6 East European Countries You Can Live & Work Safely

Many people preferred travelling to western European countries for everything without a second taught about opportunities that may abound in other climes. Here we analysis for your consideration 6 East European countries you can live and work safely currently.

6 East European countries you can live and work safely



Estonia the northeastern European country ranked very high in all the parameters you may use in choosing a country that is safe to live and work in Eastern Europe currently. Estonia has made tremendous progress that one may not believe that she came out from a draconian Soviet Socialist rule in 1991.

If you choose to live in Estonia some important benefits you derived including all your efforts will be highly appreciated, you will be treated as an important human being. The quality of life here is at the highest level. The environment is clean and the country is adjudged to be the best overall in air quality in the whole world.

Estonia may be small in population size, but with a big idea, things are changing quickly. Estonia’s economy is performing excellently well. Things are well planned and result oriented.

If you’re not digitally inclined its advisable to avoid Estonia in that the country is a technologically advanced nation and most things are done through the internets. For anyone who is an IT expert or those who want to advance their knowledge in information technology, Estonia is the best country for you.

There’re a lot of career opportunities in information technology such as: Software developer/engineers, Data Engineers, Online English teachers, Project Managers, Road Designer and developers, English teachers, Web designers, Products Analysts, Data Managers, Digital Awareness Innovators, online English Teachers etc. All are in demand currently in Estonia. Move to this exciting country, currently your skills are highly needed.

For any immigrant searching for a country in Eastern Europe that has a stable government, safe, clean and secure to live, look no further because of Estonia present to you the best in everything that you will love to consider in living and working in a beautiful environment.



Currently, Poland is rated high as one of the safest countries in Eastern Europe that you can live and work safely. A well-developed country located in Eastern Europe. Poland is categorized as a high-income economy by the World Bank analysis and ranked 24th in the 2017 Ease of Doing Business Index

Poland used to be the headquarters of the East bloc Warsaw Pact. therefore represents those countries tagged Iron curtains. Many people found it distasteful travelling to Poland because of her political affiliations,  nowadays, things have changed, Poland is now an important member of the European Union.  Living in Poland will afford you the opportunity of entering all the Schengen zone, visa-free.

Poland is currently becoming a preferred destination for many young people from all over the world,interested in studying in Poland purposely to stay later on after the conclusion of their studies because of improving quality of life currently prevailing in Poland, and the fact that they have the believe that Poland as presently constituted can guarantee their future.

If you’re looking for an Eastern European country that has a stable government, democratic, respect for human right, safe and peaceful, a country adjudged as the best performing Central eastern European economy, a country you can easily get a work permit that will guarantee you a long term stay in Europe,  you will not be wrong in choosing Poland.


Latvia, a country situated at the intersections of Northern and Eastern Europe, right on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, is a country you can count on when considering a place rated high in safety for foreign visitors.

Latvia is adjudged to be a safe and secure country where the crime level is relatively low. Violent crime is uncommon and Latvia is amazingly free of a natural disaster. A country well known as the world’s fourth-fastest for Internet connections.

Latvia with a population of fewer than 2 million inhabitants, is a country currently experiencing a decline in population.

For anyone desires of a small country with a stable government, safe and clean, a country that is a popular destination for nature lovers because she can boosts of lots of green nature reserve, a country that is ranked high among the world’s sovereign countries in democracy and human development. Latvia could be an ideal place for those seniors citizens willing to spend the later part of their years in retirement.

Latvia is a multi-ethnic country, Latvians are by far the largest ethnic group constituted about 62%, followed by Russians, Belarusian, Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, etc. The only official language in Latvia is Latvian, however, English and Russian are widely spoken especially in business, tourism and the school curricula.

Type of work a non-EU citizen can get in Latvia
Currently, the few viable areas of employment opportunities for a non-EU citizen looking for a job in Latvia that is not too difficult to get is IT and language professionals.
There is a lot of opening for Software developer/engineers, Data Engineers, Online English teachers, Web designers, Products Analysts, Data Managers, Digital Awareness Innovators, English teachers etc. If you’re good in these areas you will have no problem landing a job in Latvia currently.

Latvia is a country worth consideration in that a young foreigner who is a professional and willing to settle down can easily find a place due to the declining population.




The desolation of former Czechoslovakia in 1993 into two separate parts made the Czech Republic becoming a reality, thereon the Czech Republic has made tremendous progress and the country can be counted as a nation with steady parliamentary democracy, progress steadily into an advanced economy with high standards of living, to cap it all, the Czech Republic’s economy is performing excellently well.

In choosing an Eastern European country that is safe for foreigners to travel, live and work currently, the Czech Republic ranked very high. Comfortably, the Czech Republic is in the top ten of the safest countries in the world. Violent crimes are low and terrorism rarely occurs. With the exception of few pickpocketing and petty thefts such as bag snatching and car theft when parked recklessly in the capital city Prague, Czech Republic is generally safe for everyone.

The official language in the Czech Republic especially in the Capital city Prague is Czech. Most citizens do not speak English, with the exception of people that provides essential services such as restaurants, hotels, tourist hotpots, taxi drivers.

For anyone desires to work in the Czech Republic from the angle of a non-EU country, the few options that you can choose is to undertake a degree course and stay at the conclusion of your studies. Due to the fact that you have a Czech Republic University degree, you have free access to the labour market. You can apply for an employee card to allow you to search for a job.

For any other person interested in working here, you can search the Internet or employ a job recruiter to assist you.


Lithuania, another relatively new country in Eastern Europe that shared border with Poland, Latvia and Belarus is another beautiful country worth consideration when you’re thinking about a country that you can live and work safely. The crime rate is low and the country is one of the few places that is free of a natural disaster.

Lithuania is an active member of the European Union parading the largest economy in the Baltic region and she is categorized as a high-income economy by the World Bank.

The official language used in Lithuania is called Lithuanian. The language is spoken by over 90% of the population and it is regarded as the national identity. Due to the location of Lithuania, Polish and Russian are spoken by minority ethnic groups, while English as a foreign language is spoken by 80% of the mainly youth population.

For any non-EU citizens desires to live and work in Lithuania, like in most advanced countries opportunities to work is mainly in the Information Technology IT profession. Due to the fact that the world is going digital, there is a huge demand for IT professionals. If you’re a qualified professional in the area such as Software developer/engineers, Data Engineers, Online English teachers, Web designers, Products Analysts, Data Managers, Digital Awareness Innovators, English teachers you have no problem getting a job.

There are two ways you can go about getting a job.
1. Search through the internets or engage the service of a job recruiter to help you in the job search.
2. Use the study to stay approach. This option involves creating time to study for a course of study in an area where there is an employment shortage, after graduation you will definitely secure a job easily.

Remember a good job is not easy to get without much efforts or investment.
The beauty of study in Lithuania is that the cost of living and tuition fees charged in Lithuania are lower than what’s obtainable in many other countries. Taking advantage of that may be a wise decision. The choice is definitely yours.


Slovenia, one of the countries that branched out of the former communist state of Yugoslavia Slovenia, is considered to be a safe country to live and work for foreigners. Currently, it’s adjudged as one of the safest countries in Eastern Europe. Crime rates are relatively low, terrorism and violent crime rarely occur, with exception of petty theft and occasional car break-in, generally the country is safe to visit.

Slovenia is a member of the European Union, visiting Slovenia enables you to travel to any of the Schengen zones.

Cost of living is relatively low when you compared Slovenia with adjacent countries such as Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Slovenia is a stable country with a democratically elected government, a place worth living and to invest because the citizens are accommodating and friendly to foreign visitors.

Jobs are not easy to come by here unless you’re ready to invest your time and resources in studying for a  professional course that will enable you to get a job currently in demand in Slovenia highly competitive job market.


For the past few months coronavirus pandemic has been ravaging the larger part of the globe,  however, most of the Eastern European countries seem to be relatively spare compare with Western and Northern Europe. This connotes to the facts that this region is there for you to explore without much fear. The ice on the cake is that if you make your move right now, you will definitely meet fewer obstacles.

That’s all for now on 6 East European countries you can live and work safely.


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