In this write-up we shall explain to you comprehensively the types of jobs you can get in Dubai and why is it that most employers always hold on to your passport.

The different kinds of jobs you can obtain in Dubai can be categorised into various forms, e.g. highly qualified professional, artisans, and blue-collar workers.


At a glance let’s considered the following jobs:  Teachers (especially Science Teachers and English teachers) Information technician and technologists. Information technology experts such as Software Engineers and Developers.  Health care professionals, Nurses, especially Anesthetic nurses,  and medical doctors, Medical science laboratory professionals. Pilots and Air hostesses, Aeronautic Engineers, Architects, Building engineers, High-rise building designers. Shipbuilders, Oil and gas engineers, Legal experts, Online English teachers

Truck drivers, Luxury car drivers, fashion designers. Tailors, Motor vehicle mechanics. Stylists, Translators, Seamen, Painters, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Machinist, Dry cleaners, Electricians,  Plumbers, Industrial Equipment Technicians, and Mechanics, Mechanical Engineers

Construction workers, factory workers,  Tourist guides,  Restaurant workers, Hotel workers

STILL, ON THE TYPES OF JOBS, YOU CAN GET IN DUBAI: In choosing a job you have to consider the following: (a) Your technical ability, can you do it. (b) Do you have the professional qualifications for the job? (c) Do you have the experience? (d) Is the money they are offering you are enough to relocate to a foreign country? (e) You must be enquired about the working environment and your potential employer. Is language barrier a factor?

(f)  Your investment: The resources you are putting in, does it worth it. For example some people, in desperation,  sells their family property to make the journey.

(g) Your current status: Is what you are doing presently cater for your future needs.


If you do not have a reliable relative in Dubai, and you cannot search online single-handedly, you may go through an agent, in that case, choose wisely. There are so many unscrupulous agents nowadays, whose aim is to defraud.


The practice of employers holding on to passports is common practice  with blue-collar jobs in Dubai
There are three main reasons why employers may hold on to your passport:

1. Most immigrants seeking employment in Dubai do not wait for residents permit or do not process employment visa before arriving Dubai and those Agents that assisted them in processing their documents because they incurred certain expenses, be it agent or employers will hold on to your passport to prevent the immigrant from searching for another job elsewhere. Your passport serve as a guarantee or security for their investment or until you are able to pay back.

2. Some unscrupulous employers tends to scam new arrivals and also underpay them, to keep these new arrivals they have to hold on to their passports.

3. Some blue-collar employees do not have a safe place to keep their vita documents, therefore, allows their employers to hold on to their passports.

FINALLY, note that employers holding on to passport is illegal. Therefore, before surrendering your passport remember that it may not be returned to you at your time of need.

Statistically, most Nigerians returned from Dubai usually came without their passports it’s easy to conclude that there is a passport racketeering going on over there, certain illegal organisations are transferring Immigrants passport to some refugees crossing to Europe, hence the need to take precautions.


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