Here we present to you travel to Kenya from Nigeria step by step guide for your consideration. Now that most European countries are becoming a no go area and North America is no longer attractive to frequent travellers due to the horrible pandemic ravaging Asia, most European countries and the United States. It’s about time to redirect your choice of movement to African countries. Travel to Kenya may be a wise alternative.

Where is Kenya located?

Kenya is a country that has a coastline on the Indian Ocean located in East Africa. Kenya shared a border with Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan. A commonwealth member country with Capital in Nairobi. The national language is called Swahili and the official languages are English and Swahili.

Nairobi the country’s capital is the largest city in the country and the second-largest city is the Port city of Mombasa. Other big cities include Kisumu, Nakuru etc.

How to get to Kenya from Nigeria

There are two ways a potential visitor to Kenya from Nigeria can get there:

1. By going on a private vehicle. If you choose this option be ready to spend about four days on the way. You can start your journey from anywhere in Nigeria, however, be ready to go through Eastern Nigeria, and move forward to Cameroon. Onwards from Cameroon, the ideal way is to pass through the Central African Republic, and the Congo Democratic Republic move through the peripheral of South Sudan on your way to the beautiful land of Uganda and enter Kenya through the Uganda land border. All obstacles considered, it is possible to reach Kenya by road from Nigeria.

2. Going by flight: The realistic option and the cheapest and the fastest in getting to Kenya from Nigeria is by flight. Various airlines are operating Nigeria – Kenya routes. For example, Kenya Airways and Ethiopia Airlines fly Lagos to Nairobi twice daily. Other airlines you can use include Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways and EgyptAir. Their prices range between USD300 and USD550 round trip.

Is Kenya a visa-free entry for Nigerian citizens?

No Kenya is not a Visa-free entry for Nigerians, however, there are Visa on arrival agreements between Nigeria and Kenya that make the Visa easy to obtain provided you follow the laydown rules.

The foremost guide is to tell you that it is advisable you process the Visa on arrival online before the commencement of your trip to Kenya. Do not travel before you obtain the approval otherwise, it could lead to refused entry.

Types of Kenya Visa:

There are various types of visas available, range from Transit Visa, Ordinary or Single entry Visa, Service Visa, Multiple journey Visa, Student visa, work Visa and Medical Visa.

However, the most popular Visa is the single entry or ordinary Visa which is good for business, visiting, vacationing, tourism or medical treatment.

This is how to get a Kenya Ordinary/Single entry Visa

To obtain the Visa on arrival easily, you have to start the processing online through the Kenya eVisa website.

1. Start the process by using your active email address.

2. Click create an account straight away on the evisa home page.

3. Pick register as a visitor

4. As soon as you logged in pick Department of immigration Service

5. The next step is to pick ‘apply now’ and complete the eVisa application form.

6. Furthermore pick the payment method from the options available, such as KCB Cash or Equity Cash, credit/debit or prepaid card, or VISA card.

7. Finally submit the application.

Please note that the processing may take two working days. Therefore start early prior to your trip and wait for the approval to be sent to your email address. When you receive the approval do the downloading and print it out.

Make sure you do the photocopy of the printout and include them in your passport. Remember this is wart you’re to present to the Immigration authorities on arrival at Kenya international airport on disembarkation.

Once again do not attempt to travel before you receive the approval.

These are the basic requirements for the issuance of the Kenyan popular Visa

1. Your international passport with at least 6 months validity and unused visa pages

2. One recently acquired passport sized photograph with white background.

3. Evidence of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Kenya

4. Evidence of hotel reservation

5. Evidence of a return ticket.

6. Evidence of a completed Yellow card

7. If on an invitation, presentation of an invitation letter duly endorsed by your host.

8. Evidence of a travel itinerary.

9. Letter of introduction from your employer or your tax clearance certificate if you’re self-employed.

The validity of the single-entry Visa

The single entry visa is valid for 3 months which enables you to stay for 90 days and it is possible to renew it for another 6 months.

The Kenya Visa fees

The Single entry Visa is USD 51

The Transit Visa is USD 21


If you intend to make enquiries or do other businesses with the Kenyan High Commission in Nigeria these are the addresses in Nigeria:

1. Kenya High Commission Office,

No.357, Diplomatic Drive,

Central Business District,


Kenya Consular Office,

UBA Building, First Floor,

22B, Idowu Taylor Street,

Victoria Island,


Please note that Kenya Visa is only available online, therefore you do not need to apply through their Nigeria offices.



1. Never travel before the due date.

2. On your day of departure be sure you arrive early at the Airport, before the commencement of the Airline’s check-in activity.

3. If there is a queue, join immediately without engaging in any side talk or photograph with friends.

4. As soon as you checked in your luggage and obtain the boarding pass, move straight to the Airport Immigration departure counters.

5. Lateness arrival at the Immigration and the security services departure counters may result in missing your flight, due to the fact that most major Airlines usually scheduled their flight towards evening hours which automatically creates congestion at the Immigration Service and the Airport authorities departure counters, if you arrive early the congestion is avoidable.

6. Remember if you missed your flight, rescheduling the flight will attract extra charges from the airline and the Airport authorities.


When the Aeroplane touched down at the Kenya international airport please take note of the following points before reaching the Immigration arrival control area.

1. Make sure that your passport, a scanned photograph, the original Visa on arrival printout, the photocopy of the printout, your yellow card, return ticket, the contact details of the place you intend to stay and the basic travelling allowance are in your hand luggage, for easy presentation on-demand by security personnel. Putting any of these vital documents in your main luggage will not only cause delay but may lead to refused entry.

2. If you’re a first-time traveller to Kenya and on a short visit never carry large luggage, it may send a wrong signal to the security agents that you intend to relocate permanently in Kenya and it could lead to refused entry.

3. Never make friends with a stranger before you conclude the arrival formalities.

5. Finally, do not assist or carry anything for anyone it could be dangerous.


When you stepped out of the Airport and get set to head to the city, there are ready-made ways you can go. By Airport taxi, by public bus or by a minibus called matatu.

Going by public bus is a preferred option because it is the cheapest. The public buses are there for you between 06.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. a single ticket cost 50KES, which is the cheapest you can get.


If you do not have a pre-arranged accommodation in Kenya, it’s advisable you contact the various professionals in accommodation provision. Check them online, they’re there to assist you in getting decent accommodation at reasonable rates. Nairobi hotel accommodation range from USD15 per night if you know how to search.

Young travellers are encouraged to contact or enquire about the Youth Hostels Association. That’s the cheapest option in accommodation provisions. You don’t need a membership registration or card before you can stay in a Youth Hostel. The only drawback in staying in a Youth Hostel is that you will need to share facilities with other visitors, hence there’s no privacy.


If your objective is to sightseeing or goes on tourism, you will have no problem because Kenya is known worldwide for its numerous safaris and other historical destinations. You will never get enough.  However, if you intend to search for available business opportunities or looking for a job that may be difficult to get. You should make a serious search before leaving your present country of residence.

The best way to start a lucrative business in Kenya is to engage the service of a practical business management professional not only to search for the right business but the right location at a reasonable start-up fund. With the right connections, Kenya is a place where a foreigner can start a small scale business and grow without molestation. Please be careful of the person you choose as a partner in business, nowadays bad elements may play a fast game on you. Do not say I did not tell you.

That’s all for now on travel to Kenya from Nigeria step by step guide, we promised to continue updating you from time to time especially if we receive important information from Kenya.


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