Brasses from Benin city, Nok Terracottas and lots more to behold. Inside this museum is found the bullet-riddled vehicle in which the late General Murtala Mohammed was murdered in the year 1976.

  1. Tarkwa Bay Beach:

The Tarkwa beach is located on an island near Lagos Harbor; this place is a sheltered beach that is accessible by water. The Tarkwa Bay beach is known as a popular location for swimmers and water-sports professionals or enthusiasts, however, most Bay Beach in Lagos are normally noted for noises and are overcrowded, but the Tarkwa bay beach is cool and calm, although it is usually more crowded on weekends, festive seasons and public holidays.

  1. Lekki conservation centre:

The Lekki conservation centre was founded or established in the year 1990 for the Nigerian conservation foundation by the chevron cooperation, the Lekki conservation centre is a 78 (seventy-eight) hectare Natural reserve and a conservation and relaxation centre which holds high an escape from the Lagos city Buzz and more also gives a breath of fresh air. This conservation centre in accordance with its name is located in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. in the Lekki conservation centre, there are lots of fascinating and interesting things to do and view which are as follows;

  • Barbecue joint
  • Bird hide
  •  A 96 Seater Gazebos
  • A four hundred and one (401) canopy walkway
  • Gym facilities
  • Treehouses
  • vii.    Tilapia ponds
  •  Rotunda
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Swamp lookout station, and lots more.


  • 6. Elegusi beach:

The Elegusi beach is located at the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ikate, Lagos state, Nigeria. This beach is a privately owned beach of the Elegusi Royal family; this beach is currently headed by His Royal Majesty Alayeluwa Saheed Ademola Elegushi. This beach is the most popularly known beach in Lagos state filled with fun and it is also a perfect place to be for parties, picnics, social gatherings, and lots more you think you want to do.

  1. Lekki Leisure lake:

The Lekki leisure lake is noted and rated high amongst the Top 10 places to visit in Lagos for adequate and supreme fun. This place is located opposite the vintage hotel, Lekki, Lagos state, the lake is only open from the hour of 12 at noon till 10 at night on weekends and public holidays, moreover, the best time to visit this lake is the dry season period, more also, there is always an entry fee to be paid and also fees for some of the outdoor activities carried out at the lake.

  1. Ikeja city mall:

Do you ever think this place will take last? The Ikeja city mall in accordance with its name is located in Ikeja. This mall is a place filled with Hundred (100) stores which enables you to do your shopping, this mall is the home for different choices and varieties of shops where renowned quality brands goods or products can be found or gotten, however, this place is also a home of cinemas where you can watch and enjoy the Box Office movie. The Ikeja city mall also consists of various fun centres for children to play and catch fun; you can as well take your kids on holiday to catch fun. The Ikeja mall also comprises twelve (12) great restaurants where you can get varieties of international and local dishes. You can visit the Ikeja mall even without having cash just to view things and have fun.

  1. Terra Kulture:

The Terra Kulture is located at 1376 Tiamiyu savage street, Victoria Island, Lagos state Nigeria. The terra culture is an internationally acclaimed house of art which is popularly called or known as TK and among the two auction houses of art in Nigeria. The TK houses over one thousand (1,000) collection of art pieces across Nigeria. The building possesses an art gallery which is the TK’s central feature, a library, a craft shop, a theatre, a restaurant, and a language school. The Terra Kulture is the host of book reading events and has been known for hosting lots of books readings by renowned authors such as Chimamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka, Sefi Atta in the past. This place is definitely a place you would not want to miss.

  1. Freedom Park:

The freedom park is located at the centre of downtown Lagos state, Nigeria. This park is known as leisure and memorial park where Her Majesty’s Broad street prison was situated, meanwhile, this park was structured in the year 2010 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Nigeria gaining independence. Freedom park’s monument explains and shows the history of the colonial heritage and the Broad streets prisons. The freedom park is one of the most beautiful spots to behold and relax on a good afternoon.

There are still lots of places to visit apart from the top 10 places to visit in Lagos, which includes the following;

  1. Banana Island
  2. Fun turf
  3. African beach resort
  4. Ikoyi club
  5. Kalakuta museum
  6. Eleko beach
  7. Film house in Surulere
  8. Empire sports paintball
  9. Lagos Ikoyi Link Bridge
  10. La Campagne Tropicana beach resort
  11. Tafawa Balewa Square
  12. Nike art gallery
  13. Play Barn
  14. Oniru private beach
  15. Silver bird galleria in VI
  16. Ozone cinemas in Yaba
  17. The escape room
  18. The Palms shopping mall
  19. Whispering Palms
  20. The soul lounge.

Now you can see, Lagos state is a fun place to be with, having different and diverse varieties of places you can visit in Lagos for fun and relaxation, the top 10 places to visit in Lagos has been stated above accompanied by other places that are as well great for visitation and relaxation, although, this said places may not be amongst the top 10 list but are definitely cool and fun to visit when you are done visiting the top 10, you can as well try the other ones stated above. I bet they are great.



Lagos is known as a large city, rowdy and one of the most interesting cities in Nigeria, you seek the top 10 places to visit in the city of Lagos? There you have it above. Lagos is filled with lots of places to catch fun and views to behold which are fascinating and mouth gaping and I bet you can’t afford to miss them.

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