Travelling out of Nigeria these days is one of the increasing phenomena that is happening probably due to the state of the nation. For those interested in SA, South Africa visa fees in Nigeria. Many citizens of Nigeria have dreamed of moving out of the country either for exposure purpose or many reasons best known to them. many factors, as a matter of fact, are driving Nigeria to this country, major factor pointing to visit of Nigeria to this country is due to the tourist centre that is more abundant in this country. Also, this country is known for his business-centric nature and a plume of economic advancement. Taking a microscopic look at this country, there are a lot of amenities that call and drive people attention naturally to the country.


We have listed the price of visa according to the visa categories below

Additional of 4,500 will be added to your fee if you opt-in for the passport courier service

It is important to note this price is subject to change due to the current dollar price and fluctuations in the dollar rate.

{{You can pay your fee/cash at the Bank Implant at VFS Global. When paying, you’re expected to present a copy of the first page of your passport at the bank.


In course of your registration and submission of an application for the visa, there are some documents that will be requested of you, we will be listing them below.

  • A valid passport which still valid for the period of not less than a month before the expiration of your stay in South Africa
  • For applicants travelling on the business ground, invitation letter or confirmation letter from the company will be required or the conference to be attending
  • Application form of visa category under business should be filled with black ink.
  • Birth certificate.
  • International vaccination card.
  • Passport page.
  • Marriage certificate where marriage is the major reason for visa application
  • Bank statement.
  • Two identical passport 45mm by 45mm on white background showing complete face.
  • Hotel reservation receipt.

South Africa Visa Fees In Nigeria


Visa generally are approved documents that permit an individual to stay in a country shore for a specific period of time. Now in regards to this, South African visas are documents that are given tom individuals to stay and live in South Africa for a specific period of time for the purpose he or she applies for the visa. Without a visa it is impossible to stay in some country for over 90days while some countries will not even permit your stay for a longer period that is more than 7daya, some did not even give room for a stay at all without showing a visa at the airport, this will amount to immediate deportation of such individual.


There are different types and categories of visas while applying for South Africa travelling documents.

Before that, there are certain individuals that do not require a visa to travel to South Africa not because they are special beings but because of the conditions attached to their person. People who have United Kingdom passport are not required to process a visa to the country, people who have already the passport of South Africa, individual with Britain passport, Northern Ireland passport, and some few individuals who are excluded from obtaining a visa before accessing South Africa. Outside these categories of people, the following are the categories of visas available for South African applicants. It is important to know that for you to save stress and avoid all manner of rigorous activities that may ensue in course of your registration, it is advisable you apply earlier.

We have a visitor’s visa; this visa is mainly for people who have a friend or a relation in South Africa and which to go for a visit to such a person. Also, if such a relationship is having an important event to celebrate such a visa is available for his or her family members to apply for in celebrating with him or her. Note, this visa only spans for a period of 90days which is synonymous with 3 months’ failure to leave the country after your stays expire result in a criminal offense in which the offender if caught, will be charged for illegal stay in the country.

Also, we have the long-stay visa, this visa gives room for applicants who wish to stay longer than the period of 90 days (3 months) in the country for one reason or the other that may be best known to them. this visa spans the period of 3 months to 3 years in which if the visa is not renewed or approve after expires and applicant still reside in the country beyond the given time result in an illegal stay in the country.

Furthermore, we have a business visa, this visa is meant for those who are travelling on business purposes or any other business-related transaction in South Africa. This visa duration or expiry varies but it ranges from the period of 3 years to 5 years.


This visa is registered for in the VFS Global office in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt. The application is always submitted in person as part of the requirement for visa registration. In these different locations, there is a limited or speculated number of visa applications that are accepted per day, this varies from location to location. In Abuja, the number of daily entries stood at 150 per day, in Port Harcourt just 20 application per day, in Lagos, 30 applications are submitted per day. For you to boycott all these limitations and get your visa submitted among the daily accepted visa, it is advisable to get to the venue as early as possible so as to occupy a good number and beat against the long queues always witnessed there in their office.


  • LAGOS: plot 110, Admiral Ayinla way 3rd Roundabout Lekki phase 1
    • Contact: 08150188800
    • Operation Hour: they work between Monday to Friday between the hour of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • ABUJA: no. 38 Lobito Crescent Wuse 2
    • Contact: 081 5018 8800
    • Opening Hour: Monday to Friday – 08:00 – 15:00
  • PORT HARCOURT: Vineyard Shopping Centre, 88 Woji Road, GRA, Port Harcourt
    • Contact: 081 5018 8800
    • Submission Times: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 15:00

On a normal note, the processing period or duration should be at least 6 working days but are always not consistent as other factors may prove to work against these application processes. But it is a usual practice to send a text message to intimate you about visa if it has been submitted to South Africa Embassy and from there you can monitor your visa via their online platform. After your visa has been processed, you will be requested to go pick your visa up in the centre you register for it and your payment receipt will serve as collection evident


That’s all on South Africa visa fees in Nigeria if you have more information on the fees or an update you can contact this website.


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