In this write-up, we shall intimates you about the 9 best countries most Nigerians preferred to study and why they are the preference of many students.


Despite the high costs of University education in the United States, the country stands out as one of the best countries most Nigerians preferred to study. For a very long time, the US has being the choice of many Nigerians young and old. There are many factors that one can deduce that made the United States one of  the 9 best countries most Nigerians preferred to study

1. English is the medium of expression. The US is an English speaking country and the majority of their higher institutions thought in English. Unlike some other advanced countries such as Germany and France where you have to do compulsory language studies. Ridiculously, in a country such as Italy if you want to marry their ladies and obtain a permanent resident you must pass a language text, set in Italian.

2. You don’t need any conversions or translation of your certificate (s): If you studied in a country where English is not their official language,  be ready to do a conversion and translation of your credentials on arrival, otherwise you may not be able to use them in your country.

3. Qualitative education: If you graduated from a university in the United States, you can present your certificate anywhere in the world. You don’t need any explanation to achieve recognition.

4. Sound knowledge: When you obtain a degree in the United States, you can rest assured that you will be a master in your area of specialization.


Despite some frustrating system adopted by the UK various administrations in the past whereby students must exit the country on completion of their education. Currently, due to Brexit, things have changed in favour of Nigerian students in the UK because there is no longer a forced exit from the country.

The United Kingdom continues to attract hundreds of Nigerian students of all categories due to divergent reasons:

1. Being Nigeria parent country the system of education is the same and a British certificate or degree commands respect in Nigeria.

2. many higher institutions in Nigeria have exchanged programs with the UK and many civil servants preferred the UK to go for their continued education.

2. English is the language of instruction: The highest point is that studying in the UK a Nigerian can easily adapt to the system because London is like a second home. After all, your compatriots are many and the rate of failure is minimal because you’re not in a strange environment.


Canada like its big neighbour is a sought after country by most Nigerians due to divergent reasons:

1. You don’t do physical Interviews to obtain a Canadian student’s Visa. Unlike the US embassy where they will be looking at your dresses like a fashion parade and subject you to unnecessary and avoidable appointment bookings.

2. Studying in Canada is a unique atmosphere and experience because Canadians a noted for their friendly dispositions.

3. Most Nigerians preferred sending their wards to Canada for safety and security reasons,  believing that the country is safe with not many violent crimes, unlike the US where senseless attacks and killings are the order of the day.

4. The cost of higher education in Canada is affordable than in most other advanced countries.

5. The healthcare system in Canada is people’s friendly and easily accessible by most international students.



Ghana the Nigerian West African brother has assumed a preferred destination for Nigerian students seeking education that is not too costly and nearby. The population of Nigerian students in Ghana has gone up astronomical in recent years beyond any statistical analysis.

Many Nigerian students are studying Ghana because of some of the following reasons:

1. GHANA is not far from Nigeria and a student has choices of transportation, by flight or by road. You can go and come back in a day by road.

2. The cost of education is cheaper compared with going to Europe or North America.

3. Ghana educational system is similar to the Nigeria system

4. Studying in Ghana is not subjected to the usual or constant strikes that are common in Nigeria.

5. Most parents and guardians choose Ghana knowing fully well that their wards are safe,  the violent crimes that bedevilled Nigeria in recent years such as banditry,  kidnapping, arm robbery etc are not common in Ghana.

6. Importantly,  Ghana is not the first choice of many university education admission seekers however difficulty in getting University entry admission and failure to secure Visa and frustrating experiences by those seeking admission into universities in Europe and North America makes Ghana one of the best countries most Nigerians preferred to study.

7. Finally,  Ghana is a member of the Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS,  Therefore, a visa-free country for Nigerians.


Nobody should be surprised that Finland, a partially Scandinavian country is one of the best countries most Nigerians preferred to study. The following reasons speak for themselves:

1. For anyone qualified to get their students visa is not difficult.

2. The school fees is not astronomical like in the UK and North America. Some universities are tuition-free and the cost of hostels are highly affordable.

3. Living in Finland is a thing of joy, the transportation system is excellent moving from one place to another is tourism and less expensive.

4. The citizens are friendly and racial discrimination is at the bearest minimum.


That the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made it to our list should not surprise anyone familiar with the power of Islamic education in Nigeria. Over a long time, Saudi Arabia has played host to many Nigerian scholars researching for advanced Islamic education. Many schools in Northern and Western Nigeria teaches mainly in Arabic and the result is to conclude or continue their studies in Saudi Arabia.

Statistically, Western Nigerian has more Professors on Islamic studies than any other area in Nigeria. The majority of these scholars graduated from universities in Saudi Arabia.

The advantage of studying in Saudi Arabia is that

1. Those that studied in elementary Arabic Schools in Nigeria, usually headed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for further studies. As long as you follow the curriculum here you will have no problem fitting into their educational system.

2. Education is free in Saudi Arabia. Yearly Saudi authorities gave various types of scholarships to Nigerians and usually for Islamic studies.

4. Nowadays,  many Nigerians are studying various branches of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia due to the fact that Saudi Arabia is advancing in qualitative education with modern and up-to-date equipment and the cost of the study is relatively lower than in many countries.

3. When studying in the Kingdom you may engage in some part-time work to assist you in living well.


Despite the high cost of education in Ireland, the Republic of Ireland is where most Nigerians preferred to study.

The reasons are as follows

1. It’s an English speaking country.

2. You’re sure of a quality education that is accepted anywhere in the world.

3. It is possible to stay at the conclusion of your studies.

4. Importantly most Nigerians that made it to the Republic of Ireland to study never leave because the country and the system is so enticing and accommodating that most Nigerian graduates made Dublin their home.


Malaysia an Economic giant of Southeast Asia is one of the Best countries most Nigerians preferred to study. The reason is simple:

1. Malaysia is a member of the commonwealth of nations and it is possible to study in English

2. Quality of their University degree is at par with most advanced countries in the Western world therefore Malaysian graduates can function anywhere.

3. The highest point Nigerian are flocking to the Southeast Asian country is that the total cost of education is relatively cheap. With few struggles here and there you can acquire a good University education and be a graduate.


For anyone who relies solely on statistics with never include the Benin Republic, Nigeria neighbour to the West on the list of best countries Nigerians most preferred to study.

We have to include Benin because we have being to the Benin Republic several times and the new development education wise is astonishing. Surprisingly,  there are some Universities established by Nigerian citizens, located in Port Novo the administrative centre and Cotonu the commercial capital of Benin Republic that are populated by Nigerian students. Yearly the numbers keep increasing.

The reason why some parents preferred Benin is similar to that of Ghana:

1. The high point is the issue of visas, many Nigerians willing to study abroad are denied visas by Western governments for no reasonable reason. Instead of waiting away, students move across the border.

2. Benin Republic is a member of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), therefore a Visa-free country to Nigerians.

1. Nigerians who are fed up with insistence strikes by the Nigerian University lecturers simply move across the border and find schools for their children.

2. Moving from Nigeria to the Benin Republic is easy without the usual West African borders bottlenecks. You can transverse the two countries within an hour.

3. Some of the University’s school fees are cheaper than what is obtainable in Nigeria or elsewhere.

That’s all for now on 9 best countries most Nigerians preferred to study


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