Turkish Embassy In Nigeria, Visa Information

Here we present to you Turkish Embassy in Nigeria addresses, visa services information that may be of important to you.  If you are interested in having business dealings with the Republic of Turkey or you’re interested in knowing various business and investment opportunities in Turkey. You want to further your studies and study in the English language in a non-English speaking country, or how to relocate to a European country independent of European Union, or you intend to transact business in Northern Cyprus, then you have to locate Turkish embassy in Nigeria.


  • No. 333 Diplomatic Drive,
    Central Business District
    Abuja, Nigeria
    Tel:+234 9 413 9457
    The email address of the Turkish embassy in Abuja: embassy.abuja@mfa.gov.tr
    Their website is: http://Abuja.emb.mfa.gov.tr


  • No. 3, Okunola Martins Close,
    Ikoyi, Lagos
    Telephone number: +234 1 269 1140
  • 0803 648 8981  0807 494 9503
    Fax number +234 1 269 3040
    The email address of Turkish embassy in Lagos, Nigeria: turkemb@infoweb.abs.net


All foreigners applying for Visa to Turkey should note the following

  1. No more visa on arrival, foreign visitors are expected to process their visa before departing their own country.
  2. Turkey is not a member of the European Union, therefore Turkish visa is not a Schengen visa.
  3. It is a must to process your application for visa on-line.
  4. It’s after you complete visa application on-line that you begin visa processing.
  5. All visa applicants must book appointment otherwise they will not be attended to.
  6. Your International passport must have six months of validity.
  7. Health insurance certificate is mandatory and must be valid for the duration of your trip.
  8. Because of large numbers of intending travellers to Turkey, visa applicants should file their application eight weeks before the date of departure.
  9. On your appointment date, you’re required to present all the required documents, such as International passport, Online application, letter of invitation, health insurance certificate, A duly stamped current bank statement with evidence of sufficient funds. Fully confirmed hotel reservation and valid return ticket.


Independent Turkey is very vital to the world economy. It is a transcontinental nation. Turkey is a link between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Istanbul airport is one of the busiest in the world due to its strategic location.

For the past two decades Turkey has been very popular and home to many young Nigerians studies in their multicultural institutions.

Due to its rapid growth and libra economy more foreigners preferred Turkey to settle down and carry out their business activities, a little wonder to see intending travellers to Turkey trooping into Turkish embassy in Nigeria for consular enquiries.


Before you set out to Turkey please endeavour to enquire about the current happenings in Turkey regards the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world.

Turkey is affected by the pandemic but the authorities here are doing everything possible to contain the outbreak, foreign visitors are gradually returning.

Going from Africa, you have to do all the necessary tests and equip yourself with the coronavirus clearance certificate to avoid refused entry.


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