Have you ever applied for a United States Visa for the first time or has the valid visa you are holding now been expired more than twelve months ago, that is one year now and maybe you are still pondering in your mind on how to go about in renewing your visa in Nigeria? Do not look elsewhere because this write-up on  ‘step by step guide on US Visa renewal in Nigeria’ on how to renew your United States Visa in Nigeria,  is well explained for your easy understanding.

A passport is an important document to hold on to when travelling between diverse countries. To have access and to cross the nation’s borders, one needs to have a passport. To show that one is a legal citizen of a particular country of origin, he must present his passport which is the most important use of possessing a passport document. For instance, if you are a Ghanaian and what to enter South Africa, a passport document must be shown to South Africa’s customs before gaining entrance into the country. Mostly, passports contain the country of origin, photograph, signature, and date of birth. Each country has a specified period of its passports valid just like here in Nigeria and America, their passports last a period of five to ten years only before one can renew it. Also, every nation has particular guidelines when it comes to acquiring a passport document because different laws are guiding each nation.


This write-up will take time to explain exponentially the facts about passport document because both the passport and visa documents work together. There is no way a person can be given or possess a visa document without firstly present a passport.

A Visa document is another document that is packaged to permit people to have an entrance into other nations. The only discrepancy between a passport and a visa document is that whereas the passport did not specify the reasons behind that person travelling, the visa gives a detailed reason why someone is moving out of his country to another country. The reason the person may specify could be for schooling or to work, but it must be specified with a selective amount of time. Since both the passport and the visa documents are needed at the same time, each of them supplements each other. Visas mostly have a time limitation and that time limit can be extended to about six months at maximum though some people can request for further extension of their visa beyond that six months maximum when they must have met the strict requirements. In case of misplaced paperwork, travel insurance can be used to replace it just as in passports.

How To Apply For US Visa Renewal In Nigeria


Because of the procedure that people must follow in order to get either a visa or passports document that made it be a legitimate identity. The documents required in order to possess one differs for each country but most nations require a presentation of an original birth certificate that shows true citizenship of a nation and identification. In order to get any of these documents, there are always fees and a waiting period.

The most important reason for any citizen of any country to possess passports and visas is to protect them from terrorists of that foreign country they travelled to and also to prove to the customs office of that foreign land that they are not unwanted immigrants. Visas and passports are two effective documents used to keep unwanted immigrants out of a particular nation for decades now. Since both of them are used in every country globally, they are considered to be a global identification system.


Nigeria is one of the countries that are in West Africa. It has boundaries with Cameroon to the eastern part, at the southern end is the Atlantic Ocean, Niger and Chad Republic to the north and the Benin Republic on the western side. It is one in every seven Africans which in other words, it implies that more than 170 million people are living in Nigeria making it the most populous country in Africa, and in the world, it is the 8th most populous country. There are more than two hundred and fifty ethnic groups in Nigeria through the Hausa-Fulani, the Igbo and the Yoruba are the most three dominant tribes.

Christianity and Islam are the major religions that Nigeria has. Nigeria derives her name from the River Niger which is the longest and largest river inside West Africa. Nigeria is the home of the second-ranked largest producer of movies around the globe known as Nollywood. Nigeria got its freedom from England in 1960 but was inaugurated in 1914. Globally, it stands as the 12th largest producer of crude oil. Her official language is English but Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo languages are her major languages. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. There are six geopolitical zones and 36 states in Nigeria. It has a tropical climate.


The United States is the globe’s third-largest and biggest nation by total area. New York City is the largest city in the United States by Population. It is a federal republic that has fifty states. It is the third most populous nation with over 325 million people of the population.

The United States became the first nation to get its freedom from a European power after the war ended in 1783. The Declaration of her independence was in the year 1776. It is the first country to develop nuclear weapons and utilize them in warfare. It is a highly developed country with the globe’s biggest economy in terms of nominal GDP. It is considered to be the globe’s second-largest exporter of products and the largest importer of goods. Internationally, the United States is a leading master when it comes to cultural, politically, and scientifically force because of its foremost military power globally.

In human development, productivity per person, average wage, and a capital GDP, the United States has been ranked as one of the countries that have a diverse measure of socio-economic performance. The capital of America is Washington D C. It practices a federal republic system of government. There are eight ethnic groups in the United States and religiously, it is predominantly Christians. The English Language is the national language of the United States.


To renew here is to get a new one. So, renewing a United States Visa in Nigeria implies getting a new United States visa in Nigeria.

The visa renewal can be applied if one is reapplying for a visa document in the same group as the visa that just got expired. For instance, if Mr Frank has an expired G-1 student visa, he cannot change or renew it for a work visa. That is to say that the visa Mr Frank wants to renew must be in the same class. Additionally, a valid visa on an expired passport does not need to be renewed because anyone that holds that visa is still permitted to use that visa to travel to the United States.

Furthermore, before one can be granted permission to renew his US visa, that person must be a Nigerian citizen with a prove of Nigeria passport or the person must have resided in Nigeria for decades and has been in the past issued a correct US visa.


For someone to renew his or her United States visa in Nigeria, these two major documents must be on the ground before he can apply for it. And those two major documents required are:

  1.    An application form that has a duly filled visa renewal in it and
  2.    A valid passport. Though an expired passport that contains an expired visa can be accepted as well.


  1.    People who are applying for a skilled work visa.
  2.    People who have revoked visas.
  3.    People who have an expired visa that is more than one year.
  4.    People need more than one category of visas at a particular time.
  5.    People that is their first time applying for a United States Visa in Nigeria.
  6.    People that hold a valid United States visa but might have an expired or lost passport. And lastly
  7.    People that have one category of a visa already but wished to apply for another category of visa.


In order to renew a US visa in Nigeria easily, one should do that through freshly initiated Dropbox United States visa Renewal Service which permits one that has B1/B2 visa holders, H, F, and L visa holders to apply for his visa renewal without going for an interview.

  1.    Firstly, you have to visit a branch of GTB bank that is nearest to you and make a payment for the category of visa you desired to renew through the applicable Machine Readable visa fees.
  2.    Fill and download your DS160 visa application form when you visit the USA embassy website. Safely keep your confirmation page of the printout and the receipt.
  3.    Answer all the questions that are inside the CGI visa appointment website meant for the united mission to Nigeria application.
  4.    You need to select your preferred location you can pick up your passport if when qualified.

When applying for these visas, make sure that the details provided in the course of registration which includes your email address, specified location, passport numbers, and telephone numbers are accurate, and when all these details are correct, be sure of getting your renewed United States visa in Nigeria just within a period of seven to ten working days at your doorstep.


In summarizing these write-up on the topic “The United States Renewal In Nigeria- step by step guild” one can see that it is very easy to get a renewed visa now without passing all through a rigorous process of visiting offices because of the invention of computers and internet. Also, one can see that it is very necessary to possess visas and a passports documents and to renew them when it expires because not it serves as one of the legitimate document of a nation because of photograph passport, date of birth, name of the country of an origin and the signature, it also serves as a cover in a foreign land in order to avoid terrorist attacks and been tagged as unwanted immigrants.


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