Travel To Morocco From Nigeria Step By Step Guide

Travel to Morocco from Nigeria step by step guide is our unique way of introducing travellers from Nigeria and beyond on how to undertake a trip to Morocco in order not to have a frustrating experience but to have a hitch-free trip.

Travelling to Morocco the Northwest African country is special in many ways to those travellers that cherished cultural diversity, in that Morocco represents and presented to you three different cultures live and in a unique way. This is an African country that really believed and does things the African way politically, but, realistically an Arab nation with a majority Muslim population. Finally, the closest African country to Europe, (Spain is just about 14 km away from Moroccan border) when you’re here you can easily perceive and experience the European way of living and the European standards are seen everywhere.
Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco the African Arab European nation, one  of the only three countries blessed with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea coastlines.


There are two realistic ways you can access Morocco from Nigeria:
1. By Road:
2. By Flight

By road. It is possible to travel to Morocco by road if you can take the risk. This is how you can do it.
Assuming you’re starting your trip from the City of Lagos, Nigeria. Take a bus going directly to Ghana or Senegal, from Dakar, Senegal takes another bus to Bamako the Malian capital. From Bamako, there are luxurious buses plying Nouakchott the capital of Mauritania, board one directly to Nouakchott. On reaching Nouakchott,  take a minibus to Nouadhibou the second largest city in Mauritania, from there, continue your journey by taking a bus car to Dakhla. By the way, Dakhla is a city in Western Sahara a disputed territory administered by Morocco. On reaching Dakhla take a bus to Casablanca. Salaam alaekun you’re in Morocco. Enjoy yourself.

Take flight: If you’re not the adventurous guy, go by flight, under 6 hours you’re in Morocco.
These are four simple ways you can connect Morocco from Lagos, Nigeria:
1. Drive or take a bus to Cotonou and take a flight to Casablanca between USD230 – USD850 the cheapest route.
2. Fly directly from Lagos to Casablanca USD277 – USD1,009
3. Fly from Lagos to Marrakesh USD373 – USD1,325
4. Fly from Lagos to Tangier USD443 – USD1,529
You can choose from the following airlines that run services between Nigeria – Morocco.
Royal Air Maroc, Meridiana, EasyJet, Tunisair, Air France or Lufthansa etc.

Currently no, the good news is that obtaining Morocco visa in Nigeria had been adjudged as a stress-free, compared to some other countries. Hence it is one of the easiest Visa you can obtain in Nigeria.

If you intend processing Moroccan visa in Nigeria, please read our popular write-up on to apply for Morocco visa in Nigeria. All you need to know are there. You can process the visa personally without involving a third party.

After you’ve completed the travelling formalities and departed, disembarkation processes don’t take much time if you get your facts right.
Please note the following before facing the immigration officers:
1. Have your passport and return tickets with you.
2. Be sure the documents are valid
3. Be sure your visa is valid.
4. Have basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Morocco.
5. Do not carry along too large suitcases, it could send a wrong signal to the security agents which may lead to refuse entry.
6. Be sure you have your health clearance certificate within reach.
7. Make sure that you have the address of where you’re going or the hotel accommodation you intend to stay.
8. Fill the necessary forms and answer questions with confidence, after all, you’re here voluntarily.

When you step out of the airport the next step is to find yourself not only a comfortable but a cheaper place to stay. Your ability to save money or spend less start with the type of transport you used from the airport and the hotel you chooses. Avoid chartered caps, go for public transport such as buses or train unless you’re on an urgent appointment.
If you’re on a budget you will definitely plan for accommodation that suits your needs. Finding cheaper accommodation can be better handled by professionals.  Organisations such as and Airbnb can assist in advance. Hotels and Hostels are scattered everywhere in most cities in Morocco.

Ask for Hostels they’re very cheap and may afford you the opportunity of meeting visitors from different parts of the world. That’s the easiest way of meeting and making friends.
Here are few of them: Riad Dia Hostel, Marrakesh. Kasbah Red Castle Hostel, Marrakesh. Baytalice Hostel, Tangier. Riad Verus Hostel, Fez. Equity Point Marrakesh Hostel, Funky Fes Hostel, Fez. Etc.

Morocco is largely an Arab country, therefore, Arabic is number one, followed by Berber, French and English.
As a visitor coming from an English speaking country, you may find it difficult to see the ordinary people speaking English. French and to some extent Spanish are much more popular as second languages. Be prepared for Moroccan Arabic unless you limit your interactions to the urban areas where English is becoming more popular.

Morocco currency is called Moroccan Dirham
The rate of Nigeria Naira to Dirham is 1 MAD= 37.06.  The US Dollar is $1=9.7MAD using the rate provided by some of popular currency exchange companies.
Please note the US Dollar is widely accepted here.

The choice is yours when it comes to eating out in Morocco. Although prices vary per cities, on the average, prices in a cheap restaurant, meal per person are about 30MAD or USD3.10. While at a Mid-range Restaurant, meal per person is about 75MAD or USD7.5
In order to get the best deal, it’s advisable to mingle with the locals, or when you’re in downtown search and join the people. In a nutshell, food and eating out is a pleasure in Morocco. Enjoy yourself.


Why are you here? An individual has various reasons for setting out from their comfort zone. Be it Touring, holidaying, researching, sojourning or importantly looking for employment or relocating you can make it here if the will to win is there.

If your aim is touring or holidaying, better continue your visit to the Mediterranean seaside. You will definitely have a lot of fun, in that the blue sea is lively, friendly and accommodating unlike the unfriendly and often stormy Atlantic Ocean.


Despite the fact that getting a job is increasingly difficult in Morocco and elsewhere, due to the war in the Middle East which forced my able body men and women to seek refuge in a foreign country.  However, because Morocco is a rapidly developing country a well-qualified person especially graduate in various field of Information Technology can secure employment in Morocco. Currently, there are vacancies in the profession such as Software engineers, software developers, IT Manager, Call Management Group Agent Intern, IT Analyst, Database Manager Fellowship, Hotel Manager, English Teachers, Academic Manager etc.
Please check out the following websites for more information on available jobs in Morocco:,, these and others claimed that they can assist foreigner in securing employment. Remember it is important to be a graduate in your field and be ready to accept pay lower than what is prevailing in most advanced countries.
Please note that does not recommend any site for employment purposes.

When you’re in Morocco always bear in mind that you’re in a Muslim country, therefore respect their way of doing a thing. Dress decently or modestly. Despite their closeness to Europe, there are things you don’t do in excess here. Too much alcohol and drink in the open may land you into trouble. Furthermore, avoid eating and shaking hand with your left hand. It may be regarded as an insult. Does the Mediterranean lifestyle and you will surely enjoyed your stay.

Morocco’s weather is varying with season and region. Generally, the country has a tropical climate, with the temperature reaching as high as 35°C and as low as 5°C in the Sahara.
If you’re in the Mediterranean coast expect warm climate and if you’re inland area expIects hotter and drier weather.
Expect rainfall in the coaster areas from November to March.

That’s all for now on, Travel to Morocco from Nigeria step by step guide.


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