US Visa Application In Nigeria, How To Apply

We all know the procedures it takes in applying for a visa. Visa application has been made easy nowadays, as everything can be done from the comfort of your home, now let’s read below on how to apply for Visa Application In Nigeria.

Technology has taken all over the world, then are the days when we have to wait for a long time, before even applying for a visa. Now, almost everything, if not everything can be done online except you, knows for sure eating, because we cannot do that online. Well, jokes are over, this article will reveal to you how you can apply for a US visa here in Nigeria, straight from the comfort of your home, for those who do not know how to use the internet, you can tell someone to assist you by following the steps and guidelines below.


There are different types of US visas and they have been categorized into Immigrants visas and Non-Immigrants visas.
IMMIGRANT VISA  is the type of visa which is issued to a person wishing to live permanently in the US while in the aspect of the NON-IMMIGRANT VISA, it is issued to a person with a permanent residence outside the US, but he/she wishes to be in the US on a temporary base for tourism, work, study, business and so many other reasons.

Most times, the common types of visas that are issued to people today are the non-immigrant visa, as people go over there for one activity or the other. The non-immigrant visa, do not guarantee entry and visa holders may still be denied entry to the US by the Department of Homeland security.

It should be known that in the case of getting a non-immigrant visa, it is not so difficult because you can easily be granted, but getting an immigrant visa, it is an uphill task. We often hear people talking about the Green Card, well they are simply referring to the Immigrant visa. Most B-1 non-immigrant visa is accepted by the US. The US accepts some immigrants visa applicants each year and limits are placed on the number of immigrant visas granted.

The immigrant visa has only four (4) categories, while we have more than 20 non-immigrant visa categories.

steps on how to apply for US visa application in Nigeria …

Below are the steps on How To Apply For US Visa Application in Nigeria

1. KNOW YOUR VISA TYPE: Before you apply for a visa, you are to determine the type of visa which you want, be it for work, school or even medical reasons. Knowing the type of visa you want is very essential as this will enable your application process to be faster. Each visa type comes with its requirements. It should be noted that those who are applying for a business visa needs more documents than others like lots of questions about their work, employee and even up to your salary earnings for a year will be asked of, an invitation letter from your business partner will be requested from you also.

2. PAY YOUR VISA APPLICATION FEE: After knowing your visa type, you are required to pay your visa application fee. It is noted that payment of your visa fee and the amount is depending on the visa type which you choose. Research has been carried out on this that many people who choose categories for business and some few others, make a non-refundable fee of $160, according to the exchange rate at NGN it is going to be N64,000. You can also check for more information to know the various visa categories and their fees, as this will help you in planning ahead and also to note other expenses that might be coming in soon. It should be noted that the method of payment will be provided on the bank payment options page, you can make an online payment or even cash at the bank. One thing that is very important to keep after payments is the receipt which the bank gave to you, as this will be asked of frequently from you, during some processes.

3. COMPLETE THE DS-160 FORM: You must have heard about the DS-160 form, well let’s break it down for you. The DS-160 form is meant for an applicant of a non-immigrant US visa from Nigeria. This form is meant to be filled and all details are to be put down correctly. You will also need to read guidelines for filling the form, as you must make no mistake. It should be known that this form is filled online and should be done carefully to try to avoid any errors. In the DS-160 form, there will be a number that will be applied to it, the number is very important, you are expected to print and keep the DS-160 barcode page.

4. CREATE A PROFILE WITH THE US EMBASSY VISA SYSTEM: Moving on to the next step which requires that you create a profile with the US embassy visa system. There is a link on the website where you are expected to click on the new user button and you have to complete the form. You are required to fill all the fields accurately and create a strong password. After this process, then you can easily log in. The password which you created must be kept somewhere and it must be something you are familiar with, losing your password, gives you the option of getting it back with your email address.
After completing that process above, you are required to create an appointment. This can be done when you log in and on the left side of your dashboard, you will see a scheduled appointment, click on it and then finally you are on the right track to securing a non-immigrant visa appointment. It is expected of you that when going to do your appointment, you should go earlier because late coming usually leads to cancellation of appointment,  you will have to go back and schedule another appointment.

The following documents will be needed during your appointment, so make sure you take them along with you:

  1. The visa application payment receipt from the bank. Payable at any GT Bank.
  2. Your International passport with at least six months validity or beyond your expected period of stay in the US.
  3. Valid contact information which includes your email address and phone number.
  4. The 10 digit barcode number from the confirmation page of your completed and submitted DS-160 form.
  5. Additional documents are required but this depends on the visa class like the 1-20 for a student visa, copy of your petition approval for petition base visas and some others.

Continuation Of Steps On How To Apply For US Visa Application in Nigeria

5. THE INTERVIEW: The interview must be attended by you in person and you must make preparations. After the interview, you are to wait for the verdict, your visa can either be approved or disapproved and if it was disapproved, reasons will be given to you.

6. DROP OFF LOCATION: If it is approved it will be sent to the drop off location that was provided in your appointment schedule.
After taking your appointment and payment of fees, it should be known that your US visa application will be submitted either to the US embassy in Abuja or the US consulate general in Lagos state.

That’s all on how to apply for a visa application in Nigeria.


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