Travel to Cape Verde from Nigeria step by step guide is focused on telling an intending traveller to the Island country what’s obtainable and essential things to know before embarking on a trip to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is an island country located about 639km off the western coast of Africa. The country consists of ten islands,  nine of which are inhabited. The capital is at Praia, the largest city, it is located on the island of Santiago which is also the largest. Cape Verde is situated near Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania. It’s an archipelago of volcanic origin in the West African side of Atlantic Ocean.


1. Obtain an International passport: When planning a trip to the beautiful Islands of Cape Verde, the foremost thing to do regardless of the reasons for the trip, be it business, touring, holiday, sojourning or researching is to get a valid international passport.

There are various ways you can connect the Island from Nigeria
1. By road: The cheapest way to reach Cape Verde is to cover part of the trip by road. You have the option of going by road to Cotonou and take a flight.

Likewise, you can travel further by road to Senegal. You can take advantage of the ECOWAS treaty of free movement among the member states,  you have the choice of taking short distances local vehicles, such as Lagos to Cotonou – Accra – Abidjan – Dakar. This is the smartest way of cutting costs. You will surely cut your travelling expenses if you do it methodically. This technique is recommended for a smart and adventurous guy.
Furthermore, there are luxurious buses plying the West African route, available in Abuja and Lagos with affordable prices.  From Senegal continue your journey by flight. It is practically possible.

2. By Flight: If you have the means or you want to get there fast, then go by flight. There are regular flights from Lagos to Cape Verde with a stopover in Senegal.
The following are airlines that ply Lagos, Nigeria to Espargos, Cape Verde,  all with stopovers:
1. TACV: Flights from Lagos to Sal Island via Accra, Price from USD390
2. Air Senegal: Flights from Lagos to Praia via Abidjan, price from USD270
3. Groupe Transit: Flight from Cotonou to Praia via Casablanca, Lisbon, price from USD650


Cape Verde is a member of ECOWAS and the treaty allow for free movement among the member states. ECOWAS treaty permitted a member to visit for 90 days visa-free. Coming from Nigeria you’re not suppose to obtain entry visa before departing, however, information reaching us shows that due to mass migration to Europe in recent years, which make the country the targets of sojourners,  Cape Verde authorities are considering pulling out of the visa free agreement, thereby placing some restrictions on foreigners entering the country for the purpose of travelling by sea to Europe. Currently, many Africans are facing a lot of difficulties in entering Cape Verde.

In a nutshell, when travelling to the Island prepare to obtain a visa on arrival, which is not free at the point of entry. Have the realistic information in mind and do not say we didn’t inform you in advance. Get a visitor’s visa before the commencement of your trip is the best option
On the other hand, as a member of ECOWAS, you may  be allowed to enter without a visa, provided you can produce the following documents.
1. Your International passport with 6 months validity.
2. Your reason for visiting Cape Verde.
3. Evidence of return ticket.
4. Proof of accommodation arrangement.
5. Evidence of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay on the Island.
6. Your health clearance certificate.
With these requirements, you will definitely be admitted.

Coming from a country like Nigeria with a weak currency exchange rate could be a challenge and you may need a lot of research in getting cheap accommodation, especially if you intend staying for a while.
There are budgets accommodation scatter all over the Islands,  all you need to do is to contact appropriate agents, who will assist in searching for accommodation that suits your needs.

There are various reasons that may draw a traveller to this volcanic origin island country. Be it a holiday, business, transiting, researching, touring or studies.

The principal reason why many outsiders are flocking here is tourism, besides historical places abound, the beautiful Islands are nature-friendly and it’s sunny year-round. You cannot get enough of the beaches, they’re there for you year-round. Sightseeing most of their towns and settlement are enough to occupy a visitor for a long period.

Exploring the Capital – Praia, Go further to the cultural Island of Boa Vista and get lost in the music. Feel free to see other places such as Cidade Velha, Salt mines of Sal. Santo Antao, Santa Luzia, Sao Vicente, Sao Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista, Maio, Santiago, Fogo, and Brava.


Portuguese is the official language that is used in official transactions, however, a local language called Crioulo is by far the most widely spoken. For tourists and short term travellers communicating in English could pose some difficulty initially. However as you mingled it may not be difficult to see educated inhabitants who understand and communicate in English, therefore visitors and tourists do not have problems moving around and interacting.


Cape Verde Islands are adjudged by most visitors and tourists to the country in recent times as very safe. You can go about your daily business with peace of mind. There are no security concerns. The capital city centre is free of crime at day-time, and at night everything is closed and the streets are empty.
The main tourist islands of Sal and Boa Vista are generally safe and friendly, therefore feel free and enjoy your stay.

Nevertheless, our candid advice to a first-time visitor to Cape Verde is that day-time is the best for moving around the Island. Avoid late night out as much as possible. Bad people, such as mugger, drunkard operates mainly at night.

Corn and beans are the staple food of Cape Verde, however, foods such as fish, rice, beans, manioc, and fried potatoes are readily available.
Eating out in Cape Verde Islands are not expensive if you can choose to eat at the local eating centres, with 150 Escudos equivalent to 1 euro fifty cents, you’re assured of a reasonable meal.
If you choose to buy foodstuff and other provisions, the best place are the supermarkets where you’re sure of getting good prices.

Living and working in Cape Verde is very interesting if you speak Portuguese or the local language called Crioulo.
Cape Verde is a well-organized country, credit goes to the government for making it to the European standards, unlike other West African countries where general life are unorganized.

Due to European expatriate influence, today, Cape Verde is one of the most developed democratic countries in Africa. According to experts, the country continues to exhibit one of Africa’s most stable democratic government. You can feel the good work anywhere you transit.


If you’re coming here from an English speaking country for the sole aim of getting jobs it may be difficult if you’re not well educated, you should be a graduate of the professions that are currently in vogues, such as Information Technology, Software Engineers/developers or related areas.

2. Be able to speak Portuguese is very important.

3. Alternatively, if you have a relative who is legally residing in Cape Verde, that could be very helpful in assisting you in getting a job.

4. Finally employ the service of a professional job recruiter to assist you in getting a job could be the best way to solve the problem.


The beauty aspects of Cape Verde is that you’re in a tourist-friendly country, therefore you will not suffer harassments from the law enforcement agencies when you’re inside. Police are very friendly as long as you don’t involve in illegal activities. When you’re in the country you have no fear of unjustifiable arrest or deportations. You go about your daily activities knowing you’re safe and with peace of mind.

The Cape Verde Currency is Escudos or CV Esc which is the legal tender within  Cape Verde. The exchange rate is 110 CV to €1 (Euro) US Dollar and Euros are widely accepted all over the islands. It’s advisable you take along the Euros.

If you don’t like raining days, the best time to visit the country is between November and June. At this time of the year, you can travel all over the Islands without hindrance. August is the hottest time while January is the coolest. Enjoy your stay.


The local inhabitants are very friendly and accommodating and making friends become easy when you conduct yourself in civilized manners and you can speak the local language.

That’s all for now on travel to Cape Verde from Nigeria step by step guide.


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