Travel to Thailand from Nigeria step by step guide is what we intend to illustrate here.

Where is Thailand?

Thailand is a country situated at the heart of Southeast Asia. The Asian country is also known as the Kingdom of Thailand located in the Indochina Peninsula in which you have India to the West and China to the North. Thailand with a population of about 70 million inhabitants is a country with a high percentage of arable land which allows the country to farm sufficiently.

Why travelling to Thailand?

Nowadays many people are travelling to Thailand for a divergent of business reasons, the popular among them are fishery products and rice importations.

Many businessmen and women are travelling to Thailand because of its a place where they’re sure of getting various agricultural products such as rice, fishery products, soybean, cashew nuts, rubber, corn, medical plants etc.

Thailand remains the world biggest rice exporter, therefore when a business person is talking about good quality rice from abroad, Thailand is synonymous with rice.


Due to the facts that many businessmen are going to Thailand to source products such as fishery products (stockfish) and rice it’s better to give you few tips on how to send them down to Nigeria.

When rummaging about doing import business from Thailand, there are important things you should consider:
1. The distance
The foremost issue you have to consider when you want to engage in importing consignments from Thailand is the distance between your country and the Asian country. From some experts calculation, the distance between Nigeria and Thailand is about 9,977 kilometres. As an importer, you must realise that the far the distance the more expensive the importation will be.

2. The security
The issue of security also ranked very high in your importation of goods. You must do a background check on the type of freight company you intend using. The track record of the company is very important. Safe delivery, as well as delivery in good condition,  are key in whatever commodity you intend importing.

3. The total cost
The goods must arrive not only in good condition but at a reasonable cost in order for you to sell at the current market price in your country.

4. Mode of transport
Depends on the type of goods you’re importing, sending good by cargo plane is the fastest means of getting your good down to Nigeria. If you’re importing valuable items courier services are not only fast but reliable.

If you intend travelling to Thailand the only option available is to go by flight.
There are various Airlines operating scheduled flights from Nigeria to Thailand, such as Emirates Airline, Arik Air, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airline, Kenya Airways, Etihad Airways, Thai Airways etc. You have the freedom of taking off from Lagos, Kano or Abuja.

Their prices range from USD685 Kenya Airways to USD1,066 Thai Airways.
If you commence your trip or you take off from Lagos to Bangkok be expecting about 14 hours flight.

In choosing an airline, the important factor you should consider is the number of stopovers involved before reaching Thailand. The fewer the stopovers the cheaper the flight ticket.


Thailand is not a visa-free country for Nigeria, therefore if you intend travelling to Thailand be prepared to obtain an entry visa.
The type of visa you will apply for depends on your mission to Thailand.
This type of visa is useful for entering Thailand as a tourist or visitor only. It’s valid for 60 days and you can ask for an additional 30 days extension if necessary.

This is useful for studies, researching or training purposes.
It’s valid for 90 days and extendable for a year or for the duration of your studies.

This type of visa is useful for those travelling for business transactions and those employed by a company in Thailand.
It’s a single entry valid for 90 days. It’s possible to extend it if the need arises.

It’s the type of visa issued to those retirees wishing to relocate to Thailand.
The applicant must be 50 years and above and have the ability to receive a monthly pension of 65,000 Thailand currency or have an equivalent of 800,000 THB in a Thailand’s bank.
It’s valid for 90 days and extendable when the need arises.

For comprehensive information on Thailand visa, you can visit to apply for a Thailand visa in Nigeria. All you need to know is there.

Please note that in applying for any of the above-mentioned visas you have to appear personally at the Thailand Embassy for visa processing. The third party is unnecessary.


After you successfully obtained your visa please note the following
1. Ensure your passport still has at least six months validity before travelling.
2. Ensure you did not wait too long after the issuance of a visa.

On your day of departure, please note the following points :
1. Ensure you arrive at the Airport early prior to the commencement of the Airline’s check-in procedures.
2. If there is a queue quickly join in, do not engage in any frivolous sidetalk.
3. As soon as you checked in your luggage and obtained your boarding pass move quickly to the immigration departure counters.
4. If you arrive the departure counters late, be expecting long queues because most major Airlines usually scheduled their flight for the late evening which usually increase activities and pressure at both immigration departure counters and the Airport Authority security clearance zone.
5. The danger in late check-in is that often time it may lead to the missing flight. Note if you missed your flight, reschedule flight usually entails paying additional charges to the Airline and the Airport Authority.


When you disembark at the Bangkok Airport please note the following before approaching the Immigration Arrival clearance counters:
1. If you’re a first-time traveller ensure you travel with light luggage, having many suitcases may send a wrong message to the immigration control officer who may assume that you intend to stay in Thailand for a long period, this may lead to refuse entry.
2. Make sure you fill the immigration arrival card,  possibly while on board.
3. Ensure you have your passport, return ticket, the immigration card, health certificate and the basic travelling allowance are in your hand luggage to avoid embarrassments of waiting for your suitcases.
4. Avoid assisting a fellow traveller in carrying anything no matter the pressure or condition of the passenger this simple action may be very dangerous.
5. Do not make friend with strangers until you complete the arrival procedures and you step out of the Airport.


When you complete the arrival procedures and step out of the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Bangkok is about 25 kilometres from the airport, therefore, you must choose between taking a Taxi and Airport Rail Link.

The Rail link offers you the safest, the cheapest and the fastest service, especially during the rush hour. But the Taxi rides are the easiest to get because you get them as soon as you trek downstairs to the airport first level.


Bangkok is full of Touts and Mr know it all people who are ready to facilitate your movements or ready-made help for fees. The more you avoid them the cheaper your stay. If not,  you may be extorted at every turn.


If you did not have pre-arranged accommodation and you are on a budget the best way to get cheaper accommodation is to contact the professionals on accommodation to do the search for you. There’s a lot of cheaper accommodation around, range from budget hotels to hostels.

If you are interested in staying in an hostel,  but you don’t have a hostel membership card, it’s possible to obtain one on arrival at a hostel. Check it out.


Besides numerous export business opportunities that draws many people to Thailand nowadays, often time there are opening in the area of English teaching that offers instant employment to those with professional English degree especially applicants from an English speaking countries.

While English teaching offers the easiest job opportunities, another area that can get you employment easily is to be a professional writer, profession such IT software developers/engineers, Computer programmers, Hotel industry, Maintenance engineers etc.

Please note that in order to work here you need a work permit, it’s better if you can arrange it from your country of residence. But if you’re already in Thailand you have to make an effort to acquire it in order to work with peace of mind.

Search for job
There are three viable options you can use in the search for employment opportunities in Thailand.
1. Search through the internets. There are various websites specialising in job openings in Thailand, search for them and follow their links. They may be of immense help in making you realise your dream.

2. Employ a professional job recruiter. If you cannot do it on your own the second option is to seek for the assistance of a job recruiter. The advantage of this option is that a job recruiter knows the terrain and he’s familiar with the current happening in Thailand, therefore, he will be in a better position to advise you on what to do to be able to meet Thailand’s job criteria.

3. The last option you can use to get a job is to invest your time and resources in studying for a professional course that is relevant to the employment need of Thailand. This road may be long, rough, expensive and time-consuming, however, if you can endeavour it, the end will pay you tremendously. It’s a win situation because studying in Thailand will enable you to understand the important segment of their society, hence the area of employment needs and you will be fitted in easily, unlike a green-horn.

If you have the resources the surest way to make a living in Thailand is to establish an export link where you can be exporting numerous Thailand’s exportable commodities to other parts of the world.
Thailand is by far the world largest rice exporter, Thai rice sell like hot care in Africa, all you need to do is to find out how you get them down to your country or other parts of Africa.

Thailand enjoys a tropical climate generally. The yearly temperature hovers around 82°F and high humidity.
Thai have three seasons. November to February cool season, March to May hot season, and June to October.
Unlike in some other countries where you have to choose a season to visit, you have the freedom of visiting Thailand at any time of the year, there is no much difference.


The currency used in Thailand is called Baht. It’s code THB. 1 USD equals 30.2964 THB currently.

Conclusion on Travel to Thailand from Nigeria step by step guide.

Please note that if you intend to stay beyond the validity of your visa, Thai immigration will extend your visa on an application, therefore in order to stay legally it’s advisable you find out how you can extend your visa before it’s expiration.

That’s all for now on Travel to Thailand from Nigeria step by step guide.


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