Nowadays that young people are seriously focusing on how to exit their country of residence and relocate to another country for a better future,  it is imperative to consider some immigration friendly countries you can study and relocate to achieve your aim without regretting your decision.

From an African student perspective especially Nigerian citizens who are searching for a country to study and relocate permanently it is good to know that some countries are immigration friendly because their system permits an immigrant who graduated in their country to continue to reside in, provided the person secured a job and importantly being of good character.

For any country to be considered as an immigration friendly country/territory it must reasonably possess the following important attributes: Safe and secure environment,  qualitative education, strong or stable economy, provision of studies to stay possibilities, that’s the ability to work legally after study. The possibility of staying in a country devoid of open racial discrimination and an easy and conducive standard of living sums up immigration friendly country.


The UK currently scores a higher percentage in all parameters you may want to use in measuring an immigration friendly country for immigrants. Due to the UK bold move in checking out of the European Union arrangement, there is a serious change in the UK immigration policy which tends to be favourable to the immigrants from the developing world.

In the UK, you have access to qualitative education that enables you to get employment at the conclusion of your studies. Likewise, if you’re a qualified professional right from your country of residence getting a job in the  UK  become easy, unlike when the country was under the European Union arrangement.

Living in the UK you have no problem communicating with the citizens because English is the main business language which is understood and spoken by almost all the people.

As soon as you arrive in the UK you will automatically feel at home because your compatriots abound in the country.


The beauty aspect of living in the UK as an immigration friendly country is that at the conclusion of your education or if you entered with a work visa and you have the right sponsor,  you only need to work for five years and you are qualified to apply for permanent residency that leads to the UK citizenship. Likewise, if you are residing in the UK and you have your child or children schooling there is the possibility that you cannot be sent out and it is possible to get a permanent residency. The UK remains the best country to be born worldwide.

If you can bear the high cost of school fees at the onset,  you will have a course to smile in in in the end if you secure a student or work visa. All you need when you’re here is to be of good character and work diligently, spend the majority of your first five years in the UK, by so doing you are on your way to permanent residency which is a straightforward way to British citizenship in this immigration friendly country.



Although Canada qualified as an immigration friendly country by some yardsticks you may use, but the experience of many visa applicants in Nigeria is appalling that you can easily conclude that the Visa system at the Canadian application centres in Nigeria is vastly becoming a visa lottery. These days no matter how well organized is your visa application,  you are not sure of receiving a positive outcome. Likewise, for those applicants that pay almost all the school fees,  when the application is rejected which is a common occurrence, getting refunded is a herculean task. They will remove a substantial amount from the total school fees paid as service charges and return a depleted amount back to the applicant. A rejected applicant usually lost twice. Currently, the situation remained the same without a  reassuring effort from the Canadian Immigration authorities.

For those who are lucky enough to obtain the various types of Canadian visas, you’re assured of an immigration friendly country,  a place where everything is designed for immigrants to succeed in all facets of life. Beginning from their educational system that is well-tailored for anyone who wants to study and stay to work legally. The system allows a student to work while studying provided you did not exceed the stipulated hours per week.


The Canadian embassy in Nigeria through their accredited Visa Application Centre does not do physical interviews, instead, they allow a visa applicant to collate the form and attach all the requirements and submit it personally at the application centre. Within four weeks after submission, results can be out. As stated earlier,  the results of the Canadian Visa applications in Nigeria reflect gambling. Majority of young people applying for various student programs despite being qualified and paid the appropriate school fees are denied the student visa without any reasonable reasons.


For anyone who is lucky enough to obtain a Canadian visa,  upon entry, there are various ways designed by the Canadian authorities that make it possible for any serious applicants that easily lead to permanent residency.

Programs such as Postgraduate permit program, Express entry – Federal Skilled workers program. Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class.

Living and working in Canada is a thing of joy,  despite the weather condition that may discourage a lily-livered person, currently, Canada is adjudged to be the best in high quality of life. Crime is not high when compared to its big neighbour. International students study with peace of mind, the majority of the citizens are friendly and racial discrimination are at the bearest minimum.

The biggest advantage for any international student who decides to stay at the conclusion of their education is the ability to secure a job with good pay in due course. Getting a job becomes easy because you study here and obtain the necessary qualifications and licenses.


Working legally here is a passport to permanent residency in that there is a point-based system called Comprehensive Ranking System that makes it possible to assess and score an applicant profile for permanent residency. The authorities usually allot numbers according to student’s educational attainment and work experience and how old you are.

To Cap it all,  if you have a spouse or relation who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident it automatically gives you an additional advantage of points.



Besides the language barrier, Germany the industrial leader of the European Union is a preferred destination for many students from Africa purposely for its immigration friendly policies In reference to students who are on full-time studies in Germany.

Despite the rush by immigrants workers especially from war-ravaged countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. remain open and committed to giving immigrants chances to restart their life. As an immigration friendly country, Germany enacted policies that are practical and friendly which enables a student that studied in Germany to stay for 18 months to work after studies.

When you arrive in Germany with a Student Visa, you are sure of study German tuition-free and can also get paid while studying.  Furthermore, education in Germany is cheaper than in most advanced countries. The best way to achieve your aims in Germany is to study for a course that will allow you to be fitted into their industrial sector. At the tail end or at the conclusion of your actual education, you will be allowed to apply for a Residence permit, because the system permits you to stay for 18 months to work legally.


For anyone interested in staying permanently in Germany,  if you work for the first two years and acquired work experience,  you are allowed to apply for a permanent residence permit called the Settlement Permit.

These are the general requirements you need to apply for permanent residency.

Your international passport

Your Degree certificates

Proof of employment for two years

A written statement of employment contract

Evidence of paid pension insurance

Evidence of accommodation and rent agreement

Evidence of health insurance

Present a biometric photograph

Evidence of competent knowledge of German

Other documents that may be requested by the immigration authorities are to be submitted with your application for permanent residency for consideration.

Living and working in Germany you’re sure of a friendly place where racial discrimination is at the bearest minimum, German citizens are is highly civilised, they accommodate and assist you in achieving your goals. Unlike some adjacent countries where immigrants are discriminated against and immigrants live in fear because of terrorists targeting foreigners,  Germany is a safe country. Move from one city to another is a thing of joy because the environment is conducive and the transportation systems are people’s friendly.

With a German permanent residence permit, you don’t need a second passport because your German residency is well respected which gives you free access to almost all the important countries in Europe and beyond. All those benefits come because you painstakingly studied in Germany at a not too expensive cost.


Over time the Netherlands has been a popular destination for Nigerian students who could not make it to the UK because the Netherlands is equally an immigration friendly country.  More so the country is adjudged to be a safe and clean country with a strong and stable economy.  The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world when talking about a country that places great emphasis on human rights and stable democracy.

Any student that chooses to study and working in the Netherlands is guaranteed unquantifiable living where racial discrimination is at the bearest minimum.  An immigration friendly country that allows international students to study and make it possible to stay and work on graduation.

For anyone from Africa who desires relocation to the Netherlands the best way you can approach the issue is to apply for University admission in the Netherlands. Please note that the country is reputed to have Universities that gave great links or are connected with multinational companies located in the Netherlands.  When searching for a course of study to pursue, it is pertinent to select a course that will make it possible and allow you to get a good job in the country on graduation or completion of your course.


At the conclusion of your studies, The Netherlands authorities allow you to stay and search for an appropriate job fitted to your degree. The first step to take is to apply for a post-study work visa. The type of permit you should acquire is called: the Orientation Year Residence Permit.
This permit will enable you to stay and search for work with peace of mind devoid of molestation from any quarter. And it assured any employer that you are not a public charge.
The Orientation Year Residence Permit is issued to an international student who has completed a degree in the Netherlands not less than three years.

Please note that this temporary permit is for a year and as soon as you secure a job you have to apply for a Resident Permit with the offer of employment from your employer.

The other type of residence permit you can apply for is called Skilled Migrant Permit. 

The advantages you get in living and working in the Netherlands are numerous, some of them we’ve mentioned above, importantly your decision to stay and work here will surely lead to permanent residency which is a straightforward way to Dutch citizenship.



New Zealand an island country located in the Southeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean is a sought after country by students from Africa due to its high-quality education that is well respected all over the world.  Studying in New Zealand gives you additional benefits in that your degree is accepted in other countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States of America while you will have no problem securing a well-paid job in New Zealand if you decide to stay.


The beauty of study in New Zealand is that the system allows a student to stay and work after studies.  Considering the distance between New Zealand and Africa most African students that choose to study in the country did it purposely to make a permanent relocation to New Zealand at the conclusion of their education.

In your quest to relocate to New Zealand your efforts will commence by studying for a course of study that is tailored towards the industrial need of New Zealand,  you’re advised seriously to go for a sought after course which will allow the authorities here to consider your application when the need arises.


At the conclusion of your degree, you will go for a post-study work visa.  A post-work visa is designed for students who completed a degree in New Zealand. If you’re granted a post-study visa, it will enable you to qualify for permanent residency in New Zealand.

Although there are various categories it is advisable you go for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa. In pursuing your resident visa under this category you have to present an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Please note that the details you submitted with your application determine your scores. Currently, be prepared for a score of 160 points for selection, therefore be sure to include all your necessary qualifications to achieve this required score.

After your presentation, the New Zealand Immigration Service will verify the details presented in the Expression of Interest and notify you within 2 weeks.

After the notification, you will receive an Application for Residence under the Skilled Migrant Category form including the invitation to apply for residence.

You have to complete the application form and attach all the required documents and forward them to the New Zealand Immigration for processing of permanent residence permit.

If you complete the process you’re guaranteed a successful stay in New Zealand a country adjudged to be safe and peaceful with low unemployment rates and a very stable and strong economy.

When you are living in New Zealand and you completed the relocation formalities you may need no other passport because the New Zealand passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world that affords you the opportunity of travelling to 164 countries and 52 countries/territories visa-free or visa on arrival.

That’s all for now on Immigration friendly countries you can study  and relocate


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