What do you know about the Kenyan passport? Do you know that there are several types of passports available? Many do not know about the types of passports that are available in Kenya. This article will analysis to you types of Kenyan passport and how much.  You should know that there are several requirements which are needed for you to own a passport, citizens who own a passport pass through lots of procedures and processes before obtaining one and you should know that it is not free. The Kenyan Passport is issued to citizens of Kenyan and this is done in accordance with the constitution, an individual must be eligible before he/she can apply for a passport either a replacement passport, renewal passport, or even a new passport. You should also know that minors can apply for passports but the fees which they are to pay is not too much.

Types of Kenyan passport and how much


As of the year 2017, there have been some improvements in the immigration system, many critics have said no about this new improved system in terms of the passport, the new e-passport has been the trending issue for some time now. The new passport has been able to make sure that citizens are being tracked where they are travelling to as they have been installed chips in the passport.

The East African Community have made so much improvement in their system which has made it more unique, at the initial stage passport does not last for a long period as there is constant renewal process but with this new system, you can use your passport up to 10 years before applying for renewal. The renewal process is not that stressful since your details are already registered in the immigration office system, the new e-passport comes in with a chip that is being installed to collect all your data and track your movements. You should know that Light blue is the East African Community colour of their passport, the old passport will be ruled out by August 31st, 2019.

Kenyan passports have the Kenyan coats of arms placed in the gold in the centre of the front cover, you should know that the word EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY is inscribed at the top which is followed by the REPUBLIC OF KENYA while PASSPORT is inscribed in the gold text below it. If you look inside the passport, the emergency contact information is on the last page of the passport while the second page of the passport talks about the identity information of the individual who owns the passport, while the individual description is on the third page.

Kenyan passports are known to be watermarked on each page which shows the Kenyan coat of arms, the passport is known to have big five images of animals which are found mostly in their reserves or even in wildlife like the elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard.  Before diverting out of the main topic of this article which are the types of passports in Kenyan, as a citizen of Kenya you should know that there are various types of passport, each will be explained below.

Talking about the types of passports in Kenyan, many individuals do not seem to know about this. There are several types of passport which you can apply for either as a diplomat or just an ordinary citizen passport. Read below

  • Diplomatic (Maroon Cover)

These are passports that are being issued to Kenyan citizens who are overseas. This set of people are called diplomats because they all go for government official visits or even government business trips. Some so many diplomats who travel around the world today and with the aid of their passports are being recognized and treated well anywhere they go. For the fact, you are a citizen or an individual you can’t just walk up to the immigration office saying you want to apply for a diplomatic visa without you being a government public figure or even a well-recognized person in Kenya. Diplomats are known to be treated with respect because they are in relation to the government, one of the major reasons which they travel is because they move around to run one or two activities which are in relation to their country.

  • Ordinary Light Blue Cover Passport

The ordinary light blue cover passport is being issued to citizens of Kenyan to enable them to travel to another country and this passport expires after a duration of 10 years. This passport is meant to be kept carefully because if any default comes in you are either to pay for a replacement or get a new one. Several passport holders might lose their passport in one way or the other and your details will be asked to provide, you can be asked to pay money for a replacement or even do a new one, so you must be very careful with your passport and make sure you cherish it.

  • East African Passport

Another type of Kenyan passport is the East African passport which is now so common among lots of individuals from the East African community, the only problem with this passport is that it lasts for just six months. Having this passport enables you to travel around some African countries for a period which is being stated in the passport like Tanzanian, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, upon expiration you are asked to pay a renewal fee and get it done which will last for a short period also.

Before getting a passport, there are certain documents which will be asked of you to bring or even some requirements which are needed.  Each type of passport which you want to apply for has different charges, some charge higher than the others, another thing you should know is that getting a replacement is very costly. Below are the various prices for each type of passport which are being listed here above, attached to the price box is the amount for replacement and others read below.

  • East African Passport costs Kshs. 990
  • Lost Passport costs Kshs. 12,050
  • Diplomatic Passport (48 Pages) costs Kshs. 7,550
  • 32 Pages Ordinary ‘A’ Series costs Kshs. 4,550
  • 48 Pages Ordinary ‘B’ Series costs Kshs. 6,050
  • 64 Pages Ordinary ‘C’ Series costs Kshs. 7,550
  • Mutilated Passport costs Kshs. 10,050

If you check out this list, you will see the prices for the different types of passports, if you take a look at this list carefully, you can see that the cost of a lost or mutilated passport cost more to replace than getting a new one, so you are advised to keep your passport carefully. Passports are meant to be kept either in a safe bag or even a wallet, you are advised to take it free from water or even any liquid substance should not come close to it. The Kenyan passport is written in three languages which are English, French, and Swahili. These languages are what is mostly recognized by the people of Kenya. According to the Kenyan constitution, a person can become a citizen by birth or by even through registration, their constitution has been amended in the year 2010. Though, there is some process which is involved in making sure this process is carried out successfully, individuals must ensure they do the following;

  • They are to provide two copies of proof that they are citizens of the other country
  • Two sets of filled forms and declaration of dual citizenship
  • Two copies of proof of Kenya citizenship which can include; a copy of passport, birth certificate, Kenyan National ID

These requirements which are listed above are needed in obtaining dual citizenship in the country, there are also other ways in which you can regain citizenship if you have lost it before. You should know that this also requires other requirements which are quite different from the ones above.

In conclusion, we have given you the types of Kenyan passport and how much, and every other information which you need to know. We believe this article will be very useful to you, as every information which you need has been listed above.


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