12 Cheapest Countries To Live And Work 2023

It’s highly surprising to see an immigrant leaving his/her country of origin, secured employment in a supposedly industrialised country receiving high salary but end up having little or no saving to show for it due to the fact that the standard of living in his choosen advanced economy is exorbitantly high and tax deductions usually take larger percentage of the total income. Whereas you may be earning low wages in some countries and have reasonable savings due to low tax deductions. It’s high time you consider these 12 Cheapest countries to live and work in 2023.

12 Cheapest countries to live and work 2023

When you’re working and the reasonable percentages of your income are deducted as tax, that could be regarded as neo-slavery. Why staying and working in an advanced country such as the US or Switzerland etc. and be labouring to maintain their expensive lifestyle when you can live and work elsewhere and be paying little or no tax.


1. The Philippines
The Philippines is a large island country in Southeast Asia located in the western Pacific Ocean. If you’re ruminating about a country in Southeast Asia that is considerably cheap to live and work this archipelagic island country is a place worth consideration in that few dollars can conveniently buy you so much more.

According to some recent travellers to the Philippines, the island country is one of the most incredible budget travel destinations in the world. Food, accommodations, and transportations are available at reasonable prices.
Less than USD30 can conveniently take care of your foods, accommodation, transportations and other sundry needs per day.

Despite the fact that the Philippines cannot be considered as a poor country, from the statistics available she is the sixth richest country in the whole of Southeast Asia by GDP per capita incomes next only to Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Visiting, living or working in the Philippines be sure of meeting inhabitants young  and old, who are respectful, generous, hardworking and hospitable Filipinos, ready to help visitors when the need arises. It’s a country you will like to visit many times.


Vietnam the eastmost country on the Indochina Peninsula is a well-known country as a centre of electronic productions.

Despite being a country where major Electronic and IT company selected in producing most of their finest quality electronics, such  as Samsung Electronics, things are relatively inexpensive in Vietnam generally.

For anyone on a budget, it’s possible to leave on about USD50 per day. That is USD50 or less can take care of your daily needs in accommodation, foods, drinks, transportation and sundry activities.

In Vietnam major cities it is possible to rent an average apartment with a cost of USD250 per month. If you can patronise the local restaurants or go for the street food you can conveniently get enough meal with a cost between 1-3 dollars. Likewise, moving around the cities by public transport or taxi are considerably cheap as long as you avoid chartered caps.

Peru, a country located on the western side of South America is a cost-effective place to live. Peru is one of the easiest places to travel in South America. By all calculations living and working in Peru is relatively inexpensive or cheaper than some other well known Southern American countries such as Chile, Argentina and Brazil or Venezuela.

The currency of Peru is called Soles. 1 USD equals to 3.3 Soles. When you’re in Peru be ready to use cash for most of your transactions because Peru is yet to familiarise her economy with cashless operations. However, you have Automated Teller Machines everywhere and easy to use. You have the freedom of withdrawing a maximum of USD250 per month.

Peru is not only a safe place to visit or live, equally one of the cheapest countries in the world to live and work. Your earning or income can buy you a lot of items that you will definitely realized that you have value for your money. Expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation and sundry items can be taken care of with few dollars.
With USD250 monthly payments you can rent a fairly good apartment and between 1-3 US dollars can be enough to eat a portion of fairly good food if you know how to patronise local restaurants.

In a nutshell,  with an equivalent of about USD30 daily you can live successful in Peru. To cap it all, if you’re in need of what you can do to make a living in the short term it’s possible to get a job as an English teacher. Check the net for a possible way to secure a teaching job.

As a student studying in one of the Western European countries in the early 80s, the only Eastern European country I love to visit was Bulgaria. Because with a few dollars in your pocket you can stay in Sofia, Bulgaria for days. Accommodation and good foods are extremely cheap. Transportation was almost free.

In those days, if you use Balkan Bulgaria Airline transiting to another country, the authority will deliberately allow you a stopover for days in Sofia, accommodating you in a beautiful hotel at the Airline’s expenses. Despite my disdain for almost all the East European countries political system then, which show little respect for individual competition, and human rights, I really admired Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is an accommodating, friendly and a clean country. A place I wish I can live forever.

Today Bulgaria remains one of the cheapest countries you can live in. With a few Euro, you will live and enjoy your stay twice what’s obtainable in most of other European Union countries.

India the second-most populous country in the world, and arguably the most culturally diverse country in the world is by all standards one of the cheapest countries to live in the world.
India is well known for its foods, that come in different shape and sizes.
According to different statistics by experts in choosing the cheapest countries to live, India ranked very high by all standards.
The metrics including Rent index. Local purchasing power index. Consumer price index. Groceries index. For example groceries in India are 90% cheaper than in New York City.

When you’re in India, one thing is sure, it is a place where you can get the cheapest and the most expensive depends on your purchasing power. The area you choose to stay largely determined your living standards. Therefore go to diverse India and have your choice.


Poland is another Eastern European country that did not allow the membership of the European Union to disorganized the beautiful setting of the country. That is, Poland remain Poland, a considerable country where things are well organised. Compare to other advanced economies in Europe, especially the adjacent countries such as Germany or Denmark, Poland is one of the cheapest countries you can live in. In Poland live is good.
Due to the high quality but affordable life in Poland, the country is now a preferred destination for many tourists and young people that chose Poland for studies and prefers to stay at the conclusion of their studies.

If you’re looking for a European country that is advanced, clean and safe and where the general cost of living is relatively cheap, and good things of life are affordable, you will not be wrong if you choose Poland.


Saudi Arabia, the country that housed the two Islamic holy sites (Mecca and Medina) is a country many professional desires to live over a long time. Despite receiving hundreds of Muslim Pilgrims on a daily basis, Saudi Arabia is ranked high among the cheapest countries you can live currently.

A well managed and well-organised country of about 10 million inhabitants, if you’re living and working as an expert in Saudi Arabia you derived double advantages.
1. You’re guaranteed high income.
2. You will not pay excessive tax unlike in most Western countries where the chunks of your salaries are tax-deductible.

According to GoBankingRates Saudi Arabia is next to India in the cheapest countries in the world. Saudi Arabia can boost of cost of living that is over 50% lower than New York City and the general rent is 76% lower.


Pakistan a country situated in South Asia is one of few countries usually overlooks most of the time when analysing happening in countries of the world. We are happy to tell you that this Asian Islamic country is one of the cheapest countries you can live currently.

All the parameters you may wish to use in analysing a low cost of living in a country indicated a high ranking for Pakistan.
According to the experts, Pakistan came third overall in Rent index, Local purchasing power index, Consumer price index and Groceries index. For example, Pakistan is adjudged to have a general cost of living 75% lower than in New York City, while rent is 94% lower in Pakistan.

If you desire a country to live or visit where few Euro or dollars will allow you to do so much more, you wouldn’t be wrong if you head East to Pakistan.


Tunisia the Arab country located in the North Africa,  is a country rated very high when considering the cheapest country to live.

Despite being the pioneer of the famous Arab Spring, Tunisia remains a stable democracy where a change of government is through the ballot box. Stability and good planning engender ability to manage the country where things are working systematically well and the cost of living are relatively inexpensive.

Tunisia is the closest African country to Europe, it’s possible to expect the European standards to be visible everywhere. Despite the nearness to Europe, the general cost of living is not as expensive as their European neighbours.
Tunisia ranks high in Rent, Local purchasing power, Consumer price index, and Groceries price index making the North African country one of the cheapest countries in the world to live.

10. IRAN
Iran is an incredible country with all the opposition (seen and unseen) coming from outside (especially the western world headed by USA and Isreal) with negative aims, Iran keeps standing. One should not be surprised to see Iran chosen as one of the cheapest countries in the world to live in. A country that is well focused on the well-being of the people. Rules by leaders who has the fear of God paramount in their daily dealings. Little wonder things are well organised and the system is working regardless of international political marginalisation.

According to experts analysis, Iran is generally a very safe place to travel, much safer than travelling in most  European countries.

When you’re in Iran you’re sure of the cost of living 66% lower than New York City sundry items in the region of 28% less and renting come easy with 89% lower. A country far less explores where things are working systematically.

This friendly paradise located in the continent of South America is a preferred destination for many retirees seeking for a conducive environment to spend the later part of their years knowing full well that Ecuador presents them with the cheapest general cost of living and safety.
Ecuador ranked high in most parameters in measuring living standards, such as general cost of living, sundry items, groceries items, rent, transportation and taxation and wages. Ecuador is a country where you earn a salary and spent less on essential items.

Georgia a Eurasia country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia came into being in 1995 after the desolation of the Soviet Union and afterwards it has been a reference point for good living. Anyone desires a country where the cost of living is considerably cheap should choose Georgia.
If you’re a European traveller and you are looking for a clean country to live where the general cost of living is low, where you spend less of your income on rent, transportation and food, you wouldn’t be wrong if you choose the Eurasia Georgia.

That’s all for now on 12 cheapest countries to live and work

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